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Zero gains an EX Skill from a boss if his rank is at least A when he defeats it. Keep in mind, it's his rank upon beginning the mission that counts, not the rank he gets at the end of the mission (which counts for the next boss). These can be equipped and unequipped from the subscreen.

Note: The sprites for certain EX Skills in the listings have been given a blue backdrop to make them easier to contrast against the white backdrop of this page.

Element Z-Buster Z-Saber Rod Shield
Neutral LaserShot.png
Laser Shot
MMZ2 Kougenjin.png
MMZ2 EnergyChain.png
Energy Chain
MMZ2 FilterShield.png
Filter Shield
Ice MMZ2 TripleShot.png
Triple Shot
MMZ2 SharpEdgeI.png
Sharp Edge
Thunder MMZ2 SparkShot.png
Spark Shot
MMZ2Sengatotsu Sp MMZ4 Thunder Stab.png
Flame MMZ2 BlastShot.png
Blast Shot
Tenshouzan Sp.png

Buster skills[edit]

Zero can use one Buster EX-skill at a time, depending on which chip is equipped.

MMZ2 Laser Shot Icon.png Laser Shot[edit]

  • Obtained from: Hyleg Ourobockle
  • Chip: equip none
  • Charged buster shots become a laser that gets through enemies and shields.

MMZ2 Triple Shot Icon.png Triple Shot[edit]

MMZ2 TripleShot.png
  • Obtained from: Poler Kamrous
  • Chip: Ice
  • Upon contact with an enemy, charged buster shots split into three shots.

MMZ2 Spark Shot Icon.png Spark Shot[edit]

MMZ2 SparkShot.png
  • Obtained from: Panter Flauclaws
  • Chip: Thunder
  • Upon contact with an enemy, charged buster shots split into two shots that travel vertically up and down.

MMZ2 Blast Shot Icon.png Blast Shot[edit]

MMZ2 BlastShot.png
  • Obtained from: Fighting Fefnir
  • Chip: Flame
  • Upon contact with an enemy, charged buster shots explode and may hit nearby enemies.

Saber skills[edit]

Zero can use all four Saber skills without changing the equipped chip. The elemental chips simply upgrade three skills.

MMZ2 Tenshouzan Icon.png Tenshouzan: Heaven Rising Slash[edit]

MMZ2 MMZ3 SplitHeavens.png Tenshouzan Sp.png
  • Obtained from: Phoenix Magnion
  • Buttons: press Up dpad + Saber on the ground.
  • Zero performs a rising uppercut with the Saber.
  • Chip upgrade: if the Flame chip is equipped, it goes higher and burns things on contact.

MMZ2 Sengatotsu Icon.png Sengatotsu: Spinning Fang Thrust[edit]

MMZ2 Sengatotsu MMZ3 GaleAttack.png MMZ2Sengatotsu Sp MMZ4 Thunder Stab.png
  • Obtained from: Kuwagust Anchus
  • Buttons: press Saber while dashing.
  • Zero thrusts the Saber forward.
  • Chip upgrade: if the Thunder chip is equipped, it turns into a sharper, electrified blade.

MMZ2 Sharp Edge Icon.png Sharp Edge[edit]

MMZ2 SharpEdge MMZ3 SaberSmash.png MMZ2 SharpEdgeI.png
  • Obtained from: Fairy Leviathan
  • Buttons: press Down dpad + Saber in the air.
  • Zero stabs downward with the Saber.
  • Chip upgrade: if the Ice chip is equipped, it freezes the enemies it hits.

MMZ2 Kougenjin Icon.png Kougenjin: Mirage Blade[edit]

MMZ2 Kougenjin.png
  • Obtained from: Sage Harpuia
  • Buttons: press Down dpad + Saber on the ground.
  • Zero slashes sideways and shoots an mid-ranged energy wave, and it can pierce through the shields of enemies.
  • Chip upgrade: none

Chain Rod & Shield Boomerang skills[edit]

These two EX-skills are unaffected by elemental chips.

MMZ2 Energy Chain Icon.png Energy Chain[edit]

MMZ2 EnergyChain.png
  • Obtained from: Burble Hekelot
  • Latch onto an enemy with the Chain Rod and just hold on. After a few seconds, Zero starts leeching away the enemy's HP to restore his own. If Zero's HP is full, this will fill his Sub Tanks. It absorbs HP one bar at time.

MMZ2 Filter Shield Icon.png Filter Shield[edit]

MMZ2 FilterShield.png
  • Obtained from: Rainbow Devil MK2
  • Activate the Shield Boomerang just before an enemy shot hits, and it turns the shot into an E-Crystal. By rapidly tapping the B button button in front of an enemy that fires multiple shots, like a Pantheon Gunner, it can be used to farm E-Crystals quickly.