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Parrying, your main form of defence.

Prime Minister N'mani's cavalcade is under attack, and it's your duty to keep him safe. After the opening cutscene ends, you're faced with three Cyborgs. To attack them, press Square button to do a light attack, or Triangle button to do a heavy attack. String together specific combinations of button and Neutral lstick inputs to carry out stronger combo attacks. You'll also need to know how to parry, or block, incoming attacks; to do so, tilt Neutral lstick in the attacker's direction, and press Square button at the same time. You need to release Neutral lstick back to its neutral position in order to parry multiple attacks. If you hold down L1 button, you can stand still and attack using either Triangle button, Square button, or tilts of Neutral rstick. This is known as Blade Mode, and mastery of its usage is extremely important to succeeding in this game. When you defeat the cyborgs, they may drop repair units, which you can pick up to replenish lost health. When the cyborgs have been disposed of, Boris will call on your Codec, informing you that N'mani's limo is under attack, and marks its location on your radar. Head forward and right. In this area, the Combat Manual will appear on screen informing you of Ninja Run. Hold R1 button and move with Neutral lstick to dash quickly. While in Ninja Run mode, press Square button to do a sword attack, and Triangle button to do a sliding tackle. While in Ninja Run, you will automatically block light gunfire. Ahead of you is a barricade, blocking your path to the limo. Cut down the mesh gate, and run through (killing the enemies in this area is optional, and you don't gain from it).

Boss: Unmanned Metal Gear RAY[edit]

Attack the legs.

There are no rocket launchers this time; just your sword - not that that puts you at a disadvantage. Your main targets are its legs. Get underneath the RAY, and attack the targeted areas on its legs, until you are prompted to hold L1 button to enter Blade Mode (note the kanji character ( zan?, "slash") - this will be your only prompt for Blade Mode after this chapter). This will allow you to hack away the armour on its legs, and once that has been removed, the turrets shooting at you. At various points, it will jump away from you. Use Ninja Run to close the distance quickly. Continue attacking its legs until its health is at 0.1%. It will jump away from you and swing its sword at you. Hit Triangle button and Circle button together when prompted. You then need to mash Square button, and then Triangle button, to overturn the RAY, and finish it off by mashing Square button.

Use Blade Mode to shatter its armour.

The RAY has these forms of attack:

Finish the RAY by blocking its sword attack.
  • It may shoot missiles at you. Avoid their landing locations, and then either cut them up, or use Ninja Run to avoid them entirely. Cutting them may make them drop repair units.
  • When it is at a distance, the turrets on its legs and shoulders will shoot at you. Approach the RAY with Ninja Run to automatically block the bullets.
  • At close range, it may lift up one of its legs, and attempt to crush you. Avoid the targeted area with Ninja Run. When it stamps down, attack the leg as much as possible.
  • It may fire a plasma beam at you from its "mouth". Use Ninja Run to avoid its trajectory. If you get hit by it, you will lose a massive chunk of your health.
  • It may charge at you head first, causing heavy damage if it connects. Avoid with Ninja Run.
  • It can produce a sword from its right "arm" and swing at you. Avoid with Ninja Run, and jump (press Cross button) if it's too close to dodge.
  • It may decide to turn around and swing its tail at you. Jump over it with Cross button.
  • Rarely, it will fire a barrage of homing missiles at you. Use Blade Mode and swing with Neutral rstick to destroy them. You need to be precise - if one hits, many more will follow.

Once the RAY is down, enter the nearby collapsed building. Using Ninja Run, go right and up the staircase. Outside, you'll see Sundowner with N'mani in the distance. Give chase with Ninja Run. While in Ninja Run mode, you will move over and under the obstacles automatically. Cut down the gates in your way with Square button. Climb up the building at the end, to be greeted by a barrage of missiles from your old friend...

Boss: Unmanned Metal Gear RAY (Part 2)[edit]

Use Blade Mode to block the missiles.

The RAY has similar attacks to before, with a handful of differences:

Jump over the missiles like stepping stones.
  • It may jump away and shoot missiles at you. Avoid them, and cut them up for repair units.
  • Its turrets will constantly shoot at you. You'll probably need to use Ninja Run for a large majority of this fight.
  • At close range, it may slam head-first into the ground. It may get stuck after this attack, allowing you some free hits.
  • This is sometimes followed up by slamming its head into the wall to your right.
  • It may fire a plasma beam at you from its "mouth". Jump over it this time.
  • It may slam its good arm into the ground at you. If it misses, it will shoot homing missiles at you. Use Blade Mode and swing with Neutral rstick to destroy them, as before.
Run down the face of the clock tower, avoiding the missiles.
Finish the RAY by slicing it in half.

In this battle, the target area is its "mouth". Keep attacking until you are prompted to enter Blade Mode, then destroy the armour on its head. Keep up the barrage of attacks, until prompted with Blade Mode again - this time, to take out the turret on its surviving shoulder. When its health is low enough, it will jump away and fire several missiles at you. Enter Ninja Run when prompted, and run at the missiles to use them as stepping stones to approach the RAY (the prompt is the kanji character ( hashiru?, "run")). When you get close enough, you are prompted to enter Blade Mode. Hit L1 button to remove the RAY's other arm. But, of course, you're not finished yet. It will grab you in its mouth, and throw you at the nearby clock tower. Run down it, avoiding the missiles and plasma beams the RAY is shooting at you. Mash Square button when prompted to slice the RAY clean in half.

When the cutscene ends, you'll find yourself on board a freight train. Run forwards after Sundowner. At the end of the cutscene, he will leave you in the company of his accomplice, Jetstream Sam. In your current state, you cannot defeat him. You can use this fight as practice for combos and parrying, but you will be defeated eventually, ending the chapter.