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Title Screen[edit]

Metroid II title screen.png
  • Left dpad/Right dpad Select file
  • Start button Start game

To erase a file hold Select button, then Down dpad, and then Start button. If successful, you should hear an exploding sound.

Basic Controls[edit]

Game Boy Nintendo 3DS Action
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Move
Up dpad Up dpad Aim up
Down dpad Down dpad Crouch. Press twice to morph into a ball
A button A button Jump
A button Right dpad A button Right dpad Spin Jump
B button B button Shoot
Start button Start button Pause
Select button Select button / Y button Toggle Missiles


Like it's predecessor, Metroid, Metroid 2 is a platformer which takes place in a large interconnected world. However, this time around progression through the game has less to do with items (although they do play a role). Progression is determined mainly by defeating Metroids, which somehow causes the acid in the planet to lower.

Metroid II bottom bar.png

At the bottom of the screen your current amounts of energy and missiles are shown. At the very right the Metroid detector, which shows how many Metroids are left in the game. Pausing the game reveals the "L" counter, which shows how many Metroids are left in the area.