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  • Available weapons: Battlehammer, Judicator, and Magmaul.

Celestial Gateway is one of the few arenas that contains 3 floors to travel through. This level also features an Affinity Weapon pickup in the middle of the second floor.

Bottom floor

The bottom floor is accessed by and Alt. Form passage that is made by a large platform. Under the platform is a large gap where players drop through in a small square-shaped room. One Small Health pickup is available and four teleport pads are placed on each corner of the room. The pads lead up to the third floor.

Second floor

On the second floor, the Affinity, Magmaul, Judicator, a Large Health, and multiple Universal Ammo pickups are available.

Third floor

Located on the third floor are 2 Small Healths, a Battlehammer and a Missile pickup within a large square-like room. The third floor provides sniping opportunities because there is a good view of the middle of the second floor. Players can drop down to access the second floor again.


  • Sylux: lay a trip-wire and wait for opponents to land in the lowest level, then lock.
  • Trace: snipe from the third floor.