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PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Windows Mac OS Control
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick
  • Move Raiden.
  • Move the camera (during Blade Mode).
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick
  • Move the camera.
  • Aim with secondary weapons.
  • Free Blade mode (during Blade Mode).
Cross button A button Jump.
Circle button B button When prompted:
  • Open doors.
  • Perform Ninja Kill.
  • Extract repair units from defeated foes during Zandatsu.
Triangle button Y button
  • Strong attack (when stationary).
  • Attack with secondary weapon (if equipped).
  • Slide attack (during Ninja Run).
  • Vertical attack (during Blade Mode).
Square button X button
  • Light attack (when stationary).
  • Sword attack (during Ninja Run).
  • Horizontal attack (during Blade Mode).
  • Parry (while aiming at incoming attacks).
L1 button LB button Hold to enter Blade Mode.
R1 button RB button
  • Hold to enter Ninja Run.
  • Fire equipped sub-weapon.
L2 button LT button Hold to equip sub-weapon.
R2 button RT button Lock on to targetable enemies.
Up dpad Up dpad Switch Augment Mode on/off.
Left dpad/Right dpad Left dpad/Right dpad Equip weapons/items.
Down dpad Down dpad Use equipped item.
R3 button R button Centre the camera behind Raiden.
L3 button + R3 button L button + R button Switch Ripper Mode on/off (when available).
Start button Start button Pause the game.
Select button Back button Open the Codec.