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This page is a collection of unusual codes that you can enter on the password screen of the NES version of Metroid. With the exception of the first code, they are purely coincidental and were not intentionally programmed into the game. Note that the capital letter O has a dot in the middle, while the number 0 does not.

Effect Password
Status Location Items
Missles Energy Tank Round Ball Bombs Varia Suit Long Beam Ice Beam Wave Beam High Jump Screw Attack
Armored Brinstar
000000 000000
Suitless Brinstar
000000 000020
000000 000020
Suitless Brinstar
216 6? some-1 set-up
us-the B0MB11
Suitless Norfair 176 4 ZETRʘI DNINTE
NDʘc19 87????
Armored Norfair 24 3 gunpei yokoi?
Suitless Norfair !225 5 JUSTIN BAILEY
------ ------
  • The maximum amount of missiles decreases to 205 after collecting any missiles or upgrades
  • Both mini-bosses are defeated, only Tourian is left
Suitless Hideout I !255 ! JUSTIN BAILEY
------ 000000
  • The maximum amount of missiles goes decreases to 55 after collecting any missiles or upgrades
  • The projectiles of the Ice Beam looks, but doesn't behave like the Wave Beam
  • Entering the password results in being sent back to the title screen.
justin bailey
------ ------
? Hideout II ??? 1 999999 999999
  • The Round Ball must be obtained in order to use the Bombs
  • The Varia Suit doesn't exist, and cannot be obtained
  • Kraid is dead and Mother Brain is not present; upon reaching her place, a message warns the player to escape, but there is no time limit
Suitless Tourian 48 1 XXXXXX XXXXXX
  • The game cannot be finished because the player doesn't have the Round Ball to escape, and cannot kill the Metroids
Suitless Hideout I 40 3 BBBBBB BBBBBB
  • The game cannot be finished because the Round Ball doesn't exist, and cannot be obtained
  • Entering the password turns the screen black, and freezes the game
  • When used in certain emulators, the game starts with a glitchy blue overlay, suitless Samus, and the Wave Beam