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Resistance members[edit]

Note that most Resistance members are named after birds, and the name of their leader is "Sky". It's symbolic: these Reploids are free in Ciel's Resistance outside Neo Arcadia, in the same way birds are free in the sky outside a cage.

It's hard to see, but small floor numbers are written on the background behind the elevator.

Floor Screenshot Name & function
2 MMZ1 character Ciel-Sky.png Flag of France.svg Ciel (French for Sky)

The leader of the Resistance, and the only human in the base. She assigns missions to Zero, and she allows to save game.
3 MMZ1 character trancer.png (nameless reploid)

He explains how the Trans Server works.
4 MMZ1 character Andrew.png Andrew (Flag of France.svg André)

If you listen to his story, he will give you a Cyber-Elf first, and 500 Energy Crystals later.
5 MMZ1 character Cerveau-Brains.png Flag of France.svg Cerveau (French for Brains)

He explains how the weapons work; he will also give Zero two more weapons after the Underground Laboratory is destroyed.
5 MMZ1 character Hibou-Owl.png Flag of France.svg Hibou (French for Owl)

If you give him 250 Energy Crystals, he will let you pass and get a Cyber-Elf. His name is revealed in Mega Man Zero 2.
1 MMZ1 character Alouette-Lark.png Flag of France.svg Alouette (French for Lark)
1 MMZ1 character Dinde-Turkey.png Dande (Flag of France.svg Dinde is French for Turkey)
Outside the Resistance base
MMZ1 character Milan-Kite.png Flag of France.svg Milan (French for Kite bird)

He gets destroyed at the beginning of the game.
MMZ1 character X.png X Cyber-Elf

He gives Zero his Saber, and he will appear in crucial moments of the plot.

Rescued reploids[edit]

The Resistance Base get more populated as the game progresses.