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"One day..."

"Sorry babe, it looks like our little date at the malt shop has been postponed. It seems I'm all tied up at the moment. Please help me out here, or you'll see my bad side."

You start the game beside an oddly shaped house with the worst paint job I’ve ever seen. Who's ever heard of a blue house with a green door. Unspeakable I'd say. Head right and at the right end of the blue house, a ninja will pop out. Grab one of the bottles the person is tossing out the window and bean the ninja with it to kill him. Now jump over the boxes and the hole, and when you come to another set of houses, you should grab another bottle from the guy dropping them from his window. Use it to clock the ninja hanging around on the roof.

Right after that is another fire hydrant which you can use to get the heart on the roof, just watch out for the clown with the balloon, dropping bombs on people under him. It's best to just ignore him and move on. Now, go back and grab one last bottle and take it to the green house at the far right. A ninja will be there waiting for you, so chuck the bottle at him, and jump over the boxes a little past the green house. You're in the clear now, all you have to do is continue to the right and you'll finish the stage. Yippee!