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Dark Agon Wastes[edit]

You now have all the but the last upgrade you can get in Agon Wastes so it's time to finish up. You will be coming back to Agon for expansions and whatnot but the main story is will be done here when you've finished these last few tasks.

Judgement Pit[edit]

Go back to the Portal Terminal in the Light side and use the portal there. Note, Dark Agon Wastes is, for now, in two sections and you can't get from one section to the other without going through the Light side. So if you're thinking about getting to the Dark side through the Command Center, it won't work. Once in Dark Agon Wastes, return to Judgement Pit.

There's a Missile door here which we skipped before because it was a dead end. It's on the opposite side as you come in from Portal Access. Blast it open and go through.

Dark Agon Temple Access[edit]

There's not much here so just follow the passage.

Dark Agon Temple[edit]

The first thing you see here is the place where you're supposed to place the keys you've been collecting. There is still one key to go though, so ignore it for the time being. Follow the outer path to the left until you reach a Black door.

Trial Tunnel[edit]

Dark Agon Temple Key #3

The last key is just sitting there, so pick it up and go back.

Dark Agon Temple (cont.)[edit]

Amorbis 1 (Only chance)
Amorbis 2 (Only chance)

Go back to where you first came in to find a very sparkly hologram telling you all the keys have been found. Step in to it to open the door. You might as well top off your energy as long as your in a safe zone, then step forward to step into an arena where Amorbis appears and a battle begins.


It's not really clear whether Aborbis is a single monster with three parts or three monsters, each of which is called an Amorbi. In any case, they look very similar to the graboids from the Tremors franchise. But instead of grabbing you from underground, you start with just one Amorbi who starts playfully porpoising in and out of the ground.

This isn't too bad really since the only time you'll take damage from the Amorbi is if it touches you. And while it does seem to prefer jumping in your direction, it can be avoided if you keep an eye on your radar and keep out of its way. The main thing you need to do is, as much as possible, stay inside the safe zones created by the three Light Crystals near the edge of the arena. There are three Light Beacons as well to help get from crystal to crystal when you need to.

Get a scan, then you need to shoot at the Amorbi when it's in the air to break through it outer armor. Every time a piece breaks off there's a good chance of getting energy or ammo drops, and a big part of winning this battle is to collect these before they disappear. Keep shooting and collecting drops until all the armor is gone and the Amorbi will change to its second form.

Don't forget to get a scan of this new form too. It attaches itself to the Dark Energy Sphere in the middle of the area, and from it the Amorbi gets some new armor and a new attack in addition to just taking an occasional swipe at you. The new attack is a ball of Dark energy which nullifies the Light Crystals and Beacons. If this happens, don't bother trying to reactivate one since it's not the ordinary Nullified Crystal you've seen before. Just get to a new safe zone and start shooting at the monster's mouth. When the head part of the armor is gone, the monster slumps to the ground and starts sucking in air. Switch to Morph Ball and let yourself be swallowed up, then drop some bombs to damage the monster from the inside and you'll finally see its energy bar go down.

When the first Armorbi goes down it will drop plenty of energy, so be sure to grab it. Then you need to do pretty much the same thing only with two Amorbis. This time when you get to the second stage the two monsters can work together to fire a beam weapon. They don't really aim it though, just sweep it along the ground, so you can stay out if its way if you're quick.

When you've done away with the second of the two Amorbis it's time for round three, this time with three Armorbis. This will be tough, but if you keep grabbing those energy drops it is doable.

When the battle is over you can collect your reward, the Dark Suit. This reduces the amount of damage you take from the atmosphere on Dark Aether, so now you lose energy at about the same rate as you gain it in the safe zones. Also, and this is more important than it sounds, it makes you immune to the gas spewed by Ingclaws. A ledge appears which allows you to jump out of the arena and on to the next room.

Dark Controller Access[edit]

Use the Bomb Slot to turn the gate.

Dark Agon Energy Controller[edit]

This is where the Ing have stored the stolen energy. Step into the room and you automatically use the Energy Transfer Module to collect it. There's nothing more to do here so start heading back.

Dark Agon Temple (cont.)[edit]

Warrior Ing have taken the place of the Amorbis, you can fight them if you want, then use the new ledge which has appeared in the arena while you were in the Controller to continue back to the Light side. Dark Pirate Troopers appear in the Portal Site when you reach it.

Agon Wastes[edit]

Agon Energy Controller[edit]

When you return to the Light side go to the Agon Energy Controller. You're taking the same route from the Dark Controller to the portal only backwards and in the Light side. Note that you can't leave Agon with the energy you're carrying.

Step into the room and you automatically use the Energy Transfer Module to release the energy you've got into the controller. A beam starts feeding the energy back to the Main Energy Controller. You now need to go check in with U-Mos. So head back to Temple Grounds.

Temple Grounds[edit]

Temple Assembly Site[edit]

You're going to be passing through this room anyway and there's an expansion nearby you can pick up now.

Locate the purple crystal near where you come in from the Collapsed Tunnel. Shoot the crystal with the Light Beam to move a wall out of then way and reveal a portal. Now use the Dark Beam to open the portal and go through.

Sky Temple Grounds[edit]

Plain of Dark Worship[edit]

Missile Expansion #14

This is your first time in the Sky Temple Grounds and right now you can't go beyond this one room. Head into the main area. Get the Missile Expansion inside the large Ingworm structure on the far side.

You may wonder if you couldn't have gotten this before now. It would have been pretty difficult because you need the Dark Suit so survive the gas from all the Ingclaws scattered around the room.

Get back to the Light side and return to the Great Temple.

Great Temple[edit]

Main Energy Controller[edit]

When you go in there is a dialog where U-Mos thanks you for restoring Agon's energy, but warns you that now that the Ing know you have the Energy Transfer Module they will now be out for revenge. He then points you to Torvus Bog.

Note that while you don't really get anything from this visit except for some vague hints, the game prevents you from going on if you try to skip it.