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Items to collect[edit]

Helpful Tip:
This area is full of chances to get E-Crystals, a lot more than usual. Pick up at least 25 individual crystal capsules to get the MMZ2 Energy Form Icon.png Energy Form. It increases the chances of receiving Life Energy Capsules from enemies, but alters Zero's triple-slash combo so that he performs the second slash twice, then the first slash, and he can only fire two bullets from his buster at a time. In order to save mission time, you can use a hacker Cyber-Elf type "Ite-". In the event that you've already gotten the Energy Form, you can instead go for the MMZ2 Active Form Icon.png Active Form instead. At the point in the stage where there are two Pantheon Guardians, with a bed of spikes to their left and a block that can be pulled with the Chain Rod to the right, simply dash back and forth and cut them down until you meet your quota. If you don't drag the block down, you'll need to get on top of it to cover enough distance to respawn the left Pantheon.

Elves Obtained: 4:

  • MMZ Animal Elf Icon.png Cyber-Elf Bircarry
  • MMZ Animal Elf Icon.png Cyber-Elf Beebite
  • MMZ Nurse Elf Icon.png Cyber-Elf Estan/ MMZ2-4 Normal Subtank.png Cyber-Elf Sub Tank #1
  • MMZ Nurse Elf Icon.png Cyber-Elf Rireff

Mission requirements[edit]

  • Clear Time Limit: 2:20
  • Enemies Killed: 28

Operation: Righteous Strike[edit]

If you've completed all four missions, you'll find that Elpizo finally has everything prepared for "Operation Righteous Strike." Now that you've cleared out the four mission areas, go back and get the hidden Sub Tank, whatever Cyber-Elves you haven't obtained, and then go to Ciel and save your data. After you exit the command center, you'll need to be ready for what happens next...

The strike begins[edit]

Once you've completed the list of missions Elpizo has requested, leave the command center and return to trigger a cutscene.

When Zero returns to the command center, a soldier will also arrive to report in to Elpizo. Elpizo has already sent a large amount of his troops to Neo Arcadia to prepare to begin "Operation Righteous Strike." The soldier says his men are ready to open fire, and his lieutenant Pasosu awaits his signal. Elpizo's eagerness to begin his attack is evidenced by his desire to destroy Neo Arcadia once and for all. He gives his thanks to Zero, and then gives the order to attack, but is halted by Ciel.

Ciel immediately rushes into the room, followed by Cerveau. Ciel tries to convince Elpizo he's making a mistake, because this attack is to be conducted on a weaker, residential district, and could very well mean extremely high casualties. Elpizo's simply accepts that possibility and dismisses her concerns. However, Cerveau tries to intervene as well and mentions Ciel's research is almost complete, and she'll have the solution to the energy crisis that would stop Neo Arcadia from doing anymore harm. Elpizo thinks Neo Arcadia can't be trusted, and refuses to stop his attack again.

When Ciel tries to plead with Elpizo again, he finally snaps and loses his gentle demeanor. In a fit of rage, he reveals how worried he is about everyone, and shows how much paranoia and frustration Neo Arcadia has really caused him.

Enraged beyond reason, Elpizo gives the order to engage and open fire. Everyone is too afraid from his outburst to question him again. Jaune, the operator on the right, relays the order to the troops, and they begin the attack. Elpizo requests transfer to the front lines to give commands, and he and the last soldier in the attack force are sent there as such, but not before Elpizo tries to justify his anger.

Ciel runs off in anguish, while Cerveau asks Zero to follow Elpizo, having a very bad feeling about the attack, along with Rouge and Jaune, the operators. You can chose to say no, but there's really no point. Say yes to be transferred to the Resdiential Area...

The strike fails[edit]

As soon as Zero arrives, it's a sight of pure carnage. Lifeless Reploid soldiers lie all over creation, and the aftermath of the destruction is everywhere. It looks like the operation was a complete failure, and it's time to rescue Elpizo before he meets his end...

Unlike the normal mission stages, this one is fairly short, but has a huge number of enemies to make up for it. You can still mess up very badly if you try to wildly dash through the area.

EX Skill walkthrough[edit]

Although the boss has no EX Skill, you still need to keep your score high to get the next ones.

Right as you head down the chaos-strewn hallways, you'll run into Gli-Eyes from the last game, enemies that swoop in to attack. Don't make much of them and wipe them out as you find them.

Along with the Gli-Eyes are Pantheon Guardians. Since the Residential Area is the place where they naturally appear, you can finally get a Cyber-Elf out of smashing them to bits.

Located down the lower corridors are numerous spike pits to trip you up, and Gli-Eyes are positioned in the worst places. The first pit you can jump over in a flash, but for the second, you'll need to reach the upper ledge and possibly wall-jump up to the awaiting Pantheon Guardians.

The third spike pit is quite large, but there's a block set in place to help you. Pull it down as far as possible to get a handy boost jumping over it. You don't need it, but it takes away the risk of mistiming the jump.

The fourth is just a tiny one where you need to jump over it and then wall-jump up to the other side. Two Yadokroids can easily become annoyances in the lower crevice here, but they're guarding some useful E-Crystals and Life Energy down below.

Shoot the Pantheon Guardian to pieces before crossing the fifth spike pit, then be wary of the Yadokroid hanging on the ceiling. Its durable body will let it traipse over spikes without being destroyed, so you don't have much time before it retreats to its "safe zone" down on the sixth pit of spikes. Another awaits just above, blocking the climb to the seventh spike pit. You'll need to delicately wall-jump up both pits to avoid damage.

The final sections of the Residential Area have a few groups of Pantheons and Gli-Eyes awaiting you, and two more spike pits. The first is easy to cross, but the second is just like the first bigger pit, and may require the help of another block waiting to help you to cross if you pull it over to the pit, but you can still make the jump.

After the last spike pit, and a few more Reploids taken before their time, you'll reach the shutter to the boss. However, you're in for a surprise...

Boss: Golem Trio[edit]

The "boss" of this stage is more or less a gauntlet-like challenge, where you'll run into all three types of Golems you've encountered before. However, these actually have visible health bars, and are slightly tougher to pummel down than their weaker sub-boss counterparts. To Zero, they may be nothing, but to regular Reploids, they're absolute nightmares. Nobody stood a chance of getting past this sadistic kind of overkill, almost as if they were expected...

Golem Type E[edit]

MMZ2 GolemE.jpg

You'll first encounter Golem Type E again. Like before, you need to anticipate its shots to avoid damage. Fortunately, you have a little advantage with the added help of walls in the room, allowing you to easily reach its head for more damage, and you also have the Ice Chip by now, its elemental weakness. Charge up Ice-element shots to knock its HP down very quickly, especially with the Z-Saber.

Golem Type F[edit]

MMZ2 GolemF.jpg

Next up is Golem Type F. Again, jump through its rings of fire, wall jump when it shoots firebombs from its mouth, and tear its health away with the Thunder Chip, combined with the buster/saber.

Golem Type I[edit]

MMZ2 GolemI.jpg

Last, but not least, is Golem Type I. Unlike the other Golems, this one retains its sloped battlefield, and its icicle and snowball attacks are still just as bad as ever. You can lower its health rapidly with the Fire Chip combined with the buster/saber, but not as fast due to the beefier health bar, which means you're at bigger risk of it dashing into to you, but it's still easy to beat.

With all three Golems destroyed, you'll receive a Mission Report, but no EX Skill, seeing as how these Golems are nothing special beyond more health.


Neo Arcadia's counterstrike[edit]

In the room following the boss locations, Zero runs into the worst possible enemies; three of the Four Guardians, Sage Harpuia, Fairy Leviathan, and Fighting Fefnir. Hidden Phantom has paid the ultimate price for his actions against Zero and his virtual data now lies deep within Cyberspace. He cannot be revived unless someone of great technical skill were to pull it from the digital ether of deceased Reploids and upload it into a rebuilt body. There is one particularly intelligent scientific mind who could do that, but he has been exiled for his genocidal war crimes against the world. In spite of Phantom's death, the remaining three easily decimated Elpizo's troops. Because their attack threatened the lives of innocent humans, they were considered terrorists and lethal force was authorized by Neo Arcadia's leaders. Among the massacred Reploids, only Elpizo has survived. He got the furthest of any soldiers and nearly reached the doors to the inner sanctum of Neo Arcadia, but was effortlessly clobbered by the Guardians. Zero has arrived too late to save him and Elpizo lies unconscious on the ground in a humiliating defeat.

Leviathan playfully asks Zero why he was so late. She was not looking forward to a big scuffle and got bored while she and her siblings had to "retire" so many Reploids. She laments that the only survivor is Elpizo, an inferior ex-Neo Arcadian citizen. Fefnir immediately responds the same way, saying the Reploids were too weak for him, and he's been awaiting a rematch with Zero. He nearly engages Zero in the corridor, but Harpuia immediately stops Fefnir from getting carried away in a place where innocent residents could be caught in the crossfire.

Harpuia attitude toward's Zero arrival is frank and serious, since it is his duty and direct responsibility to protect Neo Arcadia as its leader and warrior. His mind is grounded, unlike his flighty and frivolous siblings. Harpuia sees no good that can come out of the survival of a Reploid that just sent so many others to their deaths, and is compelled to ask why Zero even came to rescue Elpizo. Having dealt with Elpizo's renegade actions firsthand and a few past incidents caused by his rebelliousness, Harpuia tells Zero up front that it's a waste of time to help him, since Elpizo won't thank him for saving his life, and more Resistance soldiers will be killed as long as they follow Elpizo's reckless command. When Zero states he won't let that happen with confidence, Harpuia doubts Zero's abilities on his own as greedy hubris, because his words seem empty after finding him catatonic from his one year struggle in the abysmal desert.

The confrontation is suddenly interrupted by an emergency call to Zero. One of the operators has an urgent warning for him to return at once. Something airborne is quickly headed towards the Resistance Base. Neo Arcadia has n the final straw. Leviathan reveals its a Neo Arcadian bombardment aircraft, heading over with a bomb big enough to wipe out the base in a flash. To Fefnir, it's not his style, but he references the famous quote, "All is fair in love and war."

Harpuia warns Zero his Resistance forces made an unforgivable mistake rebelling against the human populace of Neo Arcadia. X originally made Neo Arcadia as a refuge and place of peace for humans. Since the Resistance just threatened human lives, they can be viewed as Mavericks and must be exterminated. Until now, the Resistance were an indirect danger and Neo Arcadia dealt with them using increasingly aggressive methods of force as they edged closer to the capital. Neo Arcadia now views them as a direct threat and is acting with maximum priority to remove their presence.

Zero is forced to transfer himself with Elpizo back to base, but Harpuia quietly reveals his true standing on the matter. He doesn't think what he's doing is justice by going after the Resistance. He recognizes that there is goodness to be found among the group. However, until the risk they bring to humans is gone, it's his duty to go after them for the sake of the people.

Danger approaches swiftly[edit]

As Zero comes back with Elpizo, Jaune alerts the Emergency Squad to come rescue Elpizo. She also tracks the arrival of the huge enemy aircraft, which will arive in about ten minutes. Zero wants a shuttle readied to go after it himself, but Ciel wants to go with him, since she heard it was a special bomb, thinking it can't normally be defused. Even though Zero warns her of the danger, she counters his statement by warning him about being too reckless. Since they have no choice, Zero reluctantly agrees to let her come if she uses a portable Trans-Server, and he'll inform her when to come. Zero runs off to catch his shuttle in the meantime.

You'll be prompted to save your data after the cutscenes, because this is a forced mission. The Resistance is in great peril, meaning there is no time to download new Cyber-Elves, collect new items, stock up on lives, or improve your skills. Once you continue with the game, it will immediately start from here...

Cyber-elves walkthrough[edit]

You can re-enter this area only after the next mission is cleared.

  1. Destroy five Gli-Eyes for MMZ Animal Elf Icon.png Cyber-Elf Bircarry.
  2. Destroy eight Pantheon Guardians for MMZ Animal Elf Icon.png Cyber-Elf Beebite.
  3. Further along the hallway are two cleverly-positioned blocks, one covering up a Cyber-Elf Box. Pass by the one on the ground and drag it over to the right as far as possible with the Chain Rod to give yourself enough reach to pull the other one out on top of it from the ceiling, which you can do by yanking on it diagonally from the upper right. With the passage opened up, you can claim MMZ Nurse Elf Icon.png Cyber-Elf Estan. This is one of two Cyber-Elves that will transform into a MMZ2-4 Normal Subtank.png Sub Tank upon use. However, unlike the Hidden Sub Tanks, you'll suffer a penalty for using these, just like in the last game.
  4. Just before catching sight of any Pantheon Guardians, and above a few incoming Yadokroids, check directly to the upper left, about when the hallway opens up into a larger space. You'll discover a block covering up a Cyber-Elf Box. Pull it out diagonally with the Chain Rod from the place the first Pantheon was patrolling to be able to get MMZ Nurse Elf Icon.png Cyber-Elf Rireff, and to create a platform on the spikes.