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Mission Report[edit]

After each mission is completed, you'll receive a Mission Report. Like the previous game, this happens any time you successfully accomplish a mission. There is no Cyber-Elf reward for beating a boss now, so the Mission Report appears immediately following their defeat. You'll be graded on how complete your objective was, how fast you were, how many enemies you wiped out, the damage you took in battle, if you died and had to retry part of the mission, and for the use of Cyber-Elves. How well your final total is affects your ranking. The ranks are S, A, B, C, D, E, and F, the worst being F, and the best being S, or Hero rank.

The rankings are similar to a grading scale, judged according to values of ten, S being the most difficult to obtain.

  • S - 96 to 100
  • A - 86 to 95
  • B - 76 to 85
  • C - 66 to 75
  • D - 56 to 65
  • E - 46 to 55
  • F - 45 and under

There are repercussions to having ranks below A, as you'll find out later that bosses will see you as less of a threat, and restrain themselves from fighting at their full potential.

Your average score must total at least 86 points to achieve a solid A-Rank, and at least 96 for a solid S-Rank. Your final scores will be averaged and determine if your rank goes up or down in future missions. If you do well enough, you'll be rewarded later with EX Skills. Shoot for A-Rank or S-Rank on the first mission so that you don't deprive yourself of the EX Skills in the missions to follow it. The sooner you have a high score cemented, the better.

Finally, you'll be given a code name depending on how you got through a mission, and the skills you used to accomplish it, such as "Lightning" for speed, or "Edge" for using the Z-Saber as your go-to weapon, whereas a nickname like "Wounded" means you got butchered by the enemies a few times too many. S-Rank code names are much more noble and worthwhile, as you'll start off with "Hero" and work your way up to "Redeemer" if you stay at S-Rank for a long time.

Along with this, you may unlock Forms if you accomplished a secret objective during a mission. See the list for more details.

As you'll see, keeping at least an A-Rank throughout the game long enough will allow you to accumulate all the powerful EX Skills. If you ever drop to B-Rank, you can make use of Hacker Cyber-Elves to bump your rank back up for a mission, but the penalties may start a downward spiral into lower ranks. Using an Elf that grants temporary help during a mission results in a one-time penalty. More points will be deducted from your score if the Elf is at a higher level and has more powerful effects.

Should you use an Elf that permanently enhances your abilities, such as adding to your health bar, you will always be penalized at the end of a mission for each one you've sacrificed. This will put a cap on the highest ranking you can get, until you've used so many Elves with permanent effects that your ranking will never surpass "F." Make sure you DO NOT use up these kinds of Elves before you get all the EX Skills, or you won't be able to raise your ranking to the required "A" or "S" without using one of Hacker Elves, and after they're all gone, you're sunk. If you choose to play through the game from the beginning while continuing off a save file where you beat the game, all the Cyber-Elves you used will still be gone, and the permanent affects to the game will still remain active, as will the penalties after each mission. This means you might lock yourself out of the EX Skills once and for all unless you start a brand new game.

Code names[edit]

First half[edit]

The first half of a code name is related to the mission score.

Code name Requirements
Lightning Clear time: 19-20 points
Sluggish Clear time: 0 points
Flawless Mission: 20 points
(ハンギャク hangyaku?, rebellion) Mission: 0 points
(フジミ fujimi?, toy car) Retry: 15 points
Flawless Damage score: 14-20
Wounded Damage score: 5 or lower

Second half[edit]

The second half of a code name depends on the weapon used during a mission.

Code name Requirements
Warrior Starting code name
Also assigned when all weapons are used less than 70%
Gunman Buster Shot used 70% or more in 1 mission
Shooter Buster Shot used 70% or more in 3 missions in a row
Sniper Buster Shot used 70% or more in 5 missions in a row
Edge Z-Saber used 70% or more in 1 mission
Edgeboy Z-Saber used 70% or more in 3 missions in a row
Edgeman Z-Saber used 70% or more in 5 missions in a row
Chain Man Chain Rod used 70% or more in 1 mission
Chain Dancer Chain Rod used 70% or more in 3 missions in a row
Chain Master Chain Rod used 70% or more in 5 missions in a row

Single-word code names[edit]

These code names are used instead of the above ones in two parts, when the requirement is satisfied.

Code name Requirements
Elf Killer Elf score is −30 or lower
Elf Collector Collect all cyber-elves
Elf Breeder Raise all cyber-elves
Elf Master Use all cyber-elves
Hero Clear 1 mission on rank S
Valiant Clear 3 missions in a row on rank S
Savior Clear 5 missions in a row on rank S
Redeemer Clear 7 missions in a row on rank S