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Alinos Gateway[edit]


  • Object: Alinos
  • Object: Magma Station
  • Lore: Alimbic Prophecy 2
  • Lore: Alimbic Datashade 1
  • Lore: Alimbic Datashade 2

Once you exit your ship, drop down to the ground and scan the information on Alinos. Then walk around to the rear of your ship and head down the steep slope, at the bottom is the Magma Station. Once that's scanned, instead of scaling the steep slope, head around to the front of the island. Get to the other side by jumping across the platforms floating in the lava. To the right are the lores Datashade 1 and 2, and to the left is the second Missile Expansion. You can reach it by jumping up the stairway of rubble, and then switching to Morph Ball and using Morph Ball Bombs the propel yourself up the ledges to the Missile Expansion.

Echo Hall[edit]


  • Object: Exposed Rebar
  • Bioform: Zoomer
  • Lore: History 1
  • Bioform: War wasp
  • Equipment: Large Energy

Make your way through the area, to the Morph Ball maze. After some exploring you will find a pit, inhabited by three zoomers. Kill all three to reveal the shield key, which will unlock the door in the blue area located at the opposite end of the maze. Blow open the door with a Morph Ball Bomb, to reveal to paths leading of the section of tunnel. Head to the end of the tunnel and hang a right into the farther path to get your second energy tank. Head back to the door and take the path path closest to the door. At the dead end, use a Morph Ball Bomb to jump up into a tunnel above. Roll into the room to find the Cartograph Artifact. After grabbing the artifact head to the door between the blue crystals and head through. This tunnel opens uo into to a small, magma filled room containing three War Wasps. Scan one of them, and blow them to pieces.

High Ground[edit]


  • Object: Flow Regulator
  • Lore: Interment Chamber
  • Object: Purple Force Field
  • Object: Magma Vent

Make your way through the tunnels, to the intersection and the Magma Vent. Jump through the hole in the ceiling to the above ground portion of High Ground. When you do so, Spire will begin firing down on you from the upper levels of High Ground. Run around the room to avoid his shots, while returning fire with your Power Beam. After a few hits, Spire will flee from the room.


  • Lore: Science Sarcophogus
  • Lore: Battle Sarcophogus
  • Object: Alimbic Scripture
  • Bioform: Blastcap
  • Biofom: Spire

The third missile expansion can be found by ascending the ramps across from the shielded artifact. Explore around the ledges to the right to find the Expansion waiting for you in plain sight. Use the same ramps you used to find the Missile Expansion but go to the left to find the door to elder passage. Scan and destroy the Blastcap in your way, but be wary of the cloud of poison that it leaves behind, and enter Elder Passage.

Elder Passage[edit]


  • Bioform: Dialanche
  • Bioform: Voldrum

Once you pass the Artifact Shield, a force field will seal you into a small room with three blue triangles that constantly spit out Voldrums. First destroy the generators then destroy the Voldrums themselves.

Hunter Fight: Spire[edit]

Spire will attack as soon as you clear the room of Voldrums. Return fire, aiming for headshots, until he transforms into his alt form, Dialanche, and drops into the room. Hail Dialanche with fire from your Power Beam while running around the room avoiding his swings. After you've chipped off about half of Spire's health, he'll run for it once again, out of the room back out into High Ground.

Intervention to Fight[edit]

Once you've sent Spire running, scan the switch on the wall, to make the Shield Key appear. Grab the Shield Key to drop the shield and grab the Attameter artifact. Once you've claimed the artifact, the doors that connect Elder Passage and High Ground will unseal.

Hunter Fight Continued: Spire[edit]

When you exit from Elder Passage to High Ground, turn to your left to see Spire there waiting for you. Blast him with missiles, after a few hits Spire will rush your position. Continue firing upon him as he rushes you. When he reaches your position, jump back and continue shooting at him. Continue this until you defeat him. Once Spire defeated he will drop a Shield Key.

The Shield Key will lower the Artifact Shield in the upper levels of High Ground, allowing you to grab the Binary Subscripture Artifact. When you grab the final artifact, several floating platforms will descend and three generators will appear on the walls of High Ground. Before you brave the platforms destroy the generators and their Psycho Bits. Climb up the ramp where you found the Artifact and the jump onto the railing along the path. For now, you can access the platforms.

Elder Passage[edit]

The room at the highest level of Elder Passage holds both the Stronghold Portal and The Portal back to your ship. Activate the portal back to your ship and jump into it to go save and heal. Return through the portal and head into the Stronghold Portal.

Stronghold Void[edit]


  • Bioform: Slench 1A
  • Bioform: Slench 1B
  • Bioform: Energy Blaster
  • Lore: Biodefense Chamber B

Boss: Slench 1A[edit]

To damage Slench's central orb, you have to destroy the pink squirming tentacles that connect it to the wall. You must destroy them in pretty quick succession, otherwise, they will begin to regenerate before you destroy all of them. Each tentacle takes about five or six hits from your Power Beam before their destroyed. While your destroy the tentacles be careful of the energy blasters, they will fire Volt Driver shots that will distort your vision and cause damage. Once the orb is loose follow it around the room with your Power Beam and constantly shoot at the eye in the center of the orb, while moving around to dodge it's fire. Get in as much damage as you can before it returns to the wall. When it's connected to the wall, use your Power Beam to destroy the green blobs it expels for healing items.

This time around, you are only provided four and a half minutes to make your escape. The route is short and there are no sealed doors to hinder your progress. However you will have to battle another hunter to make it out (explained below).

Echo Hall[edit]


  • Bioform: Weavel
  • Bioform: Halfturret

Hunter Fight: Weavel[edit]

Weavel, lies in wait for you in Echo Hall. Blast away at Weavel until he switches to his Alt Form, Halfturret, then destroy Halfturret by circling it and using rapid shots. Halfturret fires fast, but isn't very accurate against moving targets. After you chip off about a third of his health, Weavel will retreat to the other area of Echo Hall. Go through the Morph Ball tunnel that doesn't lead back through the maze and drop down into the other area of Echo Hall and finish Weavel off.