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Berserker Lord[edit]

The Berserker Lord is basically a more powerful version of the Berserker Knights. In battle you shoot the red orbs on the Berserker Lord's shoulders. After being shot enough, the orbs will shatter and the Berserker Lord will fire energy blasts at you. You must then shoot the blasts and they will return and hit the Berserker Lord. Repeat this until its head plate shatters. You can then shoot its head until it is defeated. You encounter two Berserker Lords throughout the course of the game; one on the G.F.S Olympus that battles you before you go to Norion, and the other in Elysia that is guarding the second bomb shard.

Meta Ridley[edit]

At the first you are above him. His attacks are a laser beam and strange red blocks. You must shoot in his mouth to damage him. After taking some damage, he will grab you. Now you must look at which part of his body is glowing, and shoot that part. After he takes some more damage, you will be under him. Avoid his fireballs and shoot in his mouth. Repeat this until you win. You must defeat him before you reach the bottom of the shaft.


You must shoot him until he is stunned. Then use the grapple beam to rip his armor off and blast away until he regenerates his armor. Repeat until he dies. His attacks are an ice beam that freezes you and an attack where he runs up to you and slashes you with an ice blade. He will also fly around and throw snowballs which can be shot for goodies. When his HP is cut in half, he starts to use an attack were he swings around a massive icicle and throws it. Shoot Rundas enough and the icicle lands on himself, causing damage, instead of harmig you. When he has only 1/4 HP he starts using hypermode; he will become much stronger and harder to stun.


First shoot the pirate hussar on top of the beast until he dies. Then the beast will try to grab you with its tongue. Shoot the tongue and when it is stunned, activate morph ball, roll under it and lay a bomb. Then pull its tail with the grapple beam. It will rear up and reveal its weak belly. Quickly strafe around it and shoot its belly. Repeat until you defeat it.


Mogenar is a Bryyonian war golem and guardian of the Bryyo Leviathan. He attacks by ramming you, creating shockwaves, sending a magical copy of his hand to strike you, firing a bolt of phazon across the ground and firing a phazon beam. He will also summon 2 red orbs which can be destroyed by a fully charged shot and a regular shot each. Destroy them quickly-if either get to him he will replace a damaged orb, even if it's white. To defeat him, you need to shoot the red orbs and then overload them with phazon. The sockets the orbs are in will frequently open & close to make this harder. Concentrate on one of the orbs as they slowly heal themselves while closed. The more damage an orb receives, the lighter its color will be. Sometimes the orbs will change places so you'll need to fire at a different socket. Once an orb turns white, it will no longer repair over time. Activate hypermode and shoot the orb until it explodes. When an orb is destroyed, Mogenar will shield his remaining orbs and cover his legs with phazon spikes. Mogenar will launch a shockwave, then charge at you-he will repeat this pattern until you destroy the spikes with bombs. The easiest way to destroy them is to space jump over each shockwave then morph ball mid-air, then roll towards the centre of the area and place a bomb while you're under him. When both sets of spikes are destroyed, he will resume his standard attack set and you can destroy the remaining orbs. When all of the front orbs are destroyed comes the tricky part: the back orb. The easiest way is to wait until he uses his ram attack, avoid it and then quickly shoot the orb. You can also morph ball under him and shoot. Destroy all 4 orbs to defeat the corrupted golem and obtain the hyper ball.


Three steamlords appear in Skytown in seperate encounters. The steamlords will awaken a group of steambots that will surround you, and when you kill them, the steamlord can resurrect them. You can kill the steamlord with one round of hypermode, though several missiles or charge shots can kill it without draining an energy tank. Plasma beam shots are also effective.

However, The steamlord will make itself invisible when it isn't resurrecting steambots or attacking you, and can only be seen with the x-ray visor (which is only obtainable after the first two encounters) and the radar.

The second battle can be skipped by running across Skybridge Hera without attacking its steambots, leaving you with an achievement and not much damage (the bridge collapses, killing the syeambots and causing the steamlord to flee).

Defence Drone[edit]

The Defence Drone is a Chozo robot that guards the items in the ballista storage area. It will create shockwaves, launch a barrage of missile (dash-strafe to avoid these) and fire a ball of plasma that is difficult to avoid-instead, shoot a single ice missile at it to destroy it. Shoot the 3 antennae until all have been destroyed-leave them alone for too long and they will rebuild-then grapple the head of the drone. Its core will be exposed so you can damage the bot. It also changes its tactics-it stays at the raised ledges at the edge of the arena and launch a cluster of homing bombs as well as the standard missile volley. Destroy any bombs it launches, then lock on to the drone and fire as many ice missiles as you can. Eventually, it will close its core and the process repeats. As it's health decreases, It will fire more missiles and bombs, and the room will become shrouded by fog, making it harder to see. Corrupt Hypermode at this point is very useful, as the hyper beam will finish it quickly and the bombs actually increase your phazon levels instead of lowering health.


Berserker Lord II[edit]

Like the first Berserker Lord on the Olympus, except hypermode allows you to strike his head plating directly, making this a very easy fight.



Metroid Hatcher[edit]

Mining Cannon[edit]

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