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Play in this arena is a constant race to the top. The ultimate weapon awaits any hunter quick enough to reach the top first. This arena features the Omega Cannon. Though powerful, the Omega Cannon does have some downsides. If you shoot it in your immediate proximity, run for shelter. If you do not not seek shelter as soon as you launch the nuke you will kill yourself. The arena provides you with quite a few spots of shelter. The second downside is that the Omega Cannon has only a single round. Other than the Omega Cannon, the only weapons to use in this Arena is your Power Beam and Missile Launcher. However, in Defender and Node battle modes, the Omega Cannon will not appear, and in place of it an Affinity Weapon located at the bottom.

An interestingly useful piece of information is this: The Omega Cannon's burst has a certain height of the explosion, and from that point it spreads out horizontally. The burst cannot go through walls, at all; it's impossible. So if the burst is directly above you, yet it was launched in such as to make the vertical radius not stretch downward, it will not kill you. This is possible to achieve by shooting at the top platform (With the Omega Cannon), in the middle of it, and then going on the tan-colored pathways, slightly below the platform with the Omega Cannon. It shouldn't kill you if you're low enough, but you see the effect of the burst above you. So, if it doesn't kill you, it does not curve around platforms, it must have had a place to explode in the first place, so it spreads outwards in the path given to it. Think of it like this, as though the gun itself had steps: First, it fires as you press L. Second, it follows until it hits something, to explode (And if it hits someone BEFORE it explodes, it kills them WITHOUT the explosion). Thirdly, it figure out how much vertical room it has to explode, say it has 0 pixels of vertical explosion downward, it may have hundreds upwards, or vice-versa. Fourthly, it determines how far horizontally it can go, and it shall go until it hits a structure that would block a hunter's path. Five, it blows up, killing anything within that area it determined in steps three and four. One last thing is this, in step three, it will NOT travel vertically any more if something blocks its path.

But there is one more thing. The blast goes almost infinitely directly vertically and horizontally. But, after the initial blast, which kills everything in a fairly large radius, in the shape of a sphere, the blast doesn't travel diagonally any more.

  • Map Size: Large
  • Condition: Defeat Gorea 2
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Defender, Nodes


Battle/Survival/Prime Hunter[edit]

  • Once a player has shot their single Omega Cannon round, forget what you were doing and run and hide. The most effective way to escape a brutal death by the Omega Cannon is to just jump off the edge of wherever you were at. The drop may take some of your energy, but at least you weren't killed.
  • If you've gotten the Omega Cannon, head to the side of the platform opposite of where you came up. From here you have a good view of the upper levels of the arena and who's coming up. If you see another player coming up, shoot the Omega Cannon at the ceiling and run up on top of the platform. This technique will serve a giant surprise to your fellow hunters.
  • If you have the Omega Cannon and you know there is a hunter above waiting for the weapon to regenerate, at the same spot where you can perform the last trick (or the other side), see the spire right in front of the platform? Shot the Omega Cannon at it. This will eliminate your opponent if they weren't fast enough to escape.
  • If you have the Omega Cannon, and are on the top floor, you can shoot the big green circles located around the arena. When the shot hits it, it will rebound off of it and explode shortly after. Each circle causes an explosion on a different floor, so experiment. This can be a good way to kill Hunters who are directly below you.
  • This is the only level you can successfully do suicide attempts to help you win. Often times, three people will be at the top, fighting for the Omega Cannon once it spawns. Little do they know you have the Cannon. Go right into the middle of the upper part, aim straight down, and fire! You will have two more points now, because you may have died, losing a point, but you killed three people in the process!
  • You can get a good kill like this: As someone is on the top, aim fairly low, and while standing on the tan-ish part that you climb up on, jump, fire, and run! It should explode in half a second, so make sure you shoot at the right time so you land without dying!
  • On the platform with the glitchy rock, there is another way to kill quickly and for you to survive. Stand on the glitchy rock, so if someone else is in the rock, if they look up, you're directly above them. Once you're there, aim down and fire at the platform, then jump immediately! The blast should blow up while you're in the air, so then you won't get hit by the explosion since you'll be blocked by the wall.
  • If you know someone has the Omega Cannon, be wary. They may use one of the tricks above/below. The best way to avoid it is to be right next to a wall/pillar or close to the edge of the winding pathway, and wait for them to fire it, then flee behind it or make for a quick get away by bailing over the side of the pathway.
  • While standing on the top, on either side you can shoot at the ground to kill quickly.
  • On the top, there are the pillars that curve inward. Go between them, and aim fairly low. Shoot; now drop off to avoid death.
  • If you know someone on the top platform is lurking with the Omega Cannon, be very cautious and stay near the edge and inch forward. As soon as you hear/see them fire, fling yourself off the edge to avoid death.


  • If you are Trace or Noxus, the Omega Cannon burst will not kill you, if in alt form. The only way you can get killed is if the energy ball itself hits you before it explodes. To kill someone taking advantage of that glitch, aim the gun right at them, or beat them with your biped minus the Omega Cannon, and/or Atl.
  • From the top of the structure, head to your left where there is a small platform and the pathway runs across it, creating a slight gap between the pathway and the platform, switch into alt form and maneuver into this crack (This works with all hunters except Spire, he's apparently too big). Once inside, switch to Biped form and you will be standing inside the rock. This technique is good to temporarily escape the instant threat of death via the Omega Cannon. Standing inside this rock will also allow you to shoot the Omega Cannon anywhere in your vision without having to worry about killing yourself.
  • Same as above but you can turn left and go into that rock. once you use your omega cannon in there jump after it explodes, because you will need to get it again.