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Metro3D Europe
Metro3D Europe's company logo.
Founder(s)Sam Green
Parent companyData Design Interactive
Website (defunct)
For the US game developer/publisher, see Metro3D.

Metro3D Europe was a video game developer and publisher based in the United Kingdom. They specialized in creating budget titles suitable for the entire family. Many of their titles, such as Ninjabread Man and Anubis II, have been critically lambasted.

The company was formed in 2005, when Sam Green purchased Metro3D's European assets after they went bankrupt in 2004. He then incorporated as a new company under the "Metro3D Europe" moniker. The company was purchased in 2007 by Data Design Interactive, which has rebranded the majority of Metro3D Europe's games under its "Popcorn Arcade" range for the Wii console.

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