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This is not just your typical adventure. With the blend of side-scrolling and first person view, you will have to look past the twists and turns to handle puzzles and bosses that can start from easy to very epic at the end.

Here's a few things to remember as you go through your adventure:

  • Some puzzles are not hard to get out, use first person view to examine what you can do to get out of places.
  • Save as often as you can. Not only because you need to heal yourself, but at least you won't have to start all over again.
  • This sound like a military thing. For Samus to atone for what she did back in Galactic Federation, even though she's got all the weapons, she won't really use any unless Adam Malkovich who is the captain of the team, gives her the go ahead. So in short, it's a simple lesson on restraint and should only use her other main weapons for something important to deal with.