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Naming references[edit]

Localized name Original name Animal Attribute
Poler Kamrous Polar Kamubears Polar bear Kami, a spirit from Shinto religion
Panter Flauclaws Panther Flaclaws Panther Flash claws
Phoenix Magnion Phoenix Magmanion Phoenix, a mythological bird Magma
Hyleg Ourobockle Hyleg Ourobockle Ouroboros, a mythological snake High legs
Kuwagust Anchus Kuwagust Anchortus Stag beetle (kuwagata in Japanese) Anchor
Burble Hekelot Bubble Hekerotto Frog (kero in Japanese) Bubble

References to Mega Man Zero 1[edit]

In Mega Man Zero 1 each one of the first six stages was the setting for two missions, hece summing up to 12 missions (followed by the four final missions). Mega Man Zero 2 takes inspiration from that: each one of the first five stages has a parallel in one of the following stages (with one exception). Furthermore, each pair of stages corresponds to a stage in Mega Man Zero 1.

Earlier stage Corresponding later stage Corresponding stage in MMZ1
Computer zone
(MMZ1-3 Ice Chip.png Poler Kamrous)
Computer zone 2
(MMZ1-3 Ice Chip.png Leviathan)
Hidden base
(MMZ1-3 Ice Chip.png Blizzack Staggroff & MMZ1-3 Ice Chip.png Leviathan)
Power room
(MMZ1-3 Flame Chip.png Phoenix Magnion)
Shuttle factory
(MMZ1-3 Flame Chip.png Fefnir)
(MMZ1-3 Flame Chip.png Guard Orotic & [X] Phantom)
Forest of Dysis
([X] Hyleg Ourobockle)
Forest of Notus
([X] Burble Hekelot)
Desert (contrast of opposite settings)
(MMZ1-3 Ice Chip.png Anubis Necromancess & MMZ1-3 Flame Chip.png Fefnir)
(MMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png Panter Flauclaws)
N/A Subway
(MMZ1-3 Flame Chip.png Pantheon Core & MMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png Harpuia)
Bombardment aircraft
(MMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png Kuwagust Anchus)
Crash-landing site
(MMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png Harpuia)
Disposal center
(MMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png Aztec Falcon & [X] Hittide Hottide)