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Brug Mass[edit]

A big mass of brugs. They all join together with an eye brug to create this creature. First, you have to use your search view on his eye, then use sensemove. You will get missiles authorized. Shoot a missile in his eye. His arm will freeze, then blast it with a missile. Do that three times. On the third time, it will be his bottom. Blast the eye brug with a missile, then you win the fight, and get bombs authorized.

Fune and Namihe[edit]

Fune and Namihe are two worm-like creatures. First, blast one of them with a missile in the mouth, then it will come out of the wall or ceiling. Keep shooting one of them on their orange spots with charge beams until one of them is downed. Blast a charge beam into the mouth. Repeat for the other one.

King Kihunter[edit]

This fight has a few steps. Step 1: Spot some brown creatures. Step 2: Kill all of this Kihunter Minions. Step 3: Blast the flowers with a missile. Step 4: Shoot King Kihunter with five missiles.


This interesting boss can shift between the forms of a spider and a giraffe. They take quite a few hits, but they are pretty easy. You just keep on shooting their orange spot, while avoiding their purple blasts. Keep doing that until Groganshious dies.

Mystery Creature[edit]

Later in the game this boss turns out to be Ridley. You come out of the Biosphere Test Area, and he just comes and pins you down. The Galactic Federation tries to save you, but they have other creatures they have to deal with. Shoot the Mystery Creature's tail with ten missiles. Then it will show a cutscene of Anthony trying to beat that thing with his plasma gun.


You enter a room in Sector 3, and end up having to run away from this guy's arm. When you make it far enough, Adam will authorize Varia. Now time for the showdown. Shoot Goyagma's neck with your charge beam, until it freezes. Blast a missile at his neck. That will happen twice. Now you have to start freezing his arm. Freeze his arm, and run up that until you reach his face. Hit his face with a charged shot. Repeat that three times, and he will die.

RB176 Ferocrusher[edit]

This boss it the deleter inside a Galactic Federation Power Suit.