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One of the defining elements of the Metroid series is the ability and nessessity to collect power-ups which aid exploration.

Morph Ball Upgrades[edit]

The Morph Ball is one of the most recognizable aspects of the Metroid series. Pressing Down dpad twice allows you to morph into a round ball that can go through small passageways. It is also faster than walking.

In this game, you start with this upgrade.


When in Morph Ball mode press B button to lay up to a maximum of three bomb at a time. Bombs can break certain blocks, hurt enemies, and propel yourself upwards indefinitely.

This upgrade can be found in the first ruins.

Spider Ball[edit]

Pressing down while in Morph Ball mode allows you to use this upgrade. It allows you to crawl on walls and ceilings. Pressing A button, getting damaged, or being hit by your bombs automatically disables Spider Ball mode.

This upgrade can also be found in the first ruins.

Spring Ball[edit]

Press A button in Morph Ball mode to jump.

This upgrade is in the second ruins.

Beam Upgrades[edit]

All beams can be fired by pressing B button.

You can only have one beam upgrade at a time. Fortunately, all of the beams can be found in the fourth ruins in addition to their normal hiding places.

Ice Beam[edit]

Freezes most enemies on contact. Found in the first ruins.

Wave Beam[edit]

Goes through walls and armored enemies. Travels in a wave pattern. Found in the second ruins.


Fires three parallel beams. Found in the third ruins.

Plasma Beam[edit]

Goes through enemies. Also found in the third ruins.

Jumping Upgrades[edit]

What's a platformer without some form of vertical movement?

High Jump Boots[edit]

Increases the height of your jump. Found in the second ruins.

Space Jump[edit]

Allows you to repeatedly spin jump. Found in the third ruins.

Screw Attack[edit]

Makes the spin jump instantly kill most enemies. Found in the fourth ruins.

Varia Suit[edit]

Halves damage received and, curiously, increases your walking speed. Found in the second ruins.