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Tallon Overworld[edit]

It will be a while before getting the next upgrade, so this page will just be about exploration with the occasional expansion on the way. Note, the creatures that you meet in this section don't appear elsewhere, so be sure to get them now.

Frigate Crash Site[edit]

Go to the Frigate Crash Site and get to the ledge with the frigate. If you're coming from the Overgrown Cavern then you can just drop down to it, but if you're coming from Waterfall Cavern then it's more complicated. Go into the water and follow the roots to the far side, then go left to a series of ledges leading to an underwater cave. Go inside, switch to Morph Ball, then follow a short tunnel. When you reach the end, stand up and hop the small ledges out of a hole to the frigate.

There is a white door here leading to a new section of Tallon Overworld.

Frigate Access Tunnel[edit]

It's a bit hard to tell which way to go here, but otherwise nothing will slow you down but a few Tangleweeds.

Main Ventilation Shaft Section C[edit]

This is the first room in the frigate you're revisiting since you escaped at the beginning of the game. Most of these rooms have the same general shape as before, but are now mangled and filled with debris. Hop down the ledges to the passage at the bottom. Now follow the passage; you need to switch to Morph Ball at one point to get through some wreckage.

Main Ventilation Shaft Section B[edit]

You are attacked by to Auto Turrets when you open the door. When you've defeated them, scan the exit door to see why it's not working and you'll learn it needs power like the door in the Research Core. So switch to the Thermal Visor to locate the power conduit; it's right above the door. With the power restored the door will open into a short passage leading to the exit.

Main Ventilation Shaft Section A[edit]

Log Book
Creatures: Tallon Crab

A swarm of Tallon Crabs comes out of the water, these are basically Parasites with a different shape, so switch to Morph Ball and plow through them. The passage continues down into the water.

Reactor Core[edit]

Log Book
Creatures: Aqua Pirate

This is where you fought the Parasite Queen Earlier. You start near the top and it's a long way to the bottom. There are bits of floating debris you can use as platforms if you want to go back up again. Somewhere in the middle you are attacked by Aqua Pirates, very similar to Flying Pirates only under water. There's a good chance you'll fall to the bottom so we'll continue from there.

There is a lower area in the middle surrounded by a balcony, which can be reached from mounds of mud near the edge. If you follow the balcony to the opposite side you'll find some wreckage piled next to the wall. Scale this, then turn around and hop up more ledges to a door. This is another door which you have to power up, but this time there are four power conduits to find. We'll label them according to the red lights next to the door; each conduit turns on one light.

  • Top: On the balcony wall near the lowest floating piece of wreckage you can jump on.
  • Upper Middle: Just to the right of the wreckage you need to climb to get to the door.
  • Lower Middle: On the wall to the left of the door, near the floor.
  • Bottom: Inside the lower area to the right of a pipe.

Once you activate all four conduits the door is unlocked and you can go through.

Reactor Access[edit]

This is a very small room with two doors. First go through the door on the right.


Save here if you want, this will be your last chance for a while.

Reactor Access (cont.)[edit]

The exit door has no power and the two lights above the door mean you need activate two power conduits. It's really easy this time though; a conduit to the left turns on the light on the left and a conduit to the right turns on the light on the right.

Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma[edit]

Energy Tank #9

The lift cab is at the bottom where you left it. Use a missile to break the door open and pick up an Energy Tank. This is where you would get stuck if you tried exploring this section without the Gravity Suit. So you could gotten this tank before now, but then you'd have to platform your way all the way to the top of the reactor core with the limited movement you would have without the suit. You do have the suit now though, so just jump to the top of the cab.

Before you're unpleasantly surprised, we'll tell you now there are more conduits to find in this room, so switch to the Thermal Visor every so often and hopefully you'll spot them on the way to the door they open.

Now start scaling the ledges and platforms up the slope of the elevator shaft. Most of them are near the floor, but you also need to use a few platforms near the ceiling, and you need to turn around and jump back to reach them. The platforming is made a bit more interesting by the Aqua Reapers inhabiting the place. The top of the shaft is above the water level and a dead Space Pirate lands in the water as you reach it.

The exit is on the left and you need to activate three conduits to open it. The three lights to tell you which ones are done already are above the door.

  • Left: Next to the lowest of the platforms floating near the ceiling.
  • Middle: At the bottom of the shaft next to the door to the cab.
  • Right: At the top, to the left of the door.

Deck Beta Transit Hall[edit]

This is a short passage with only a few flies to keep you company.

Biohazard Containment[edit]

Log Book
Creatures: Aqua Drone
Missile Expansion #27

By now you should be in the habit of switching to Thermal every so often, it will pay off because there is yet another exit door to power up. But first deal with the Auto Turrets that guard the upper level where you come in.

Circle around the balcony and drop to the lower level where you meet some Aqua Drones. These are similar to Sentry Drones except, of course, they're under water.

Obviously the lift back to the upper level isn't working, but your gravity suit, double jump and floating debris can be used instead.

One of the doors around the lower level is made of Cordite, so fire a Super Missile at it to reveal a Missile Expansion.

The exit door needs three conduits activated to open.

  • Left: On the upper level right across from the entrance.
  • Middle: On the upper level next to the broken lift.
  • Right: On the lower level inside one of the containers to the right of the exit.

Deck Beta Security Hall[edit]

Aqua Reapers guard this passage.

Biotech Research Area 1[edit]

Aqua Pirates attack when you come in, so start by eliminating them. The balcony that was here before has partially collapsed. You start on one of the remaining sections, then drop down to where the Pirates were fighting the second Parasite Queen the last time you were here, then climb the ramp to a second section of the balcony. From there you can jump to the exit but it's another door where you need to activate three conduits.

  • Left: Lower level, under the exit door.
  • Middle: Lower level, under the first section of the balcony.
  • Right: First section of the balcony, on the wall.

Deck Beta Conduit Hall[edit]

This is another passage guarded by Aqua Reapers.

Connection Elevator to Deck Beta[edit]

Log Book
Creatures: Aqua Sac

Something explodes when you first enter but it's hard to tell what it is. Drop to the exit at the bottom but get a scan of one of the Aqua Sacs on the way. They are similar to Sap Sacs.

Hydro Access Tunnel[edit]

Energy Tank #10

This is a Morph Ball maze but it's underwater so the physics are a bit different. There are three columns where the upward flow counteracts gravity some. If you drop a bomb to do a jump you go much higher and decelerate much more slowly than normal.

This is all you need to know to reach the end, but there is an Energy Tank to get here too. For this you need a variation on the Morph Ball double jump, but it's actually simpler than the normal one. Jump and release a bomb a bit before you reach your highest point, then if you timed it right the bomb will go off just as you're passing it on the way down and will boost you higher. There is really no limit to how high you could go with this move other than your skill and the height of the ceiling. Do this move twice in a row in the middle column to find the Energy Tank on a small ledge.

Great Tree Hall[edit]

You've now left the ship and entered what is, judging by the number of doors, something of a hub for this section. You're still underwater and the first thing to do is deal with the Jelzaps here.

Now start spiraling up the ledges around the tree in the middle of the room. As you reach the surface of the water you'll probably take few hits from a Seedling on a ledge above; you can't get it from below because of the ledge so you'll just have to get level with it as soon as you can.

Now that you're out of the water, you'll notice a white door here, but ignore it for now since that will be your destination in for the next page. For now, start scaling the ledges to reach a Spinner, then activate it to open a gate on the ledge above. The gate is now open permanently, so you can go freely between the lower levels of this room and the upper levels. You could have reached the upper level before, as you will see, but the gate could not be opened from that side, which is what made the whole trip through the frigate necessary.

There are Bloodflowers in the upper level so eliminate them before they make trouble for you. There are three more doors up here but the upper two will be covered later. For now, go through the lower white door opposite the gate.

Transport Tunnel D[edit]

Fight your way through the Seedlings to the exit.

Transport to Chozo Ruins South[edit]

Take the lift in the usual way.

Chozo Ruins[edit]

Transport to Tallon Overworld South[edit]

The transport takes you here.

Transport Access South[edit]

This is just and empty passage.

Reflecting Pond[edit]

You now back in previously explored territory. There is a save station next to this room and it will have been a while, so a save seems like a good idea.