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When You Enter[edit]

This place is a building in Sector 1. As you go along, you will reach a navigation room. Save your game.

Restoring Some Data[edit]

As you proceed through the Test Area, you will encounter the Galactic Federation. Unfortunately, James is a computer expert. He gets on the computer to start restoring some data.

A Zebesian[edit]

You travel a little more through the Biosphere. Eventually, you will end up in this circular room. Go through one of the doors, and you will see a robotic Zebesian. Samus gets freaked out, then the Zebesian shuts down.

Madeline Bergman?[edit]

Go back to the room with the Galactic Federation. You find out that James has restored some data, and found out about Madeline Bergman. He also found out that Bioweapons are being used in the Bottle Ship. Samus gets freaked out again, knowing that the use of Bioweapons is strictly prohibited. Samus decides that she needs to speak with Madeline Bergman.

A Battle of Memories[edit]

You go back to the room with a Zebesian. You have to find that Zebesian again. Then you end up fighting five Zebesians. The best way to beat them is by charging up your beam, and jumping on top of their heads. It turns out that those Zebesians were Space Pirates.

What is going on outside?[edit]

You have to go back to the room where James was restoring data. Samus looks out the window, and sees that the Galactic Federation is having some trouble. Samus comes running out of the Test Area.

Boss Battle: Mystery Creature[edit]

As you are running out of the Test Area, the Mystery Creature comes up to you, and pins you down. The Galactic Federation tries to deal with it, but they have their own problem. You have to win this battle in Search View. You win it by blasting his tail with 10 missiles. Also, don't let his tail hit you, because if you do, you will lose 45 energy. After winning, the Galactic Federation's problem is over, and Anthony blasts the Mystery Creature with a charged shot. Then, the Mystery Creature runs away, to Sector 3. Samus and Anthony have a disagreement, and Anthony receives a punch from Samus. Then, Adam orders you to go to Sector 3.

Heading on to Sector 3[edit]

You don't have to go all the way to the elevator. Instead, there is a magic door you can go through to get to Sector 3.