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Dremuchij East[edit]

Objective: Rendezvous with ADAM at Rassvet

When you land, you'll receive a radio call from the Major (now using his old codename of "Zero"). He'll introduce you to your support team for Operation Snake Eater: himself, on frequency 140.85, Para-Medic, again on 145.73 (and 140.96 for saving your game), and Sigint, a weapons and equipment expert, on frequency 148.41. You begin this mission equipped with an M1911A1 handgun, stun grenades, and a knife. The M1911A1 is a lethal weapon, unlike the Mk22 from the Virtuous Mission, but lacks a suppressor, so enemy soldiers are likely to hear gunfire when it is used. It may be a good idea to hunt out some food first (don't worry too much about bullets; you'll find out why soon). When you're ready, head north to the next area.

Dremuchij North[edit]

Drop down from the cliff and head west. When you reach the clearing, you'll be ambushed by The Boss, who destroys your handgun and the drone, causing enemy soldiers to come down and investigate. If you get caught, you'll be literally bringing a knife to a gunfight, which is a recipe for disaster. You'll need to use camouflage and stealth techniques to avoid battle. It's night, so dark camouflage should work fairly well. Two soldiers will arrive, so get down, put on your best camouflage, and wait for them to cancel the alert, before sneaking out and heading north quickly.


You've no long-range weapon, so you can't shoot down the hornets' nest to get rid of the soldier in front of the bridge. Instead, stun him with a stun grenade, or sneak up from behind, and press and hold R button when prompted to grab him and enter CQC mode. You can interrogate him at knifepoint for info on the area or enemy tactics (Left dpad), throttle him to unconsciousness or death (Up dpad), or cut his throat and kill him instantly (Right dpad). Quickly cross the bridge. On the other side will be another enemy, who should be facing away from you. Take him down and quickly run north to Rassvet.


Due to radioactive pollution, Rassvet is now completely devoid of enemy soldiers. Run to the room where you met Sokolov, in the northeast of the building, enter it, and exit again to meet EVA, who has come in ADAM's place. She provides you with a new M1911A1, a Mk22 tranquiliser gun, and Scientist camouflage, and says she will keep watch until dawn while you rest. Save when prompted.

Objective: Defeat the Ocelot Unit

When you wake up, you'll find the building surrounded by soldiers from the GRU's Ocelot Unit (the number varies depending on difficulty setting). You now have to take down all enemies, either lethally or otherwise. The area will be under a permanent Evasion Phase. Begin by getting your Camo Index up, and hide under the bed. Four enemies will break the door down. When the door goes down, open fire. Next, climb on top of the bed and take out the enemies you can see outside. You can now follow EVA down the trap door, or leave the room through the door. Be careful going out through the door, as a sniper is posted on the roof. Take him out when you can see him clearly. Finish off by picking off the soldiers patrolling the perimeter. Shake down the enemies' bodies for medicinal equipment, ammo, and rations, and search the building for a Mine Detector and Cardboard Box A. Head for the exit in the northeast. After another encounter with Ocelot, leave via the northeast gate.

Chyornyj Prud[edit]

Chyornyj Prud is a small lake inhabited by several leeches. You just need to swim across it. Head north to the bank and dive in, avoiding the Indian Gavials around here. If you like, you can try and kill one for food - each Gavial provides three meals, which have a decent stamina recovery level. If you do decide to kill it, aim for the head to kill it in one hit. You need to swim across to the lower route to the west, avoiding the Indian Gavials in the lake - they are much more potent in the water, and can kill you in one bite. If you hear a squelching sound, a leech has attached itself to you. Get rid of them by going to the Cure menu with Stylus button and using your Cigar to burn them off. You can also apply Bug Juice to repel them. If you leave them on, they'll begin "sucking your blood" (i.e. reducing your stamina much more quickly). When you reach the logs blocking your route up the lower western path, dive with Down dpad and swim through the hole in front of you. It's possible to kill the fish in the lake for food - the Arowana found here have good stamina recovery levels. When you hit land, head north. You'll receive a call from EVA (her frequency is 142.52). Continue north, avoiding the hidden pitfall just before the path narrows (walk slowly, and if you see a blue ! above Snake's head, it means he's noticed the trap is right in front of him).

Bolshaya Past South[edit]

Right in front of you when you enter this area is an electric fence. To get past it, look to the bottom right, where you should see a hole in the fence. Crawl through the hole. On the other side of the fence, you'll find some Claymore mines. Seek them out with your mine detector, and disable them by crawling over them. Behind the next fence are guard dogs and soldiers. The dogs have much more acute senses of smell and hearing, and won't be thrown off by camouflage. Take them out swiftly and silently, before they alert the enemy soldiers to your presence. Climb up the tree by the west side of the fence, climb to the end of the branch, and jump down to land on the other side of the electric fence. Dispatch any soldiers you see, and continue north to another fence. There is a hole near the middle; roll to get through it. In the next area, the fence splits in the middle, but is guarded by two soldiers. Take them out, and proceed to the northwest.

Bolshaya Past Base[edit]

The base is surrounded with unmanned DShK machine guns. You can take control of one with Up dpad, though they shouldn't prove necessary. Begin by heading for the building in front of you. Go straight through the building. The wooden hut nearby contains a mousetrap, a Calorie Mate (one of the most nutritious foods in the game) and a Ration (which restores about a quarter of your Stamina Gauge, and never goes off). Now head for the two smaller buildings to the northeast. The left one contains medicines, and the right one contains the infamous AK-47 assault rifle, one of the more powerful weapons available, and several units of ammo. When you're done, continue north.

Bolshaya Past Crevice[edit]

Objective: Defeat GRU Major Ocelot

Ocelot greets you as soon as you enter. You have to defeat him in a one-on-one gunfight atop the Bolshaya Past Crevice. Ocelot's tactics consist of running and hiding behind the trees, occasionally coming out and trying a shot at you. This presents you with your own opportunity to get a shot in. Ocelot is also pretty easy to distract: if you aim for his head and miss slightly, you'll knock his hat off, and he'll stop to put it back on; shoot the goat behind Ocelot to make him stop and look at it, and tell you to "show some respect!"; or shoot down a hornets' nest to make him pause to swat them. These provide you with several opportunities to get a free shot at him. Ocelot also takes a long time to reload his two revolvers. Occasionally, the GRU soldiers surrounding you will shoot at you, but Ocelot will almost always command them to stop. If you hide for too long, Ocelot will work out your location, and where to shoot at to make his bullets ricochet and hit you. He may also challenge you to a quick-draw duel. You can cheat at this, and shoot him anyway, but if you're too slow, he'll shoot you first. Keep shooting until the fight is interrupted by the arrival of thousands of hornets, forcing you to dive into the crevice to avoid them.