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Button Action
Left dpad or Right dpad
  • Move (hold down to dash)
  • Power Grip (grab ledges while jumping)
Up dpad
  • Aim weapon straight up
  • Deactivate morph ball
  • Activate Elevators
Down dpad
  • Crouch (double tap to activate morph ball)
  • Activate Elevators
A button
  • Jump
  • Confirm
B button
  • Shoot
  • Charge Shot (hold, release to shoot)
  • Bomb (morph ball form)
  • Cancel (return to previous screen)
L button
  • Aim gun upwards
  • Scroll from Map screen to Easy Sleep screen
R button
  • Ready Missiles
  • Scroll from Map screen to Status screen
Start button
  • Display Map
Select button
  • Switch between Missiles and Super Missiles
(Left dpad or Right dpad)+A button
  • Spin Jump
R button+B button
  • Fire Missiles
  • Power Bomb (morph ball form)
L button+Down dpad
  • Aim gun downwards
Select button+R button+L button
  • Exit Easy Sleep Mode