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Alinos Perch is essentially the same as Council Chamber, except having no inside areas. Alinos Perch only holds three energy balls and only the Magmaul, Imperialist and Shock Coil. Battle in this arena mainly comes down to who's the better sniper (with the Imperialist and many high spots, this is a great arena for sniping).

  • Map Size: Large
  • Condition: Available from the beginning
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Defender, Prime Hunter, Capture, Nodes


  • There are some great sniping spots in this map, many of these require you to either Missile Jump or be Spire. A good but open sniping spot is the very large platform that is the top of the center beam in the outside area. You can get up there from the jump pad. The platforms with the metal edges on them towards the very back of the level (not on the Imperialist side) provide very good sniping spots. You can climb them by Missile Jumping up them, or climbing up with Spire. It is easy to get up the first one with any hunter, but the second one is very hard to get up, and any others beyond there require you to be Spire to get to. You could use the flying Sylux trick from the tall pillar in the center of the arena and launch from there and fly down. It will take some practice though. Additionally, there is a cavern in the wall that only Sylux and Spire can get to, and a small ledge that can be reached only by Sylux and Spire.
  • Sylux can lay a tripwire by the Imperialist spawn area as a trap for those who would want it, and you can also charge a Magmaul to blast them when they fall down.