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Box artwork for Metro-Cross.
Japanese titleメトロクロス
Release date(s)
System(s)Arcade, Famicom, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair ZX Spectrum
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Metro-Cross is a platform arcade game, that was released by Namco in 1985. It runs on Namco Pac-Land hardware (a Motorola M6809 and a Hitachi HD-63701, running at 1.536 MHz), modified to support a 2048-colour palette (Baraduke also used this 2048-colour palette). The player must take control of a man known only as "Runner" who is given a time limit to run through each of the game's thirty-two rounds while avoiding obstacles and collecting drinks cans. The actual running happens automatically, the job of the player is to avoid the obstacles and collect the cans, by moving the Runner with the stick and adjusting his speed accordingly.

If the Runner finishes the round within the time limit, the remaining time will be awarded to him as bonus points and he will proceed to the next round. Every fourth round is special, using the remaining time from the three previous ones as additional time. But if the Runner has not finished the round by the time the time limit runs out, he will be electrocuted and the game will immediately be over.

Obstacles along the way include Slip Zones, which will slow the Runner down if he tries to cross over them (much like the craters of dead enemytanks did in Grobda), Pitfalls which will break under the Runner's weight and drop him into the holes beneath them, and Crackers, which will launch the Runner up into the air and cause him to land on his back. Later rounds also feature Jumbo Tires that bounce towards you, Walls that emerge from the ground before receding back into it, Cubes that move through particular columns of tiles, Mice that attempt to jump onto the Runner and slow him down, and Chess Knights/Kings that bounce from one tile to another...

The rounds also feature Springboards, which can be used to propel the Runner forward at a great speed. Some rounds have a special layout of Springboards, where it is possible to use one Springboard to land directly on the second one. Some other rounds also feature Skateboards which will speed the Runner up and make him immune to Slip Zones. There are also two different types of drinks cans; kicking them will either gain you bonus points (from 100 to 5000) or speed the Runner up, but jumping on them will stop the timer for a few seconds.

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