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Celestial Gateway[edit]


  • Equipment:Gunship
  • Object: Celestial Archives
  • Object: Portal
  • Object: Alimbic Prophecy 1
  • Object: Green Force Field
  • Object: Door

Once you exit your ship, drop down to the floor and take a look around. There are many things to scan here. Once you scan everything head though the door.

Helm Room[edit]


  • Object: Synergy Processor
  • Object: Synergy Drive
  • Object: Port Helm
  • Object: Starboard Helm
  • Object: Sealed Door

The helm room is separted into two parts. The first, and quite a bit larger section is free of enemies, so you won't be bothered while scanning everything in this room. Once you're done scanning, head to the door. The door is locked, you will have to scan the gold colored switch beside the door to get to next part of the Helm Room.


  • Psycho Bit v1.0

When you step into the second part of the helm room, you will be locked into the small room and attacked by four Psycho Bits. Once you've blasted them to pieces, head on to the next room.

Meditation Room[edit]


  • Equipment: Small Energy
  • Equipment: Medium Energy
  • Object: Alimbic Panel
  • Object: Navigational Chart

The first section of the Meditation Room, a hallway, is conjested with crates. Blow them to pieces with a charge shot and pick up the energies revealed. Head to the end of the hallway, jump over the indestructable crates and proceed to the second part of the Meditation room.


  • Bioform: Petrasyl
  • Equipment: Small Missile Pack
  • Object: Synergy Strut
  • Object: Tetra Trade Map
  • Object: Brown Blast Shield

Scan the Petrasyl, and destroy it to get a small missile pack. Switch to your missile launcher and use it to destroy the brown blast shield to proceed to the next room.

Data Shrine 1[edit]


  • Object: Science Hub
  • Object: Alimbic Artifacts
  • Object: Artefact Shield
  • Object: Shield Key
  • Object: Cartograpgh Artifact

Obliterate the Psycho bits in the outer hallway and pass through the tall silver door, which will lock behind you. When you scan the artefact shield in the center of the room several waves of Psycho Bits will appear in room. Circle around the room while firing at the Psycho Bits, to avoid their shots. When you've destroyed them all (at least twenty), a Shield Key will appear close to the artefact shield. Scan it, then pick it up to lower the artefact shield. Scan the Cartograph Artefact before grabbing it, so you don't have to worry about scanning it later.


  • Bioform: Lesser Irthak
  • Equipment: Energy Tank

As you exit the central room, turn left and blast the group of Psycho Bits there waiting for you. Once that's done, roll into the Morph Ball and roll underneath the floor panel to grab your first Energy Tank. As you proceed down the hallway, you will encounter a Lesser Irthak. Dodge its attacks and fire at it with your Missile Launcher. Its demise will unlock the door to Fan Room Alpha.

Fan Room Alpha[edit]


  • Object: Cooling fans

All you need to do here is to jump up a series of spiraling platforms to the top to Data Shrine 2.

Data Shrine 2[edit]


  • Object: Green Blast Shield
  • Bioform: Kanden
  • Object: Alimbic Joist
  • Equipment: Missile Expansion

In the outer hallway of Data Shrine 2 you will encouter Kanden. As soon as you approach, Kanden will transform into Stinglarva and slide away. Roll into Morph Ball and give chase. After the first Morph Ball tunnel, you will come out into a strip of hallway. To the left above the alt form tunnel you just exited is the door to Fan Room Beta, but if you keep going down the hallway into the next Morph Ball tunnel you will find the first Missile Expansion, which will expand your room for missiles by ten.

Fan Room Beta[edit]


  • Object: Tetra Galaxy

Same as Fan Room Alpha except with Petarysels.

Data Shrine 3[edit]


  • Bioform: Stinglarva
  • Object: Poliical Hub
  • Object: Anthrpological Hub
  • Object: Attameter Artifact
  • Equipment: Large Missile Pack
  • Bioform: Alimbic Turret v1.0

Hunter Fight: Kanden[edit]

Kanden's projectiles short circuit your suit, scrambling your vision, so be wary of his shots. The easiest manner to beat him is to wait until he jumps onto the centre platform. You are able to get two to three shots at him with your Missile Launcher before he moves to one of the platforms on either side of the room. Once again shoot at him with your Missile Launcher. When he Transforms into Stinglarva, following him around the room shooting at him. Be wary of the Larva Bombs he drops off his tail, if you step near one it will lock onto to you.

Once defeated, Kanden will drop a Shield Key. To access the artefact, jump up to the center platform and walk over to the small door between the blue crystals. At this point, you can either shoot it open with your Power Beam or blast it open with a Morph Ball Bomb. Once it's open roll through and claim the artifact.

Synergy Core[edit]


  • Object: Portal
  • Object: Lift Controls
  • Object: Yellow Force Field
  • Object: Binary Subscripture
  • Object: Stronghold Portal

A pair of Alimbic Turrets guard the door to Synergy Core. Scan them, then destroy them from a distance with shots from your Power Beam. Go through the once guarded door to Synergy Core. Inside Synergy Core you'll find a switch. Scan the switch to activate a portal. Take the portal back to Celstial Gateway and Save the Game at your ship. Take the portal back to synergy core. Once back in Synergy Core use the platforms to make your way to the top. Once at the uppermost platform, jump up to the area with blue crystals. Go down the corridor, and through the door. Once through the door you find yourself standing in front of an artefact shield. To lower the shield, you need to fire a shot into each of the conduits in the four corners of he room. Before you do that though, scan each of the conduits, for logbooks entries. Once the conduits are shot a shield key will appear close to the artifact shield. Grab the shield key to deactivate the shield and grab the artefact, completing your set. Now with all three artefacts, the Stronghold Portal will activate. Go through the door opposite the one you entered the room, to the Stronghold Portal.

Stronghold Void[edit]


  • Lore: Stronghold Void
  • Object: Stronghold Door
  • Bioform: Cretaphid v1
  • Lore: Biodefense Chamber A
  • Object: Octolith

Boss: Cretaphid v1[edit]

To expose the Cretaphid's weak spot, you have to destroy each of the blue eyes on the spinning pillar. Use the power beam to do so, and watch out for flaming beams. Once you've obliterated the last blue eye, a crystal will rise from the top of the pillar. Switch to your Missile launcher. Unload Missiles into the crystal while moving around, side to side to avoid it's shots. After a few seconds, the crystal will lower back down into the top of the pillar. This battle may last a while, but the eyes occasionally drop recovery items to help you last through the battle.

Once you claim the Octolith and exit the stronghold void, an emergency protocol will leave you 8 minutes to return to your ship. The portal back to Celestial Gateway is down, so you will have no choice but to fight your way back through to your ship. Also, quickly rescan the Stronghold Portal, as it gives a different scan when it is inactive (either before collecting the Artifacts, which is impossible in this case, or after the timer starts).

Helm Room[edit]


  • Bioform: Guardian

Once you reach the Helm Room, you will be ambushed by a group of Guardians. The easiest way the defeat these powerful enemies is to rush them and fire missiles at close range.