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Type A Type B Action
B button B button Use main weapon
A button A button Jump
L button R button Dash
R button L button Use sub weapon

Attack Mode[edit]

The Attack Mode determines how to use your sub weapon.

  • Type A: Hold the sub weapon button and press the main weapon button. For a charged attack, hold the main weapon button to charge, then hold the sub weapon button and release the main weapon button.
  • Type B: The sub weapon button works the same way the main weapon button does. Press only the sub weapon button to fire it, or hold it down and release for a charged attack. This way, both weapons can be charged independently of each other, so you can use one weapon while charging the other, or you can charge them both at the same time and fire them one after the other.
  • Type C: The sub weapon button toggles between the main weapon and the sub weapon. Either one is used with the main weapon button.