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Getting ready[edit]

This is one of the few missions where a MMZ Hacker Elf Icon.png Clock cyber-elf can come in handy.

Stage walkthrough[edit]

MMZ1 enemy Spiking.png Destroy some Spikings, and they'll drop MMZ Animal Elf Icon.png Birsky.
The Carryarms that carry the Spikings, instead, not only are hard to catch, but also they are one of the few enemies in the game that don't drop any Cyber-Elf.
MMZ1 enemy PantheonHunter.png Destroy some Pantheon Hunters, and they'll drop MMZ Nurse Elf Icon.png Gireff (they are the only enemies in the game that drop a nurse Cyber-Elf).
MMZ1 enemy Contrainer.png The Contrainers change the direction of the wind every two hits received. If you spare them, they can boost your speed, but they could also push you into an enemy!
They're another one of the few enemies that don't drop any Cyber-Elf.
MMZ1 enemy Totemcannon.png Destroy some Totem Cannons, and they'll drop MMZ Animal Elf Icon.png Gibber.

BOSS: Aztec Falcon[edit]

This boss is easy, stay on the wall opposite where he is attacking (either on the floor or on the wall), after he attacks, he will attack on the wall. He can go to the floor and continue attacking or give a dash in the wall where you are, on the wall first possibility just stay on the wall waiting for him to finish the attack, after that he will wall jump or use a dash, keep stay in your wall, in the second case when the he gives the dash use the saber then run to the other wall keep it up and you defeats him, so you will receive the thunder chipMMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png.

aztec falcon atack
  • this boss is a member to sage harpuia's stong air.
  • your principal element it's a thunder MMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png.
  • your atacks is:
  • trow three eletric arrows in the ground.
  • use a dash.
  • stay in one side of area and shot multiple arrows(one at a time).
  • use your hands able to execute one barrier atack.
  • and jump in the grond to execute a eletric charge atack(someone rank a/s).
  • in your batle you have a 1 minute and 19 seconds to finish him.
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MMZ1 boss02 AztecFalcon.png

Mission rewards[edit]

Ciel gives Zero the Escape Unit.

MMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png Thunder Chip: obtained after the boss fight.

Escape Unit: Ciel will give it to you as soon as you return to the base.

Before the next mission[edit]

before the next mission is recommended:

  • farm e-cristal's in the spiders off underground laboratory
  • go to disponsal center,and go to the tower enemy, and up your z saber to level 5 (recommended),but you can up to level 7 if you want.

Resistance base and disposal center[edit]

Explore the Resistance Base and then re-visit the disposal center. Note that the only enemies left there are those that could drop a Cyber-Elf during the mission.

Cyber-Elves in the Resistance Base
MMZ1 box05 base.png As Cerveau suggests, talk to old Andrew. He will tell you his story, and then he will gift you MMZ Hacker Elf Icon.png Clocka.
MMZ1 box06 desert.png Leave the base and go west/left. Now the guards at the desert gate left, and Zero can climb on top of the gate. Hit the hidden box and get MMZ Nurse Elf Icon.png Lippie.
Cyber-Elves in the Disposal Center
MMZ1 box07 disposalcenter.png Jump off the tallest building and slash at the box hanging on a hook. When you land, you can either climb up and jump again to get MMZ Nurse Elf Icon.png Mippie; alternatively, wait for it to come down and repeatedly destroy the Totem Cannon, just to improve Zero's experience with weapons.
MMZ1 box08 disposalcenter.png In order to open this box, you should use the Totem Cannon below as a platform, then slash the box from below; forget about the Energy Crystal: it requires a pixel-perfect jump. Instead, wait for MMZ Hacker Elf Icon.png Clocpooh to fly down to Zero.

Next mission[edit]

Ciel offers you a choice between three missions:

Mission Notes
  • Find the shuttle
    • Location: desert
    • Boss weakness: Flame chip
You don't have the Flame chip yet. Choose another mission.
  • Retrieve data
    • Location: underground laboratory, re-visited
    • Boss weakness: Thunder chip
If you clear this mission, the Spider Nests will become unavailable, and therefore raising Energy Crystals will become far more difficult. Leave this mission for last.
  • Destroy the train
    • Location: subway
    • Boss weakness: Thunder chip
You have the Thunder chip, and there are no backdrops. Choose this mission.