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One of the smallest arenas. It has only the Magmaul, affinity weapon, and assorted healths and ammo. Most hunters can do well here, but expect for much close combat. Remember that you can access the far ledge by using your alt-form.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Conditon: Available from the beginning
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Defender, Nodes


  • Sylux can use the Lockjaw to bomb-glide from the top floor to any other section of the top floor with relative ease without use the alt tunnels. It does require a certain level of speed at pressing L button or R button though.
  • Weavel can use his super jump by firing two Battlehammer shots at the ground with correct timing, then space jumping and at the peak of the jump going into alt-form. Doing so can get you to the second floor without a jump pad.
  • If alts are in the alt tunnel, you can fire Magmauls into the tunnel to damage them or flush them out.
  • If you're Samus and there's a Trace user, chances are he's going to snipe. Charge a missile towards the bunkers to flush him out.
  • Kanden's ambushing ability is useful in the tunnel on the lower floor - a charged Volt driver followed by multiple rapid-fire shots can wreak havoc on unsuspecting, health-desperate opponents.
  • Spire's Magmaul is an asset - the bounce effect is useful in tunnels and in the claustrophobic arena, and the charged shot's splash is also effective in enclosed spaces.


  • Anyone
Go into the thin hallway on the right side of Combat Hall. Go to the far corner of the hallway, the corner nearest to the jump pad, and stand with your back against the wall. Start running backwards against the wall. Charge a missile and aim at about forty five degrees toward the ground. This actually works with the Missile Launcher, the Magmaul or the Battlehammer. Release the Missile while walking backwards against the wall. You should get pushed through the wall and outside the map. The instant you are pushed through the wall, jump up and right to land on a corner. From here, you can shoot at other hunters, while being protected by the wall against their return shots. There is an exception to the protection with some alt-forms. Spire's Dialanche can swipe through the wall at you and the Samus' bombs can hit you and Noxus' alt can just barely hit you and his freeze can definitely hit you. However, it does not work in team battles.
  • Weavel only
This glitch first requires the use of another glitch. At the second alt-form tunnel, use the same trick as used above to get through the wall, and you should get pushed through into the alt tunnel while in biped form. From here (preferably closer to the end of the tunnel you entered at) turn into alt-form and lean towards the right. You should go through the wall. You will fall down towards the ground. Here, aim for the black patch where the wall would be for the hallway. Here you have two options. Place yourself in a corner and switch to alt-form, or you can stay in biped form and shoot at enemy hunters.