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PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 / Xbox One Windows Action
Neutral lstick
  • Move
  • Steer when driving.
L3 button Dash
Neutral rstick
  • Control camera.
  • Aim weapons.
  • Select menu items when in Call Menu, Item Menu, or Weapon Menus.
R3 button
  • When in the over-the-shoulder view, switch the camera to look over Snake's other shoulder.
  • Switch sides when hiding on horseback.
L1 button
  • Tap to use the radio.
  • Hold to open the Call Menu.
  • Fire when in tanks.
R1 button
  • Tap when readying a weapon to toggle between over-the-shoulder view and first-person view.
  • Hold to use binoculars.
L2 button
  • Ready weapon
  • Brake/reverse when driving
R2 button
  • Do CQC attacks.
  • When readying weapons, fire.
  • Accelerate when driving.
Cross button
  • Tap to crouch, or stand up if already crouching.
  • Hold to go prone, or stand up if already prone.
  • Hide when driving or on horseback.
Square button
  • Quick Dive
  • When readying weapons, switch weapons.
  • Make your horse speed up.
  • When in tanks:
    • Tap to use the radio.
    • Hold to open the Call Menu.
Triangle button
  • Contextual actions.
  • Get on/off horses.
  • Enter/exit vehicles.
Circle button
  • Reload
  • Hold to pick things up or put things down.
Up dpad
  • Equip Primary weapon.
  • Hold to open Primary weapon menu.
  • Zoom in when using binoculars or sniper scopes.
Down dpad
  • Equip Secondary weapon.
  • Hold to open Secondary weapon menu.
  • Zoom out when using binoculars or sniper scopes.
Left dpad
  • Equip Item.
  • Hold to open Item menu.
Right dpad
  • Equip Support weapon.
  • Hold to open Support weapon menu.
  • Toggle headlights when driving.
LeftSide touchpad Pause
RightSide touchpad, Options button Open iDroid