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Get ready for some close combat because Processor Core is one of the smaller arenas in Multiplayer, but it is one of the few arenas to contain a Deathalt. Along with the Deathalt this arena has a Double Damage, an affinity, the Judiciator, the Magmaul and assorted energies and a UA ammo packs. Note that the Deathalt is only available in 4 player games.

  • Map Size: Small.
  • Conditon: Available from the beginning.
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Defender, Nodes.


  • Fire the Judicator into the alt tunnels to hit alts in them.


  • Use Weavel. Go up grab affinity weapon then, jump to the left in front of the tunnel. Keep using battle hammer until you push into the tunnel. Look to the right. If you see a black rectangle then use alt form and go immediately in the black rectangle then you will be in the Shadow World.