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As one might expect out of a machine that devoted himself to ceaseless battles, Zero has armed himself with a awesome supply of weapons to tear apart all threats that come his way. Unfortunately, Zero was deadlocked in battle for so long, he grew weary and fell into a state of disrepair, making his skills a bit rusty. It will take time for him to restore his battle prowess and remember how to use his weapons to their full potential. You can check the status of Zero's weapons on the Weapons Sub-Screen. They can be leveled up by killing a certain number of enemies- a sign Zero is regaining his edge. If the weapons are used on weaker enemies that act more like underlings, Zero's weapons level up slowly. However, if you battle a sub-boss or boss, Zero's skills are put to a much greater test, and this causes his weapons to level up extremely fast. Unlike the previous game, you don't have to perform specific kinds of attacks to trigger the weapons to level up. It is purely dependent on how many you destroy and how tough they stack up against you.

Buster Shot Gun[edit]

You begin the game with this weapon in tow, one of the weapons Zero had on him before he engaged in his year-long battle with the Pantheons. It's a handheld pistol that works similarly to other Mega Man buster weapons. It absorbs solar energy and compresses it to form plasmic ammunition. To avoid overheating from ceaseless rapid fire, the gun has a limiter that makes it act like a semi-automatic, firing only three rounds of plasma bullets at a time. If the plasma charge is allowed to build, it turns green and becomes a moderately powerful blast that does more damage on contact with an enemy. The shot can pass through enemies it destroys without dissipating like the weaker plasma rounds, allowing it to sweep through several targets at once. When the plasma charge reaches its maximum power, the Buster Shot Gun fires an intense burst of searing energy strong enough to carve through whole battalions of hostile machines.

  • Level 1: It can have up to three bullets on screen at a time, and can be charged up to one level.
  • Level 2: It gains a second charge level, for a bigger, more powerful blast that can have elemental properties when used with an Element chip.
  • Level 3: It takes less time to charge up.


Zero's signature weapon. It is a retractable, super-heated plasma blade set to high frequency that makes the plasma extremely sharp and dense enough to block nearly anything. Whenever the Z-Saber is activated, it generates a brand new blade to a perfect sharpness every time, thus it will nor go dull. Even if the blade is broken, it can regenerate instantly by taking in solar energy to reform its plasma structure. The only way the sword would truly break is if the handle itself, the core component of the weapon, gets damaged. The handle stores the vital solar core that draws in the energy needed to maintain the shape of the Z-Saber.

Zero has hacked apart scores of foes with this beastly weapon, a piece of knowledge that can still make some of the old war veterans quake in terror. However, there was a time when Zero did not possess the Z-Saber. When he first sprung to life, his body was incomplete, and the Z-Saber was merely a schematic. Unknown circumstances kept his creator from finishing its construction. However, after the hero destroyed his body against the Maverick Vile, three henchmen of Sigma called the X-Hunters scavenged his parts. X managed to defeat the X-Hunters and take back the parts, allowing Dr. Cain to resurrect Zero in a complete body and create the Z-Saber from his master blueprints.

True to form, you begin the game with this weapon in your possession. Zero never let it disappear from his side for a second, always needing it to slice through the endless horde of Pantheons hounding him for the past year.

  • Level 1: Zero can perform basic slashes with it.
  • Level 2: Zero can now perform a double-slash combo while on the ground.
  • Level 3: Zero can now perform a triple-slash combo while on the ground.
  • Level 4: It can now be charged. The charged slash is more powerful than a normal one, and can have elemental properties when used with an Element chip.
  • Level 5: It takes less time to charge up.

Chain Rod[edit]

You get this from Cerveau after the intro stage. This is an improved version of Zero's Triple Rod from the previous installment of the series, which Zero broke after severe overuse cutting through a legion of Pantheons nonstop for an entire year. Cerveau reconstructed the destroyed weapon into an extendable and retractable plasma chain. This weapon has a decent range, although it's considerably more clumsy to wield than the other weapons Zero has. Zero can fling the Chain Rod at enemies from a safe distance and spear them, then tug on the chain to pull the already crippled machines towards him to deliver a finishing blow. However, the Chain Rod is also good for reeling in items or objects that he can't physically reach.

However, the Chain Rod is also a handy tool for getting through dangerous situations unscathed. You can stick the end of the rod into a solid, fixed object, such as a wall or ceiling, which allows you to use the Chain Rod as if it were a rope, with a length you can manipulate so you don't accidentally overshoot a jump or clip the edge of those nefarious spikes you want to cross over. Simply leap off a ledge and gain a little momentum by tilting the D-pad left and right. If the chain is too long or to short, you can move the D-pad up or down to lengthen or retract the chain, which will also boost or restrict the movement you build from swinging on the chain. When you wish to let go, press the B button to release the chain or A to perform a jump.

The Chain Rod has another useful purpose- stripping enemies of their defenses. Normally, Zero would just cut down or blast his way through an enemy, but some are armed with shield or protective plating. If you jam the tip of the Chain Rod into a shield, you can give it a tug to try and retract it, and by doing so, you pry the shield away from the enemy and leave them vulnerable. If all else fails, the Chain Rod may charged up for Element Chip usage and whipped around in a circular motion at high speed to batter enemies foolish enough to get in your way.

  • Level 1: It delivers a stabbing attack that can be aimed in any of 8 directions by holding the Neutral dpad as you use it. It can also attach to walls and ceilings, allowing Zero to swing from it. While swinging, press Up dpad to retract the chain, Down dpad to extend the chain, and Left dpad and Right dpad to control Zero's momentum. It can also be used to latch onto enemies and certain items and pull them towards Zero (press back on the Neutral dpad).
  • Level 2: It can now be charged to perform a spinning attack. This attack can have elemental properties when used with an Element chip.
  • Level 3: It takes less time to charge up.

Shield Boomerang[edit]

The Shield Boomerang is a patented invention of Resistance member Cerveau that he created by analyzing Zero's Z-Saber and ancient laboratory data pertaining to its master blueprints. Cerveau upgraded the Z-Saber hilt to change shape and assume this new weapon's specifications when given the proper commands. However, Zero's strenuous use of the Z-Saber damaged much of its functionality and forced Cervau to rebuild his upgrades from scratch, which agitated the mechanic greatly. Zero's wanton abuse of the weapons felt like an insult to all his hard work.

You receive the Shield Boomerang by talking to Cerveau after the first mission. It is a unique modification to the Z-Saber that enables the hilt to project a miniature set of triangular knives on each end, rather than one large blade. The hilt ratchets to Zero's forearm and rotates at an extreme velocity to form a spinning shield, like a mounted helicopter gyro. Anything too small, slow, or lightweight to pierce through the shield will get swatted away or evaporate on the heated surface. Plasma bullets will merely ping off the shield's own plasma blades and tumble backward.

Because the shield has twin spinning blades on the ends, it can double as a thrown weapon to saw apart enemies with devastating force. Zero can toss it out into the distance like a frisbee, letting it shred into enemies, and then, thanks to Cerveau's tinkering, it will always return to Zero without needing to be recalled. The Shield Boomerang also has a protective feature in its programming that makes the blades retract at when it comes within a few feet of its wielder to keep Zero from being cut up by his own weapon when it returns. Since the Shield Boomerang is a variation of its parent weapon, the Z-Saber, it is compatible with the Element Chips.

  • Level 1: It can be held up to reflect enemies' shots back at them. It can also be charged. Once charged, Zero will throw it at enemies, and it will then return to him. This attack can have elemental properties when used with an Element chip.
  • Level 2: It travels farther when thrown.
  • Level 3: It travels even farther when thrown.

Element Chips[edit]

Zero's plasma-based weapons can also be equipped with an Element Chip that will enhance them by using a special state-of-the-art program to make the plasma charge take on elemental properties. The chip has a built-in record of the molecular makeup of an element, and can mimic the distinct conditions needed to create these elements. The Fire Chip superheats the plasma charge to solar intensity, creating a thermal blast so hot it torches the enemies it hits. The Electric Chip causes the plasma to build up electricity until it becomes a large mass of supercharged voltage powerful enough to disrupt the electronic components of machines struck by the attack. Finally, the Ice Chip supercools the plasma to the likeness of liquid nitrogen, able to temporarily freeze whatever it may hit.

  • MMZ1-3 Thunder Chip.png Thunder Chip: Obtained from Panter Flauclaws. Makes your charged attacks electrified, allowing them to stun enemies.
  • MMZ1-3 Flame Chip.png Flame Chip: Obtained from Phoenix Magnion. Heats up your charged attacks, allowing them to burn enemies.
  • MMZ1-3 Ice Chip.png Ice Chip: Obtained from Poler Kamrous. Supercools your charged attacks, allowing them to freeze enemies.