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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and the MGS3: Subsistence games are both filled with interesting unlockables, funny moments, and a wealth of Easter Eggs. This is by no means a complete list, but will hopefully give a glimpse at what's available.

Before The Game[edit]

  • On the title screen, play around with the shoulder buttons and analog sticks to mess around with the background, the colors, and the animation speed of Snake laying the royal smackdown on that guard.
  • When starting a new game, the game will ask you a question: which MGS game do you like best? If you select "I Like MGS1", your stamina will not go down as fast. Selecting "I Like MGS2" will change the introduction a bit. If you're playing Subsistence, there will be another option, "I Like MGS3" - if you select this and save your game, you will have immediate access to the Demo Theater, and several additional camo patterns that you can save to your memory card in the Camouflage Download. Also, the MGS3 option will enable European Extreme mode - which is the same as Extreme mode, but the game will end if you are seen by an enemy.
  • The "theme song" movie (which occurs in the intro for the Virtuous Mission, and the game's opening movies afterwards) has a few secrets in it as well. Use the analog sticks to play with the background effects and credits, click them to change the pictures that fly around the screen, and enter the Konami Code (Up dpad, Up dpad, Down dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad, Right dpad, Left dpad, Right dpad, Square button, Triangle button) to change the game credits to the intro credits (a listing of all the people that worked on the introduction movie).

The Survival Viewer[edit]

  • Open the Viewer and press R1 button to enter Full View mode, where you can use the two analog sticks to rotate and move Snake's image. Spin him around a bunch of times with the right stick (probably at least 15 revolutions, I haven't counted), then exit the Viewer. Snake vomits on the ground in front of him and loses one-fourth of his stamina. This also gets rid of poison and indigestion.
  • Near the end of the game when Eva is following you, open the Cure window and select her from the list - then spin her around a few times in the full view mode. Just like Snake, she'll vomit on the ground and lose some stamina.
  • In the Cure window, you can trigger a few different poses from Snake by exiting and re-entering the X-Ray mode (R1 button).
  • Look at Eva's medical history (in her Cure window, press R1 button, then R2 button). There are some...odd...entries in there (proctitis and breast implants?).
  • Her food history contains similarly odd entries. (I had to scrounge for mushrooms and you were eating frickin' gelato?)
  • During the battle with The End (the sniper), you can immediately pick out his position on the map by entering the Konami Code on the Map screen (Up dpad, Up dpad, Down dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad, Right dpad, Left dpad, Right dpad, Square button, Triangle button). Note that this only works if you're in the same area as The End, and it has no effect on Hard or Extreme difficulty.

Snake VS Monkey[edit]

  • The introduction to this game mode makes a few references to other games - notably in Snake's line, "Why don't you let Sam or Gabe do the job?" - where Sam and Gabe are Sam Fisher and Gabe Logan, from the games Splinter Cell and Syphon Filter, respectively. Spike and Jimmy are playable characters in the Ape Escape games.
  • This entire mode is essentially a parody of the Ape Escape series.
  • You can unlock both the Monkey Mask and Banana camo by fulfilling certain requirements (See: Unlockable Weapons and Items).

Unlockable Weapons and Items[edit]

  • Patriot Assault Pistol - Complete the game once, save when prompted to at the end, then reload your saved game. When you start the game and retrieve your backpack, you'll have the Patriot in your backpack.
  • Mosin-Nagant Tranquilizer Rifle - Defeat The End by knocking him out.
  • Colt Single-Action Army at game start - When Ocelot challenges you to a duel in the end of the game, pick the gun on the right.
  • Tuxedo Outfit - Complete the game once, save when prompted to at the end, then reload your saved game. When you start the game and retrieve your backpack, you'll have the Tuxedo in your Survival Viewer.
  • Cold War camo - Defeat Volgin by knocking him out.
  • Animals camo - Defeat Ocelot with a tranquilizer weapon or stun grenades.
  • Hornet camo - Knock out The Pain. This camo allows you to "tame" the hornets that come out of the nests - just shoot down a nest and stand next to it, and they will cling to you. Now you can run by the guards and have the bees attack them for you.
  • Moss camo - Sneak up behind The End and hold him up three times. This involves moving with the d-pad to sneak up behind him. When you get very close to him, switch to first person mode and hold your gun to his face. It's a successful hold up when you hear Snake say "Freeze!" (This is easiest when you use the cheat to display his location on your map.)
  • Spirit camo - During the scene with The Sorrow, make your way to the end of the river. This may take a very long time, depending on how many enemies you killed. You will know it's the end when The Sorrow stops and hovers over a skeleton. When you touch the skeleton, you will "die." Use your revival pill and once you're awake, check your camo and you will see the Spirit Camo.
  • Stealth Camouflage - Complete the game without being spotted. Alternatively, find and shoot all 64 of the toy frogs (Kerotan) found throughout the game.
  • Monkey Mask - Complete all of the Snake VS Monkey missions.
  • Banana Camouflage - Complete all of the Snake VS Monkey missions with a first-place ranking.
  • EZ Gun - You start with this in your inventory if you are playing on Very Easy difficulty. It can also be unlocked if you obtain the Markhor ranking in any other difficulty setting.
  • Infinity Face Paint - Beat the game with the Foxhound Rank or catch a live Tsuchinoko before torture scene. After you get your weapons, go back and capture it again just outside. Finish the game with it alive.

Silly Moments[edit]

  • Equip the Tuxedo during the Virtuous Mission and contact The Boss.
  • Pick up a Russian Glowcap and contact Para-Medic.
  • Eat the Russian Glowcap afterwards and contact Para-Medic.
  • Equip any of the following items and contact Sigint: Cigar, Chocolate Chip camo, Naked camo, Life Medicine, Zombie facepaint, or any Cardboard Box.
  • Equip the Croc Cap and contact Major Zero.
  • Save in the cave after fighting Ocelot. Wear the tuxedo for good measure.
  • Save your game while you're being jailed in Groznyj Grad and exit the game. Load up the save file again to play the short "Guy Savage" nightmare minigame. When Snake wakes up, contact Para-Medic first and then contact Sigint and Major Zero as well.
  • While being held in Groznyj Grad, wait for the guard to give you food - then pick it up and throw it through the hole in your cell door. Once you've fed him three times, he'll talk to you and give you your cigars back...or, if you found them earlier, your cigarettes, that is, your gas-spray gun, which will knock him out momentarily and let you escape undetected.
  • Feeding the guard will also trigger a "diarrhea" scene, a reference to Johnny Sasaki's rush to the bathroom in MGS1. (The secret cinema that plays afterwards confirms that this guard is actually related to the Johnny from MGS1.)
  • During the Virtuous Mission, after the Ocelot Unit gets knocked out, crawl in front of Ocelot and stab him with the knife until he dies.
  • There are also several funny things that can occur involving Major Raikov.
    • If you grab and interrogate Raikov (it's usually easiest to do this while he's hiding in the bathroom), he'll tell you that Colonel Volgin hates water, and that he hates the glowing mushrooms. This might not make sense at first, but when you're fighting Volgin, you can throw Russian Glowcaps and tree frogs at him and shoot the water lines to weaken him. He may also say "We'll tell them together" or "Never heard of him," both lines from the ending of MGS2.
    • If you kill Raikov instead of tranquilizing him, you'll see him again during the encounter with The Sorrow - running down the river and covering his private parts. Much like Raiden in MGS2.
    • If you contact Eva while wearing your Raikov disguise (the officer's uniform and the Raiden mask), you'll discover that the guards will question none of your actions so long as you are disguised as Raikov...even if you punch them in the face. "Why's that?" "Raikov's just that kind of guy."
    • Raikov is not affected by the girly mags.

Extra Scenes[edit]

  • Pressing R1 button when prompted during cutscenes will show things thorugh Snake's perspective. However, there are a few R1 Scenes that are hidden throughout the game. Note - Not a complete list.
    • In the scene where Volgin kills Granin, wait until Ocelot makes the comment about EVA's dirty boots. Press R1 button to see her perform Ocelot's hand gesture.
    • After defeating The Boss, and when her horse approaches her body and neighs, hold R1 button to see the spirits of her and The Sorrow as they disappear together.
    • The Boss will also make the gesture if you press R1 button when Ocelot leaves the torture room.
    • In the scene where Snake is titled Big Boss, as he salutes The President, hold R1 button and look to the left to see Ocelot out of the window, doing his taunt.
    • In the final scene at The Bosses tombstone, press R1 button after Snake salutes to see his eyes well up with tears.
  • Additionally, there are a few extra cinematic scenes that will only occur by fulfilling certain requirements in the game.
    • Save after the fight with The End begins. Wait about a week and start up the game again. A cinematic will playing showing that The End died of old age.
    • While being held in Groznyj Grad prison, throw the food back at the guard instead of eating it. After doing this three to four times, the guard will talk with Snake in a secret scene.
    • Don't remove the transmitter after being tortured. Instead, keep it in until you rendezvous with EVA at the waterfall. You'll be greeted with a very funny scene of her taking it out.
    • When fighting the Boss, allow the ten minute time limit to expire. You'll earn the "bad ending" involving a couple MiGs that show up and blow up the area.

Changing the Game Flow[edit]

  • You can kill The End earlier than you're supposed to. Just before the warehouse, take the west exit from the river and get the SVD rifle from the supply shed. Make sure it's in your inventory before continuing (i.e. you can select it with the R2 button button). Head north, skip the cutscene while holding R2 button, and equip the SVD. DO NOT MOVE from your initial position. Zoom in near the left side of the docks and you'll see The End's head behind some crates. Take aim and quickly fire off about three shots in that direction. He will explode, and his wheelchair will rocket into the sky. If you don't get out of the way, it will hit you and knock you back into the last area - but The End will still be dead. If you killed him early, then Ocelot Unit will be searching for you instead once you make it to where The End usually fights you.

Subsistence Only[edit]

  • The Demo Theater mode contains one outlying entry - the Peep Demo Theater. It's in the northeastern corner of the platform you're standing on, highlighted by a pink spotlight. Selecting this will show you every scene in the game that shows EVA in her underwear (and as a practical joke, the last scene shows Raikov in his underwear).
  • Disc 2: Persistence contains both of the MSX Metal Gear games. Completing either of these will unlock Boss Survival mode for them.
  • The Persistence disc also contains a "Secret Theater" section, where you can watch hilariously altered versions of some of the cutscenes in MGS3 (and a few longer ones, including one where Raiden tries several times to kill Naked Snake). You can access this by either beating the game, or selecting "I Like MGS3!" in the beginning and saving.
  • In the Online game, if either you or the game's host have beaten MGS3 and have the completed save on their memory card, there is an additional character - Reiko, from Konami's wrestling game "Rumble Roses."