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Two Modes and one Rare Cyber-Elf can be unlocked, by clearing the game and meeting certain requirements. It is possible to unlock them all separately, as shown in the table below, but other ways are possible.

Game Goal Special requirements
1 - Normal mode Unlock Hard mode Just beat the game.
Hold L button when starting a new game.
2 - Hard mode Unlock the Jackson cyber-elf Collect and raise every Cyber-Elf (requires 23400 EC), but use none.
Beat the game and continue/restart from the same Save File.
3 - Hard mode
with Jackson
Unlock Ultimate mode Beat the game using every Cyber-Elf.
Hold R button when starting a new game.
4 - Ultimate Mode Obtain the codename: Immortal Clear seven mission in a row on level S.

Although some guides claim the opposite, clearing the game at Rank A (or S) is not a requirement to unlock any of the secrets above.

It is possible to unlock the Rare Cyber-Elf from Normal Mode, by meeting the same requirements. Similarly, it is possible to unlock Ultimate Mode before having unlocked the Rare Cyber-Elf and/or from Normal Mode, by meeting the same requirements.

  • In Hard mode:
    • Zero takes 50% more damage from enemies.
    • Weapons cannot earn experience and cannot be fully charged.
    • Elemental Chips cannot be used (exception: the Shield Boomerang).
  • About "Jackson mode":
    • Zero starts with the Jackson Cyber-Elf (plus all the cyber-elves he already collected).
    • The game is in the same mode (Normal or Hard) as the game that was cleared to unlock Jackson.
  • In Ultimate mode:
    • All cyber-elves with permanent effect are active without penalty on score.
    • Weapons are at max level since start.
    • Full-charged attacks can be instantly performed using button combinations.