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Name Description
Morph Ball The Morph Ball is a Metroid trademark. After finding this item Samus can roll into a ball and access narrow passages that she could not otherwise access. There are a number of upgrades Samus finds for the Morph Ball.
Bomb Allows Samus to break certain objects, activate some devices, like Morph Ball Sockets, and damage enemies. The force from the bomb can also catapult her up a short distance in Morph Ball form. Samus has an infinite number of these, but can only use three every few seconds.
Boost Ball This item allows Samus to build up energy and release it in Morph Ball form, resulting in a burst of speed that can, when applied correctly, allow her to travel up half-pipe structures and activate certain machines, such as Spinner devices.
Spider Ball Allows Samus to travel along designated magnetic rails, so called Spider Ball tracks. With this ability Samus can climb up walls and go over dangerous obstacles on the ceiling.
Power Bomb These are a more powerful version of Samus' normal Bombs. While she only gets a finite number of these and must replace them as she does with Missiles, Power Bombs have a much greater destructive ability and the ability to destroy Bendezium. They are basically a nuke and like a nuke are one hit kills.