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This is a list of the rooms in the game. They are listed by area, then divided into sections according to natural breaks in geography or gameplay, then according to the order you likely visit them.

Space Frigate[edit]


  • Exterior Docking Hangar
  • Air Lock
  • Deck Alpha Access Hall
  • Emergency Evacuation Area
  • Deck Alpha Umbilical Hall
  • Map Facility
  • Connection Elevator to Deck Beta
  • Deck Beta Conduit Hall
  • Biotech Research Area 1
  • Deck Beta Security Hall
  • Biohazard Containment
  • Deck Beta Transit Hall
  • Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma
  • Reactor Core Entrance
  • Reactor Core


  • Deck Gamma Monitor Hall
  • Connection Elevator to Deck Beta (This is a different room from the one with the same name listed above.)
  • Subventilation Shaft Section A
  • Subventilation Shaft Section B
  • Main Ventilation Shaft Section A
  • Main Ventilation Shaft Section B
  • Main Ventilation Shaft Section C
  • Main Ventilation Shaft Section D
  • Main Ventilation Shaft Section E
  • Main Ventilation Shaft Section F
  • Biotech Research Area 2
  • Connection Elevator to Deck Alpha
  • Deck Alpha Mech Shaft