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This is another one of the smaller arenas. It has a few UA packs, Missile packs, Energy Balls and the Judiciator. One of the great things about this arena is the availability of a Double Damage. Once you have acquired the Double Damage, you can wreak havoc, the arena being quite small, there won't be many places for your fellow hunters to hide.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Conditon: Play 4 Multiplayer games
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Nodes


  • Judicator shots and their bounce effect are effective in the claustrophobic stages.
  • Weavel's turret can be manipulated: placement of the turret can be devastating. Several options may be in one of 3 alt-form paths to the other chamber, near health-orbs or near the sub-section holding Judicator and UA.