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Red Credits[edit]

You can get Red Credits by scanning creatures.

Name Planet Room Notes
Galactic Federation
Aurora Unit 217 Elysia Aurora Chamber
Demolition Trooper Pirate Homeworld
Federation Marine GFS Olympus, Norion, Pirate Homeworld
Federation PED Marine GFS Olympus, Norion Gunnery Station, Flag Bridge, Cargo Dock A
Female Fleet Trooper GFS Olympus Docking Bay Access, Flag Bridge Access, MedLab Delta
Fleet Admiral Dane GFS Olympus Flag Bridge
Fleet Mechanic GFS Olympus, Norion
Halberd-Class Turret GFS Olympus
Hunter Gandrayda Norion Tower Elevator
Hunter Ghor GFS Olympus, Norion Security Station, Cargo Hub, Tower Elevator
Hunter Rundas Norion, Bryyo Tower Elevator, Crash Site
Male Fleet Trooper GFS Olympus, Norion Generator A
Training Drone GFS Olympus Docking Bay 5
Alpha Hopper Bryyo Gateway Hall
Bryyonian Shriekbat
Fargul Hatcher
Fargul Wasp
Gel Puffer
Gel Ray
Gragnol Adult
Reptilicus Hunter
Warp Hound
Aerial Repair Drone
Defense Drone
"Dragoon" Battle Drone
Elysian Shriekbat
Repair Drone
Sky Puffer
Transportation Drone
Space Pirate
Advanced Aerotrooper
Advanced Pirate Trooper
Advanced Shield Trooper
Armored Aerotrooper
Armored Pirate
Armored Pirate Militia
Armored Pirate Trooper
Armored Shield Trooper
Assault Aerotrooper
Assault Pirate Trooper
Assault Shield Trooper
Aurora Unit 313
Berserker Knight
Berserker Lord
Commando Pirate
Dark Samus
"Jolly Roger" Drone
Korakk Beast
Phazon Harvester Drone
Pirate Cargo Drone
Pirate Commander
Pirate Hussar
Pirate Militia
Pirate Trooper
Puffer Mine
Remorse-Class Turret
Shield Pirate Militia
Shield Pirate Trooper
Space Pirate Assault Skiff
Space Pirate ATC
Space Pirate Boarding Pod
Urtagian Shriekbat
Hopping Metroid
Leviathan Infant
Liquid Phazon
Metroid Hatcher
Phazon Grub
Phazon Hopper
Phazon Leech
Phazon Metroid
Phazon Nightbarb
Phazon Pillbug
Phazon Puffer
Phazon Shriekbat
Red Phaazoid
Tangle Weed

Blue Credits[edit]

You can get three Blue Credits by saving GF Troopers on the G.F.S. Olympus at the start of the game. The rest are obtained by collecting Lore scans.

Name Planet Room Notes
GF Troopers Saved G.F.S. Olympus Port Observation Deck
GF Trooper Saved G.F.S. Olympus Xenoresearch Lab
GF Trooper Saved G.F.S. Olympus Repair Bay Shaft
Galactic Federation
Phazon G.F.S. Olympus MedLab Delta
Phazon Enhancement Device G.F.S. Olympus MedLab Delta
Planet Norion Norion Cargo Dock B
Planet Bryyo Norion Data Storage
Skytown Norion Data Storage
Hunter Rundas Norion Docking Hub Alpha
Hunter Ghor Norion Munitions Storage
Hunter Gandrayda Norion Munitions Storage
Olympus-Class Battleship G.F.S. Olympus Security Station
Tallon IV Incident G.F.S. Valhalla Stairwell
Valhalla Incident Norion Munitions Storage
Anhur Incident G.F.S. Valhalla Control Room
Golden Age Bryyo Reliquary II (Cliffside)
Age of Science Bryyo Grand Court (Cliffside)
Age of Schism Bryyo Main Lift (Fire)
Age of War Bryyo Gel Processing Site (Fire)
Downfall Bryyo Temple Generator (Fire)
Victory Bryyo Hall of the Golems (Cliffside)
Struggle of Exiles Bryyo Burrow (Cliffside)
Salvation Bryyo Hidden Court Hall (Cliffside)
The Hunted Bryyo Jungle Generator (Thorn Jungle)
Decline Bryyo Colossus Vista (Cliffside)
Prophecy Bryyo Refinery Access (Fire)
Our Plea Bryyo Imperial Caverns (Ice)
Creators Elysia Main Docking Bay (Skytown)
Gift Elysia Arrival Station (Skytown)
Discovery Elysia Barracks Lift (Skytown)
Alone Elysia Landing Site A (Skytown)
Slumber Elysia Ballista Lift (Skytown)
Federation Elysia Maintenance Shaft TA (Eastern Skytown)
Agreement Elysia SkyTown Federation Landing Site (Eastern Skytown)
Aurora Elysia Broken Lift (Eastern Skytown)
Loss Elysia Concourse Access B (Eastern Skytown)
Phazon Elysia Construction Bay (Skytown)
Invader Elysia Hoverplat Docking Site (Skytown)
Defeat Elysia Powerworks (Skytown)
Space Pirate
Our Mission Pirate Homeworld Lift Hub (Command)
Stowaway Pirate Homeworld Command Station (Command)
First Disciples Pirate Homeworld Processing Access (Research)
The Source Discovered Pirate Homeworld Airshaft (Research)
The Leviathan Pirate Homeworld Transit Station 1-A (Research)
Taking Valhalla Pirate Homeworld Creche Transit (Research)
Purification Pirate Homeworld Skyway Access (Command)
Vanguard Pirate Homeworld Mine Lift (Mines)
Victory and Loss Pirate Homeworld Drill Shaft 1 (Mines)
Bryyo Falls Pirate Homeworld Phazon Mine Entry (Mines)
Disaster at Elysia Pirate Homeworld Command Courtyard (Command)
Mistress Gandrayda Pirate Homeworld Transit Tunnel P70 (Command)

Gold Credits[edit]

Gold Credits can be obtained by defeating bosses and achieving certain goals. Some bosses have a separate credit for defeating them on Hypermode difficulty.

Name Room Notes
G.F.S. Olympus
Juggling Bonus 10 Docking Bay 5 Score 10 hits on the Training Drone.
Berserker Lord Defeated Docking Bay 5
Berserker Lord Defeated (Hypermode) Docking Bay 5
Meta-Ridley Defeated Generator Shaft
Meta-Ridley Defeated (Hypermode) Generator Shaft
Metroid Hatcher Defeated Generator B
Metroid Hatcher Defeated (Hypermode) Generator B
Rundas Defeated Temple of Bryyo (Fire)
Rundas Defeated (Hypermode) Temple of Bryyo (Fire)
Korakk Beast Defeated Jousting Field (Thorn Jungle)
Korakk Beast Defeated (Hypermode) Jousting Field (Thorn Jungle)
Generator Destroyed Jungle Generator (Thorn Jungle)
Generator Destroyed Temple Generator (Fire)
Mogenar Defeated Bryyo Leviathan Core (Leviathan)
Mogenar Defeated (Hypermode) Bryyo Leviathan Core (Leviathan)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Grand Court (Cliffside)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Jousting Field (Thorn Jungle)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Gel Processing Site (Fire)
Steamlord Defeated Steambot Barracks (Skytown)
Steamlord Defeated (Hypermode) Steambot Barracks (Skytown)
Defense Drone Defeated Ballista Storage (Skytown)
Defense Drone Defeated (Hypermode) Ballista Storage (Skytown)
Ghor Defeated Main Docking Bay (Skytown)
Ghor Defeated (Hypermode) Main Docking Bay (Skytown)
Berserker Lord Defeated Turbine Chamber (Eastern Skytown)
Berserker Lord Defeated (Hypermode) Turbine Chamber (Eastern Skytown)
Seed Shield Destroyed Escape Pod Bay (Skytown)
Helios Defeated Elysian Leviathan Core (Leviathan)
Helios Defeated (Hypermode) Elysian Leviathan Core (Leviathan)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Hoverplat Docking Site (Skytown)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Construction Bay (Skytown)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Concourse Ventilation (Eastern Skytown)
Pirate Homeworld
Gandrayda Defeated Proving Grounds (Research)
Gandrayda Defeated (Hypermode) Proving Grounds (Research)
Metroid Hatcher Defeated Metroid Creche (Research)
Metroid Hatcher Defeated (Hypermode) Metroid Creche (Research)
Defense System Obliterated Command Station (Command)
All Troopers Survived Transit Station 0205 (Command) Keep all 12 GF Demolition Troopers alive during the escort mission.
Commander Squad Defeated Transit Station Leviathan (Command)
Commander Squad Defeated (Hypermode) Transit Station Leviathan (Command)
Omega-Ridley Defeated Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Core (Leviathan)
Omega-Ridley Defeated (Hypermode) Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Core (Leviathan)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Transit Station 0204 (Command)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Metroid Creche (Research)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Proving Grounds (Research)
Red Phaazoid Defeated Phazon Harvesting (Mines)
G.F.S. Valhalla
Metroid Hatcher Defeated Aurora Chamber
Metroid Hatcher Defeated (Hypermode) Aurora Chamber
Dark Samus Repulsed Sanctum
Dark Samus Repulsed (Hypermode) Sanctum
Aurora Unit 313 Defeated Sanctum
Aurora Unit 313 Defeated (Hypermode) Sanctum

Friend Vouchers[edit]

Name Room Notes
100 Kills Destroy 100 enemies.
200 Kills Destroy 200 enemies.
300 Kills Destroy 300 enemies.
400 Kills Destroy 400 enemies.
500 Kills Destroy 500 enemies.
600 Kills Destroy 600 enemies.
700 Kills Destroy 700 enemies.
800 Kills Destroy 800 enemies.
900 Kills Destroy 900 enemies.
1000 Kills Destroy 1000 enemies.
Exterminator Destroy all the little enemies crawling around the floor of the landing chamber in one of the three Phazon Leviathans.
Crash Landing Burn away an Aerotrooper's armor, then use the Grapple Lasso to tear away his jet pack.
G.F.S. Olympus
Juggling Bonus 20 Docking Bay 5 Score 20 hits on the Training Drone.
GF Trooper Saved Lab Access Shoot the flashing point above the door before the trooper is pulled into space.
Flawless Escape Cargo Dock C Escape Ridley's attacks on the Morph Ball track without getting hit.
Icy Reptilicide Anywhere Freeze a Reptilicus with an ice missile after it throws its chakra at you, and let its own chakra shatter it.
Short-cut Discovered Gel Cavern (Fire) Find the Morph Ball tunnel that leads to Imperial Hall and go through it.
Perfect Execution North Jungle Court (Thorn Jungle) Open all three levers without the Aerotroopers closing any of them again.
New Area Discovered Warp Site Bravo (Ice) Go through the teleporter from Bryyo Fire to Bryyo Ice.
Bowling for Bots Anywhere Destroy at least four Tinbots at once by running into them with the Boost Ball.
Stylish Kill Skybridge Hera (Skytown) Don't destroy any Steambots while running across the bridge; let them all go down with the bridge when it collapses behind you.
New Area Discovered Skytram East (Eastern Skytown) Take the tram from Skytown to Eastern Skytown.
Pirate Homeworld
20 Commandos Defeated Anywhere Defeat 20 Commando Pirates.
Harvester Destroyed Phazon Harvesting (Mines) Destroy the Phazon Harvester with a ship bombing run.
Leviathan Humiliated Leviathan Ship (Command) Shoot one of the Leviathan Ship's eyes 60 times.
G.F.S. Valhalla
Secret Message Discovered Control Room Activate the recording made by AU 313.