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This arena is based on a center "Silo Elevator" that lifts players up. Once the player reaches the top they are destroyed. All weapons except magmaul are in this arena, the problem is finding them in the various levels and tunnels. A very large arena with very strenuous combat resulting in chases. Fuel Stack is a fairly large arena with multiple levels. Play here can get confusing at times, especially with what weapon is where. The top 3 items that many struggle with, are the imperialist, cloak, and the double damage.

  • Condition: Play 20 Multiplayer games
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Nodes


  • The Fuel Stack arena supports Noxus users, as our Judicator shots bounce to great effect, by freezing foes as they ride the Silo Elevator (Which causes them to lose a point AKA self destruct when they hit the top) and of course the fact that when doing a freezing approach (This applies to Non-SF Noxus)the winding corridors give you cover to help you get close and freeze your foe. (This next bit applies to SFer Noxus) When attempting to do a Shadow Freeze, the numerous corridors shield you, however the Shadow Freeze passes through walls meaning that foes on the same level can be frozen without even knowing you're there (This should only be attempted in matches where Radar is on.)
  • The Cloak is found on a long metal beam/arm near the roof oif the room with the yellow health orb in it. From the jump pad, turn around and use it and you can bounce onto the ledge and obtain the Cloak.
  • The Double Damage is located on a metal beam/arm beneath the Silo Elevator. Drop dow to the very bottom of the elevator (Onto the metal around it where the beam is coming from) and look down and walk around. Eventually you see a metal beam/arm. On it is the Double Damage.
  • The Imperialist is hidden on a ledge along with a blue health orb near the top of the arena. Look up to the top. At the top of the Silo Elevator is a large metal device that the light is going into. There are 3 arms spreading out, each one is 1/4 along the circular roof. Now look to where the 4th metal arm should be. You'll see a ledge. On it (Although unseeable from below) is the Imperialist & a blue health orb. Using the Silo Elevator, good timing and a good deal of luck, you can get onto this ledge. You now have access to the Imperilaist and you have a good sniping spot ot use it from! Another good idea, if to grab the cloak before attemtping this, this will prevent you been attacked as you rid the Silo Elevator and if there is someone already up there you can get up right next to them without them seeing you. And if Radar is off, there's a chance you could Headshot them with the Imperialist from behind.
  • After A LOT of practise so you can do it perfectly, you could attempt to grab the Double Damage, Cloak and Imperialist in one run. Although I would only do a combination of the DD/Cloak & The Imp since it's more likely to succeed.