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Galactic Federation[edit]

Name Location found Log contents
Aurora Unit 217 SkyTown
Aurora Chamber
Aurora Unit 217 was originally built to support GF Naval Base Demeter, but was assigned to SkyTown base shortly after the Treaty of Elysia was signed 14 years ago. 217 has served admirably in its role as SkyTown administrator. Vast amounts of tactical intel have been delivered from SkyTown under AU 217, along with valuable stellar and interstellar research data. It has interfaced well with the Elysian mechaniods, and enjoys a productive working arrangement with them.
Demolition Trooper Pirate Homeworld
Skyway Access
Demolition Troopers are not especially combat savvy and often rely on others to cover them in battle. They are outfitted with explosive weaponry for special mission. When the only way to the objective is straight through everything, the troopers in this unit are called upon to make it happen. While capable of destroying the strongest of barriers, these troopers are not as capable in combat as traditional marines.
Federation Marine G.F.S. Olympus
Docking Bay 5
Federation Marines wear advanced suits of powered armor, allowing them to use potent weapons and resist heavy damage in battle. Few can match them in combat.
Federation PED Marine Norion
Cargo Deck 5
The Federation has created a system that utilizes Phazon to increase the power of the armor worn by GF Marines. While active, the Phazon unit enhances the attack and defense systems of the armorsuit.
Female Fleet Trooper G.F.S. Olympus
Docking Bay Access
Fleet Troopers are the backbone of the navy, often ignored in favor of the gallant Federation Marines. Their work isn't always dangerous, and is rarely glamorous. Most are specialists, and possess a great deal of knowledge.
Fleet Admiral Dane G.F.S. Olympus
Flag Bridge
Fleet Admiral Castor Dane is known for his utmost dedication to protecting the Federation from its enemies. He is stern and aggressive, and has a strong dislike for the Space Pirates. Rumor has it they orphaned him at an early age, an act he still seeks to avenge.
Fleet Mechanic G.F.S. Olympus
Docking Bay 5
Fleet Mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing all Federation equipment. Because of the vast amount of devices and vehicles the Federation utilizes, skilled mechanics are highly sought after and often overpaid.
Halberd-Class Turret G.F.S. Olympus
Docking Bay 5
The GMX-04 Halberd-class turret replaces the dated "Growler" turret. It is an effective point-defense system for most security zones. It is lightly armored, and nimble targets can evade its tracking system.
Hunter Gandrayda Norion
Hub Access
Gandrayda possesses the metamorphic ability to assume the form and abilities of other creatures. This talent has led many to seek her out for stealth and reconnaissance missions, despite her powerful combat capabilities. Details on the subject's origins and age are unknown, but her unique traits have made her a sought-after Hunter for missions.
Hunter Ghor G.F.S. Olympus
Security Station
Ghor is a cybernetic Bounty Hunter, capable of merging his body into larger mechanisms. The most common of these is his armorsuit, which doubles as a gunship and provides him with a formidable combat arsenal. The merges are often accompanied by a shift in personality, replacing his normally calm demeanor with an aggressive attitude. He demonstrates a high proficiency with all things mechanical and is often called upon for missions requiring computer infiltration or manipulation.
Hunter Rundas Norion
Hub Access
Rundas is capable of generating and manipulating ice. This trait is common among inhabitants of the moon Phrygis, but Rundas is one of the few who have used this ability for bounty hunting. Subject is known for getting results, but considers himself without peer. His arrogant demeanor has led him to mainly seek solo missions, and rarely works with others.
Male Fleet Trooper G.F.S. Olympus
Docking Bay Access
Fleet Troopers are the backbone of the navy, often ignored in favor of the gallant Federation Marines. Their work isn't always dangerous, and is rarely glamorous. Most are specialists, and possess a great deal of knowledge.
Training Drone G.F.S. Olympus
Docking Bay 5
The Training Drone is used in all branches of the GF military. They are designed to improve hand-eye coordination and accuracy. One popular training exercise is to score as many consecutive hits on a drone as possible. Gambling on shooting contests involving Training Drones is frowned upon, but fairly popular throughout the GF armed forces.


Name Location found Log contents
Alpha Hopper Bryyo
Gateway Hall
Alpha Hoppers are characterized by their unique color and durable hide. They are highly territorial and will attack any creature who wanders too close to their nests. When hunting in packs, they will often keep their distance while others move in to attack at close range. Like all Hoppers, their legs end in sharp talons and can be used to shred through any prey that gets close enough.
Atomic Bryyo
North Jungle Hall
Atomics are creatures comprised entirely of energy. A strong energy blast is adequate to destabilize the Atomic and cause it to explode. They are sustained by their core, which generates a constant supply of electricity. When an abundance of energy has been produced, the Atomic will discharge a section of its body in the form of an explosive projectile. When near sources of energy of an opposite polarization, the Atomic will respond aggressively.
Bryyonian Shriekbat Bryyo
Imperial Hall
One of the many types of Shriekbats found across the solar system, the Bryyonian Shriekbat behaves similar to all of its cousins. Shriekbats will nest in small groups and make their home in a sheltered environment. Dwelling on the top of caverns and ruins, the Shriekbat will hunt nearby insects and small creatures for food. Once a nesting area has been found, it will be fiercely protected from any intruder. The territorial Shriekbat will dive-bomb any creature that wanders too close, no matter what the size.
Fargul Hatcher Bryyo
Hall of the Golems
Within a Fargul Hatcher's maw is an organ cluster that is vulnerable to attack, but only when exposed. Fargul Hatchers are capable of giving birth to dozens of young in a matter of moments. These offspring will immediately swarm in on any nearby attacker. Their skin is incredibly resilient and will deflect most weapon fire.
Fargul Wasp Bryyo
Hall of the Golems
Fargul Wasps are highly protective of their parent Hatcher. Even moments after birth, they will swarm together and attack any nearby organism. They are often used as a defense mechanism by the Fargul Hatcher, and as a result, few live to adulthood.
Geemer Bryyo
Reliquary III
The spiked shell of a Geemer is rather durable and can only be destroyed by an explosive blast. While menacing in appearance, they are nonaggressive scavengers that feed on the waste of other creatures. This food source has led to them being spreaders of many types of diseases.
Gelbug Bryyo
Temple Access
Gelbugs are roaming insects encased in organic Phazite. These cavern-dwelling bugs have come to rely on Fuel Gel as a source of sustenance. Over time their shells have become saturated and crystallized with Fuel Gel. As a result, their bodies have become highly unstable. Weapon fire will disrupt the gel and cause the creature to detonate.
Gel Puffer Bryyo
Falls of Fire
The exposure to Fuel Gel has left the shell of the Gel Puffer highly susceptible to weapon fire. Gel Puffers have come to rely on the toxic vapors given off by Fuel Gel for sustenance. They process these gasses and then expel the excess to stay afloat. The brittle shell of the Puffer, while durable in appearance, is rather thin and easily damaged.
Gel Ray Bryyo
Temple Reservoir
Gel Rays are nonaggressive bioforms native to Bryyo. They are one of the few creatures who make their home within the caustic pools of Fuel Gel. The unique exterior and shape of the Gel Ray allow it to withstand and glide through rivers of gel. Their main source of sustenance is small organisms that exist within Fuel Gel, but they are known to occasionally leap out to feed on insects that fly near the gel's surface.
Gragnol Bryyo
Hillside Vista
Gragnols are vulnerable to most weapons, as they have not developed the durable exoskeleton found on adults members of the species. They often travel and attack in groups. If they sense a nearby threat to their hives, they will not hesitate to advance. Their offensive capabilities are underdeveloped, leaving the ability to fire pulses of Phazon energy their only form of attack.
Gragnol Adult Bryyo
Crash Site
The large tail that characterizes Gragnol Adults is also their weakness: if pulled with enough force, it will tear them apart. An explosive blast will temporarily incapacitate them, making them easier to target. They possess the ability to generate an energy shield around their bodies, preventing Beam shots from damaging them. They are cunning predators, flying through their turf in search of unwary prey. They use bursts of Phazon energy to overwhelm their targets, and then swoop down to finish them. Maturity has provided them with a very durable exoskeleton.
Hopper Bryyo
Grand Court Path
These aggressive insectoids use small hops to get within striking distance and then pounce, using their talons to tear away at their prey. From a distance they will fire bursts of venom at their target. Despite their aggressive nature, they are somewhat fragile and can be easily dispatched. Because of this they will commonly hunt in packs.
Korba Bryyo
Hillside Vista
The Korba is a vicious, resilient bioform. It prefers to lurk above its hunting grounds, waiting for prey. The Korba relies on the smaller Snatchers to levitate victims to a point where the Korba can devour them. What the Korba cannot digest, it expels to feed the Snatchers. This symbiotic relationship works well for both Korba and Snatchers.
Mogenar Bryyo
Bryyo Leviathan Core
Corrupted War Golem reanimated and energized with Phazon. Relies on socketed energy orbs as a source of power. The orbs themselves have a fragile exterior but contain pure Phazon energy within. This energy must be completely overloaded before it will be destroyed. Eliminating all power sources is the only way to bring Mogenar offline.
Nightbarb Bryyo
Nightbarbs are predators, traveling in packs to search for prey. They have the ability to generate a protective field of energy around their bodies. The ability is unstable, however. If the field makes contact with another life force, it will overload. This also consumes the life force of the Nightbarb, much like a bee's sting ends its life.
Reptilicus Bryyo
Grand Court Path
Scans indicate a mutation that allows the Reptilicus to teleport over short distances. Commonly used as a combat tactic to corner and trap their prey. The Reptilicus appear to suffer from Phazon corruption, and all higher thought processes have been replaced by savage bloodlust. This corruption has also increased their resistance to heat-based attacks and Fuel Gel.
Reptilicus Hunter Bryyo
Grand Court
Phazon corruption has granted Reptilicus Hunters the ability of cloaking themselves. They use this to their advantage and will hide or move positions while cloaked to gain the upper hand in combat. Reptilicus Hunters are fairly organized despite their primitive nature. Usually attacking in small groups, they patiently wait for their prey to become isolated in a locked area before attacking. Their weaponry consists of an energy whip for close-range assaults and a throwing chakram for long-range attacks. They have adapted to the harsh climates of Bryyo, and are quite resistant to Fuel Gel and heat-based attacks.
Scorchbug Bryyo
Temple Reservoir
Scorchbugs are exclusively found on Fuel Gel-producing planets such as Bryyo. The tiny insects subsist entirely on the volatile gel. Like many creatures with this diet, they have taken on the ignitable characteristics of their food source. When shot with any type of weaponry, they burst into a small explosion, leaving behind only a scorch mark. It is from this trait that they have earned their name.
Shelbug Bryyo
South Jungle Hall
Shelbugs are slow-moving, roaming insects whose soft bodies are easily damaged. Until they reach maturity they will not develop their Phazite shell. Unable to retract into a shell to avoid damage, they must aggressively attack any potential threat. They will extend sharp spines to fend off attackers or propel these spines at enemies.
Snatcher Bryyo
Hillside Vista
Snatchers are cunning, albeit weak, bioforms. Unable to kill most prey on their own, they rely on the stronger Korba to do the work for them. Snatchers will swarm onto a target until it is overwhelmed. Once they have their prey, they use their power to levitate, lifting the victim to a point where the Korba can devour them. What the Korba cannot digest, it expels to feed the Snatchers. This symbiotic relationship works well for both Snatchers and the Korba.
Warp Hound Bryyo
Temple of Bryyo
Warp Hounds are susceptible to low-temperature attacks, due to the nature of their thermal-energy-driven biosystem. They are often used by Reptilicus as guards and hunt beasts. They consume Fuel Gel to survive, and can expel blasts of converted thermal energy to attack and defend. The creatures can teleport over short distances, disrupting many forms of electronic targeting in the process.


Name Location found Log contents
Aerial Repair Drone SkyTown
Main Docking Bay
An evolved version of the ground units, these drones were designed to perform basic maintenance and repair tasks. Their small size and flight capabilities allow them access to the hardest-to-reach areas of SkyTown. Repair drones are manufactured and activated every 200 years, with the previous unites being recycled for construction materials.
Databot SkyTown
Main Docking Bay
Databots were designed by the Elysians as a means to record and pass on historical data. They patrol along their set area until disrupted, and then project a holographic datafile. However, only those equipped with Chozo-based visor technology can access this information.
Defense Drone SkyTown
Ballista Storage
The Defense Drone is used to secure key areas within SkyTown. The externally mounted antennas are tied into the unit's optic array. By destroying all of the antennas, the optic array will overload and be vulnerable for a short period. The machine's Control Unit is also vulnerable, but must be exposed to be targeted. Its armor is immune to small-arms fire.
"Dragoon" Battle Drone SkyTown
Skybridge Hera
The "Dragoon" Battle Drone is a resilient foe, but the thruster controls of the unit are vulnerable and can be easily ripped off. Originally designed to keep local aerial bioforms away from delicate instruments, the "Dragoon" is now used in a combat role. It carries twin Rocket Pods for offense. Durable armor and a Missile-jamming system help keep the unit safe.
Elysian Shriekbat SkyTown
Main Docking Access
Like all Shriekbats, the Elysian Shriekbat will dive-bomb any creature that wanders too close and detonate on contact. However, these are not actual creatures, but machines made to mimic their real-life counterparts. Designed centuries ago, their original purpose is unknown. They now roam the hovering facilities over Elysia, often in small flocks.
Helios Elysia
Elysia Leviathan Core
Helios's exterior armor is well shielded, but still vulnerable to Beam weaponry. Inflicting enough damage will cause him to overheat and expose his Phazon-enhanced core. This core can be overloaded with Phazon-based energy. Destruction of the core unit should prove fatal, but is difficult to achieve. Target is the prime bot of a large group of Swarmbots, all of which are energized by Phazon. Helios will use the Swarmbots for both offensive and defensive measures. Assuming different formations will allow for various forms of attack.
Repair Drone SkyTown
Aurora Lift
The original version of the Elysian Repair Drone. Because of their limited movement systems, these units quickly proved to be insufficient in performing the necessary maintenance duties. Used as a base design, the aerial model was created to address all flaws with the original version. Made obsolete by the aerial model, all production and manufacturing was halted over 150 years ago. Only a handful of these unites remain active.
Sky Puffer SkyTown
Maintenance Shaft AU
The external shell of a Sky Puffer is incredibly fragile, susceptible to most small-arms fire. Only a few shots from basic weapons can damage it. Sky Puffers are native to the planet Elysia. They feed on the various noxious gasses in the atmosphere. They are especially fond of Phazon gas.
Steambot SkyTown
Steambot Barracks
The Steambot's lightly armored exterior can be damaged by any weapon. High-temperature weapons are particularly effective, and can render them inert and beyond repair. Unlike their lightweight cousins, they are made of durable metals and cannot be tossed around. Steambots serve as combat units for Steamlords. They are armed with kinetic-beam pistols, Missile racks, and can use their tool-arms in close combat. Damaged units can be restored by Steamlords.
Steamlord SkyTown
Steambot Barracks
Steamlords command the worker drones of SkyTown. They also repair them when they malfunction or break down. Lightly armored, they rely on their cloaking field to evade their enemies. They can generate localized EMP fields to hinder enemy visor systems.
Steamspider SkyTown
Escape Pod Bay
Steamspiders were created by the Steamlords as basic light laborers. They have since went rogue, and now run wild in SkyTown. Though of minimal threat alone, a swarm of them can be a nuisance.
Swarmbot SkyTown
Swarmbots tend to travel in groups. They can evade many inbound attacks, and can perform aerial maneuvers that make them nearly impossible to damage. They can generate pulses of energy to damage or disrupt enemy targets. As a desperate measure, they will perform suicide runs on an enemy.
Tinbot SkyTown
Arrival Station
Tinbots are made from a lightweight metal an can easily be knocked around from explosions or high-speed impacts. This metal is also quite vulnerable to heat and can be melted by high-temperature weapons. Converted for security duty, the Tinbots now patrol SkyTown tirelessly. They are armed with kinetic-beam pistols and can use their tool-arms in close combat.
Transportation Drone SkyTown
Main Docking Bay
Class D Transportation Drones are used for the distribution of supplies and materials across all of SkyTown. Upon activation each unit is assigned a set position along a transit route that it will use exclusively. The constant upkeep of the facility requires that they continuously deliver their shipments to their destinations at a steady pace.

Space Pirate[edit]

Name Location found Log contents
Advanced Aerotrooper SkyTown
Chozo Observatory
When the going gets tough, the tough puts on armor. Advanced Aerotroopers wear an extra layer of ablative armor that is susceptible to explosive blasts. Like regular Aerotroopers, they wield two Remote Attack Pods in combat. These are outfitted with a Particle Cannon and a Gel Bomb Rack. Gel Bombs stick to their targets until detonation. High-velocity movement can remove Gel Bombs.
Advanced Pirate Trooper Bryyo
Ancient Courtyard
Advanced Pirate Troopers wear an additional layer of ablative armor. Explosive attacks are recommended to break the armor away. Basic armament includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both powered by Phazon. EMP grenades are often employed against power-armored foes. A new Dash Jet system provides increased mobility.
Advanced Shield Trooper Bryyo
Temple of Bryyo
Advanced Shield Troopers wear an extra layer of ablative armor; it is susceptible to explosive attacks. In addition to their armor, they wield a portable battle shield. While the shield provides excellent protection against incoming fire, it can also be easily ripped off. Phazon-based attacks are capable of destroying the shield.
Aeromine G.F.S. Olympus
Repair Bay Shaft
Aeromines suffer from a design flaw--their shield- and beam-weapon units use the same power source, allowing only one to function at a time. This exposes the unit to damage when it fires at enemies. Aeromines were originally designed to take the role of sentry for Space Pirates, but have since been put to use in combat as well. Because of the initial design flaw, these units do not pose much of a threat. After the executions of the first design team, the new pirate designers swore to correct this flaw with great haste.
Aerotrooper Norion
Cargo Dock A
Aerotroopers are dangerous foes, but their lack of armor leaves them vulnerable to explosive blasts. A weakness also lies in the jet pack: igniting it will allow the pack to be separated from the pilot. They use twin Remote Attack Pods to engage targets. The Attack Pods are capable of using a Particle Cannon or a Helix Missile Pod. They can tap their Phazon power unit to warp from point to point.
Armored Aerotrooper Bryyo
Temple of Bryyo
Armored Aerotroopers are deployed in harsh combat zones. Their armor is resilient, but susceptible to explosive blasts. In battle they use twin Remote Attack Pods to engage targets. They are equipped with a Particle Cannon and a Helix Missile Pod. They can tap their Phazon power unit to warp from point to point. A weakness lies in the jet pack: ignite and separate it from the pilot to neutralize the target.
Armored Pirate Militia G.F.S. Olympus
Xenoresearch Lab
Members of the Armored Pirate Militia have been granted lightweight armorsuits for combat use. While this provides some additional resistance to Beam weapons, they are still vulnerable to explosive attacks. Members of the Armored Pirate Militia are mostly inept soldiers who have yet to die in combat.
Armored Pirate Trooper Bryyo
Temple of Bryyo
Armored Pirate Troopers are equipped with a standard armorsuit. It provides adequate protection against Beam attacks but is vulnerable to explosive blasts. They are outfitted with all the basic pirate armaments. This includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both powered by Phazon. EMP grenades are often employed against power-armored foes. A new Dash Jet system provides increased mobility.
Armored Shield Trooper
  • SkyTown
    Spire (During Bomb Battle Sequence)
  • Pirate Homeworld
    Transit Station 0204
Armored Shield Troopers are equipped with a standard armorsuit. It is resilient, but still vulnerable to explosive attacks. In addition to their armor, they wield a portable battle shield. Removing the shield leaves them open to all attacks. The shield is also vulnerable to Phazon-based attacks.
Assault Aerotrooper Pirate Homeworld
Only the best can join the ranks of the Assault Aerotroopers. Heavily armored, they are resistant to most weapon systems. Their unique armor is able to deflect all Missile attacks, but can still be damaged by Beam weapons. Like regular Aerotroopers, they wield two Remote Attack Pods in combat. One is equipped with a Particle Cannon, the other with a Gel Bomb Rack. Gel Bombs stick to their targets until detonation. High-velocity movement can remove Gel Bombs.
Assault Pirate Trooper Bryyo
Ancient Courtyard
The Assault Pirate Troopers are some of the best the pirate military has to offer. They are heavily armored and are resistant to most attacks. Their unique armor will deflect all Missile fire, but is still damaged by Beam attacks. Basic armaments includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both powered bye Phazon. EMP grenades are often employed against power-armored foes. A new Dash Jet system provides increased mobility.
Assault Shield Trooper Pirate Homeworld
Metroid Processing
Assault Shield Troopers are heavily armored and resistant to most weapon systems. Their unique armor will deflect Missile attacks, but not Beam fire. In addition to their armor, they wield a portable battle shield. Their battle shield provides protection against all standard weapon fire, but can be easily torn off. Phazon-based weapons are capable of destroying the shield.
Aurora Unit 313 Phaaze
Aurora 313 has somehow been fused with bioessence of Dark Samus. While combat shields protect most of the unit, a weak spot has been detected at the cable junction. Damaging the unit's core will expose this point, but the core itself is protected by an armored hatch. Tentacle ports can be damaged to initiate stunning cerebral-feedback pulses within the target. While incapacitated, the hatch will be unprotected and able to be pulled open. This unit has been heavily mutated by Phazon exposure. It appears to be symbiotically connected to the planet Phaaze as well.
Berserker Knight Bryyo
Ancient Courtyard
A Berserker Knight's Phazite armor must be removed before unit can be damaged: only the Phazon-based projectile attacks the creature fires can destroy it. The Berserker Knight serves as a shocking example of the lengths the Space Pirates will go to in their quest for dominance. Heavily mutated by Phazon exposure, the unit is nearly mindless, driven by battle lust.
Berserker Lord G.F.S. Olympus
Docking Bay 5
Berserker Lords are highly resistant to damage. Their shoulders are the only unprotected area vulnerable to standard weapon fire. Their main defense lies in their head-mounted Phazite plating, which can only be destroyed by the projectiles it fires. Berserker Lords are a desperate measure, designed to exploit Phazon as much as possible. The few Berserker Knights that survive the highest level of corruption are promoted to Lord status. Lords are distinguished by their ornate Phazite plating and the Phazon reserves they carry on their backs.
Commando Pirate Pirate Homeworld
Commando Pirates use the best gear available: only Beams of the highest temperature can penetrate the layer of Phazite in the armorsuit. All of the weaponry is powered by Phazon. Each commando has a combat cloaking field, along with boost thrusters and a personal teleporter. The Phazite armor they wear makes them extremely resistant to damage in combat.
Crawlmine G.F.S. Olympus
Xenoresearch Lab
Crawlmines are not terribly bright and rely on suicide strikes as their main form of attack. They were designed to patrol small areas such as ventilation shafts and maintenance tunnels. Though relatively harmless alone, they can be dangerous in large numbers.
Crawltank G.F.S. Olympus
Xenoresearch Lab
Crawltanks are mobile, ground-based defense drones, but are easily destroyed by standard weapon fire. They can be equipped with different cannons, including a Phazon Beam system. They are not built for sustained combat, and are better suited for light patrol and security roles.
Dark Samus Phaaze
Target is comprised of pure Phazon energy and is highly unstable. Scans indicate that Hypermode attacks are capable of disrupting her, likely a result of Hypermode being energized by Samus's body. Dark Samus is capable of generating "echoes" of herself to aid her in battle. These units will be used as increased firepower and act as distractions while she replenishes her energy: they should be destroyed immediately. She is capable of absorbing energy from Phaaze to replenish her own.
Gandrayda Pirate Homeworld
Proving Grounds
Gandrayda's ability to shape-shift has been greatly enhanced by Phazon exposure, allowing her to assume a number of deadly forms at will. These new forms come with a cost, as she also inherits their weaknesses. A mistress of stealth, she will employ her personal cloaking field often, setting up her next deadly attack. An advanced visor system may be able to detect her location.
Ghor SkyTown
Main Docking Bay
Ghor's energy shield is capable of repelling all weapon fire, but the back-mounted generator is exposed to attack. Overloading the generator could expose the well-protected critical systems behind his battle armor. Ghor's arsenal is considerable. Plasma-based beam weapons, attack claws, and a multimissile system are at the cyborg's disposal in battle. These battle systems can be combined and fired at once as a devastating alpha strike. Target is also capable of a high-speed ramming attack, although this is potentially dangerous if performed over a slippery surface.
"Jolly Roger" Drone Norion
Generator A
The "Jolly Roger" Drone is designed for quick aerial maneuvers, but this comes at the cost of survivability. The fragile armor of the unit is vulnerable to weapon fire of any type. The Jolly Roger is based on Federation tech, but has been considerably upgraded. Powered by Phazon, the mechanoid can be a serious threat in battle, especially in groups.
Jumpmine Norion
Conduit A
The Jumpmine was developed by the Space Pirates as a cheap alternative to an armed trooper. The Jumpmine scans its surroundings until it detects an enemy target. It then triggers a small thruster, "jumping" a set distance in the air. Once launched, its weapon pod is engaged, saturating the local area with fire. It explodes afterward to prevent use by enemy forces.
Korakk Beast Bryyo
Jousting Field
Korakks are prized by the Space Pirates, who use them as cavalry mounts. Their belly is occasionally vulnerable, but guarded from all sides. Finding a way to get underneath it and attacking would be effective. Nerve ending in the tail can be stressed through grappling, but only when the tail is extended. The interior of a Korakk's mouth, as well as the tip of their tongue, contains sensitive nerve clusters. Attacking these points could temporarily incapacitate the creature. They can emit Phazon energy through their feet and tongue. The Phazite armor they wear will repel most damage.
Meta Ridley Norion
Generator Shaft
Target's body is covered with incredibly durable armorskin, making it difficult to damage. All parts of the body are protected except for the mouth, where Meta Ridley fires his plasma-powered weaponry. Observing target may reveal additional target points. Target will use powerful plasma-based ranged attacks, along with potent melee strikes.
Omega Ridley Pirate Homeworld
Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Core
Revived and regenerated through Phazon exposure, Omega Ridley has been energized to a new combat threat level. Target retains extremely durable, Phazon-enhanced armorskin, as well as protective armored plating. Scans indicate that a recent injury has not fully healed: expose and target wound to inflict damage. Target will act to protect this vulnerability: seek ways to stun the enemy and leave it open for deadly attacks.
Phazon Harvester Drone Pirate Homeworld
Phazon Harvesting
Man-portable weaponry cannot penetrate the thick hull of the Phazon Harvester. The anti-air weapon system is vulnerable, but overloading it with weapon fire will only disable the drone temporarily. The pirates converted several Goliath-class heavy assault drones into Phazon-collecting units. The drone can use its Harvesting Beam Cannon for defense, and is equipped with an anti-aircraft missile defense system.
Pirate Cargo Drone Pirate Homeworld
Landing Site Bravo
Pirate Cargo Drones were designed to assist with the transporting of supplies throughout the Pirate Homeworld. Their aerial capabilities allow them to navigate the underground catacombs with relative ease. Cargo often consists of items too dangerous or volatile to be moved by hand.
Pirate Commander Pirate Homeworld
Transit Station Leviathan
Commanders make heavy use of their personal teleporter, moving to favorable positions and across the battlefield, giving orders and support as needed. They carry all of the weaponry and gear used by commandos, with the exception of their armor, which is forged out of ultrarare Red Phazite. A rare breed, Pirate Commanders have lived to rise to the ruling caste on the Pirate Homeworld. Each has been a commando for at least ten years.
Pirate Hussar Bryyo
Jousting Field
Hussars are unusually brave for Space Pirates, willing to ride the deadly Korakk beast into combat. Their Phazon Energy Lances are deadly at any range. Hussars and their mounts have a strange bond. If a Hussar is slain, his Korakk will fight to avenge his death.
Pirate Militia G.F.S. Olympus
Flag Bridge Access
The pirates have not enhanced all of their fighting forces. They continue to use militia units in battle. These groups are made up of slaves and criminals, and do not receive the Phazon enhancements given to regular army troopers. They are surprisingly obedient to the upper castes within the pirate military. Rumor has it that disobedient militia members often find themselves as dinner for regular army troopers.
Pirate Trooper Norion
Cargo Dock A
The Space Pirate military forces continue to use Phazon, including a new Phazon enhancement system. Basic armament includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both powered by Phazon. EMP grenades are often employed against power-armored foes. A new Dash Jet system provides increased mobility.
Puffer Mine Pirate Homeworld
Avoid contact with the Puffer Mine. These creatures are a cybernetically enhanced version of the Puffers native to the Pirate Homeworld. Engineered by Space Pirates, they are now used as patrol animals. Their bodies have been filled with Phazon gas to be used as a defensive measure. If their shell is broken, their bodies explode and send a cloud of toxic gas out all around them. Nearby attackers rarely escape the volatile fumes.
Remorse-Class Turret Bryyo
Corrupted Pool
Fast targets can evade the limited targeting system of the "Remorse" turret. The Space Pirates have replaced their dated "Humility" turrets with a new unit designed by top engineers. Powered by Phazon, the "Remorse" unit is capable of withstanding more damage than the earlier model.
Rundas Bryyo
Temple of Bryyo
Phazon exposure has greatly enhanced Rundas and his ability to generate ice, making him deadly at any range. His durable ice armor has one weak point-- the neck. Serious physical stress can weaken and remove it, exposing Rundas to attack. This weak point cannot be seized as long as Rundas is active. He can create frozen objects at will, and can freeze Missiles in midflight. Smaller ice-based projectiles can be shot down, but it is recommended to evade larger attacks. Be advised: Rundas can trigger a Hypermode state, elevating his threat level to match your own.
Scritter Pirate Homeworld
Courtyard Passage
Scritters are common vermin that are usually found underground. They tend to nest in dark places and come out only to feed. Their main source of sustenance is Phazon, a weakness pirate slaves use against them. Scritters will often be caught in simple traps set out by the starving pirate slaves who then feed on the small creatures. But the pirates rarely have the last laugh, as some internal organs of the Scritter will release a toxic fluid when bitten. Those who become violently ill because of this are often said to have a case of "the scritters."
Shield Pirate Militia Norion
Cargo Dock A
Some members of the Pirate Militia have been granted use of regular army-trooper equipment. This unit has been given the portable battle shield. Its portability is its weakness, however. Remove it from the pirate's grip to eliminate its primary defense system. The shield is also susceptible to Phazon-based attacks.
Shield Pirate Trooper Norion
Maintenance Station
The Space Pirates have developed a man-portable battle shield that is resistant to most small-arms fire. Its portability is its weakness, however. Remove it from the pirate's grip to eliminate its primary defense system. Phazon-based attacks are capable of destroying the shield.
Space Pirate Assault Skiff SkyTown (During Bomb Battle Sequence)
The fast-moving Space Pirate Assault Skiff is used to support troops in combat. The skiff is mounted with a tribeam cannon, which is capable of firing powerful charged shots. However, the cannon itself is unprotected and can be easily overloaded. This modified version of the ATC has sacrificed durability for speed, and often employs hit-and-run tactics.
Space Pirate ATC Norion
Cargo Dock A
The Space Pirate Armored Tactical Carrier (ATC) is surprisingly well built and armored. A forward-mounted heat vent is its only vulnerable spot. Tribeam cannons help the unit deal out damage while on missions as well. Designed for rapid transit to and from hot zones, the unit is not designed for long-term engagements. It has a relatively small fuel supply, a sacrifice made for heavier armament and armor.
Space Pirate Boarding Pod G.F.S. Olympus
Port Observation Deck

Pirate boarding pods are crude, even by their standards. They are composed of an aged propulsion drive, a cramped crew-transport module, and a nose cone packed with high explosives. The pilot guides the pod toward the target ship, then rams it, detonating the explosives upon impact in an attempt to breach the hull. If a breach is created, the crew within exits the pod.

Of course, mishaps occur. Sometimes the explosives go off prematurely, exposing the crew to vacuum. Other times the detonation fails to occur, leaving the pod to bounce off the target's hull. The shielding between explosives and crew is substandard, and often fails to protect the crew from the explosion. The pod's nickname of "Space Coffin" is well earned.

Urtragian Shriekbat Pirate Homeworld
Urtragian Shriekbats are fiercely territorial insectoids and will dive-bomb anything that wanders near. This attack is fatal for the Shriekbat, as the impact sets off a discharge of thermal energy. Because of their high internal temperatures, they tend to seek cool climates to dwell in. They have come to seek shelter inside the many pirate facilities located on the Pirate Homeworld.


Name Location found Log contents
Hopping Metroid Norion
Cargo Dock B
Radical mutation has removed the ability to fly from this strain of Metroid, but its vulnerability to cold remains. Subject now uses its powerful legs for locomotion. Legs contain sharp formations of Phazite, which the creature uses to slice through enemy defenses.
Jelsac G.F.S. Valhalla
Repair Bay
Jelsacs are aggressive creatures, roaming their territory and defending it from all comers. When provoked, a Jelsac will begin to expand its body, quickly filling it with a caustic, Phazon-based venom. This continues until the Jelsac explodes, sending a spray of deadly fluid in all directions.
Leviathan Infant Phaaze
Genesis Chamber

Leviathans are the children of Phaaze. They are bioforms that begin life deep within the planet, inside the base of a serpentine organ that serves as a womb. The Leviathan will remain in here, feeding on an endless supply of Phazon, until it has developed its Phazon core.

The developed core marks the Leviathan's transition into adolescence and its departure from the womb. The serpentine organ moves the adolescent from deep inside Phaaze and releases it closer to the planet's surface. Here the bioform will continue to grow and mature beneath its older siblings. As time passes and the older ones are launched into space, the Leviathan will slowly make its way to the planet's surface. It is here the Leviathan will reach full maturity. Once Phaaze has located a planetary target to corrupt, it will launch the Leviathan into space.

The Leviathan is capable of interstellar travel, creating wormholes in space to expedite the journey. Instinctively, it homes in on its planetary target. Shortly after impact, the bioform dies, leaving its armored shell to protect the Phazon core. Before it dies, the bioform often attracts and enthralls a large local predator. After mutating it through intense Phazon exposure, it compels the creature to protect the core. The core then begins to seep into the planet, replacing the local ecosystem with one based on Phazon.

Liquid Phazon Norion
Conduit B
Liquid Phazon appears to be a semisentient glob of Phazon. Their young are known as Phazon Grubs, and eventually metamorph into their adult, or "puddle" form. They exude a toxic chemical to protect themselves from predators. Contact with the substance can be deadly. They can alter their shape in a limited fashion, usually to avoid incoming attacks.
Metroid Hatcher Norion
Generator B
Mutation has robbed the Metroid Hatcher of its ability to phase, but provided it a hardened outer shell which has identical attributes as Phazite. This shell protects the creature's heart located at the core of its head. The Hatcher's tentacles are quite dangerous, and can leech energy from any targets they connect to. However, the tentacles are also the creature's weak point. If all its tentacles are ripped from its body, it will perish. As such, it will attempt to recover energy by retracting them into its shell when they take damage. While the Hatcher's tentacles are retracted, it is unable to attack, relying on the Phazon Metroids it spawns from its mouth for protection. If the interior of the creature is hit while its mouth is open, it loses its strength. The Hatcher's tentacles can be ripped off if they are pulled at this time.
Miniroid Miniroids, tiny and weak, will travel in a flock for protection. They float and fly about in search of sustenance. Those that survive will grow quickly, becoming the feared parasites known throughout the cosmos as Phazon Metroids.
Phaazoid Bryyo
Grand Court
Phaazoids are masses of Phazon energy that form after a Leviathan has been destroyed. They still retain a small bit of sentience and are mindlessly aggressive. The only way to damage a Phaazoid is by attacking it with Phazon-based attacks. However, this has a side effect of causing the creature to split into two smaller forms. Once the Phaazoid has split small enough, it will simply fly at a target and detonate on contact. It is said that some Phaazoids may split into a rare, crimson-colored form.
Phaz-ing G.F.S. Valhalla
Phaz-ing bodies are weak to physical stress and can be easily pulled apart. These morphing blobs of Phazon often prefer to stay in puddle form and will only shift out to attack. Their ability to move over all types of terrain allows them to position themselves at a distance before assaulting with bursts of Phazon energy.
Phazon Grub Norion
Conduit B
Phazon Grubs are drawn to bioenergy in all forms, especially Phazon. They are immune to its mutagenic effects, and carry it in their bodies as they roam. Their bite can infect the victim with Phazon corruption, making them plague bearers of a sort.
Phazon Hopper G.F.S. Valhalla
MedLab Alpha
Phazon Hoppers are more resilient than other Hoppers, but can still be damaged by standard weaponry. The crystallized Phazon covering their bodies provides additional protection from attack. Like other Hoppers, these are capable of long-range assaults. They will spit bursts of Phazon venom at prey from a distance.
Phazon Leech G.F.S. Valhalla
Security Station
Phazon Leeches thrive on the bioenergy drained from weakened and dead prey. They often roam in groups, leaving behind toxic trails as they slide across terrain in search of sustenance. Their bodies are soft and unprotected, making them very easy targets to dispatch.
Phazon Metroid SkyTown
Xenoresearch B
Like all Metroids, great cold can immobilize the Phazon Metroid and leave it vulnerable to attacks. If the creature begins to feed, a concussive blast should be able to knock it away. Heavy exposure to Phazon energy has mutated this strain of Tallon Metroid. Subject can shift its body into a phased state, allowing it to ignore solid matter. The creature can emit bursts of Phazon energy, and will drain the life energy from its prey.
Phazon Nightbarb Bryyo
Crash Site
Phazon Nightbarbs have enhanced aerial mobility that makes them all but impossible to hit with normal shots. The group will work together to create a powerful energy burst that they will fire at their prey. Detonating the energy charge with normal attacks before it fires should destroy them. Phazon Nightbarbs are the result of Nightbarbs being exposed to Phazon radiation. These mutations look similar to their uncorrupted counterparts, but are characterized by their greatly increased offensive and defensive capabilities.
Phazon Pillbug Bryyo Cliff
Gel Processing Site
Pillbugs are commonly found in small spaces, often making traveling through tunnels troublesome. Bombs are effective against them, however. They are underground vermin, able to energize their hard-shelled bodies with Phazon. Once charged, they will roll into a defensive shape and charge their enemies.
Phazon Puffer Phaaze
Cavern Beta Access
This particular breed of Puffer has been heavily mutated by exposure to Phazon, giving it strange new abilities. As it flies, it searches the area for Phazon energy to consume. The Puffer will absorb this energy out of any nearby bioform and energize itself. The Puffer will then use the energy to fire a powerful attack back at their target. This ability comes with a price--the Phazon energy comprising their body is rather unstable and easily disrupted by any type of weapon fire.
Phazon Shriekbat G.F.S. Valhalla
Hanger A Access
Even more aggressive than normal species, Phazon Shriekbats will not hesitate to attack any creature that wanders too close. Their dive-bomb attacks erupts in a burst of Phazon energy, which usually proves fatal to weaker organisms. These Shriekbats are mainly found in areas with high amounts of Phazon. Instead of the usual insects and small creatures Shriekbats usually feed on, these have come to rely on Phazon as a food source.
Red Phaazoid
  • Bryyo
    Grand Court
  • Bryyo
    Jousting Field
  • Bryyo
    Gel Processing Site
  • SkyTown
    Concourse Ventilation
  • SkyTown
    Construction Bay
  • Pirate Homeworld
    Phazon Harvesting
  • Pirate Homeworld
    Metroid Creche
  • Pirate Homeworld
    Transit Station 0204
Red Phaazoids, like their more common siblings, can only be damaged by Phazon-based weaponry. They are wildly aggressive and will split into smaller forms when attacked. Their reddish appearance is the result of an unstable energy core, an uncommon mutation that occurs when a Phaazoid is formed. Overloading their core with Phazon energy will destroy them, causing them to yield a rare item.
Tangle Weed Phaaze
Drop Shaft
A simple bioform of plant life of which there are many species across many worlds. While each breed may have characteristics native to their respective ecology, they all possess identical behavior. Tangle Weeds constantly sway their brightly colored leaves to attract potential prey to land on them. The thousands of microscopic barbs lining the Tangle Weed's body will snare and inject a paralyzing toxin into their victim. While small organisms are unable to escape, Tangle Weeds lack the strength to do anything more than hinder the movement of larger life-forms. When attacked, they will retract into the ground until they no longer sense a threat.