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Use the portal to left of your ship to go to High Ground. Find the doorway that you left alone on your second visit to alinos. Blast the door open and step through into Combat Hall.

Combat Hall[edit]


  • Object: Sniper Shield
  • Object: Blast Shield
  • Lore: Combat Hall
  • Lore: Alimbic Pride 05

When you enter the Combat Hall that there is a hunter or Guardians waiting for you. Take the time to deal with whichever it is and scan all that is needed from this room. Leave Combat Hall through the door on the lower level into the Alimbic Cannon Control Room.

Alimbic Cannon Control Room[edit]


  • Lore: Alimbic Cannon 01-04

Step into the center of the room and the to proceed will be revealed. If you are down one Octolith you will have to return to your ship and track down whichever hunter has it in their possession. Once the cannon is activated, return to your ship and set course to Oubliette.