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Celestial Gateway[edit]

Once you exit your ship jump down off of the platform and roll into Morph Ball and roll underneath the platform. Underneath, there is a Green Force Field. Blast the force field and jump down. Down in the small room, search around behind the pillars and you will find the first of 4 UA Expansions on this trip to Celestial Archives. With that done, use the jump pad to get back up and roll out from under the platform. Your next destination is Data Shrine 02 and there are two ways to get there. You can either go the long way and walk all of the way there, or you can take the shorter route and take the portal to the Synergy Core and backtrack.

Data Shrine 02[edit]


  • Equipment: Volt Driver
  • Object: Literary Hub
  • Object: Medical Hub

When you reach Data Shrine 02, use your Battlehammer to open one of the doors locked with a Green Blast Shield. Inside there will either be a pair of Guardians, or a fellow bounty hunter waiting for you. Clear the room then grab the UA Expansion, from atop the central pillar. From atop the central pillar jump across to the vision barriered Morph Ball tunnel between the blue crystals. Inside you will find the Volt Driver.

Synergy Core[edit]


  • Lore: Alimbic Prophecy 05
  • Object: Yellow Blast Shield

Make your way back to the synergy core and blast out the Yellow Force Field. Take the elevator down the short hallway, and use the jump pad to cross the upper part of Synergy Core. Scan the Alimbic Prophecy above the door across from the jump pad, then step through the door. Inside you will find a portal the will take you to Transfer Lock.

Transfer Lock[edit]


  • Object: Docking Bay L1
  • Object: Docking Bay L2
  • Object: Docking Bay L3

Drop down to the lower area of transfer lock and search around to find a UA Expansion guarded by a Voldrum generator. Take out the generator, then the Voldrums and grab the UA Expansion. Once your done with that, use the jump pad to return to the upper level.


  • Object: Photon Stabilizer
  • Bioform: Psycho Bit v2.0

Step through the vision barrier, into the main area of Transfer Lock. As you enter the room, it seems to be deserted, but as you make your way farther across the bridge, generators will appear and begin to spit out Psycho Bits and Voldrums. You can simply destroy the generators from the bridge. As you are destroying the generators a group of Guardians will come on the scene. Once your done with dealing with all of the enemies here, head to the rear of the large room. There you will find three generators that spawn a new kind of Psycho Bit. The Psycho Bit v2.0 fire charged Volt Driver projectiles, So be careful that they don't scramble your vision. As you take each generator out, the force field covering the trench will dissipate. Once you destroy all three jump down and shoot each of switches. Shooting each of these switches will lower force fields guarding three more switches towards the front of the room. Shoot those switches will lower the force field protecting the inside if the structure that is atop the pyramid, head inside and scan the computer to activate another portal in the docking area. You will find the freshly activated portal on the uppermost level of the docking area. This portal will take you to the vast docking area.

Docking Bay[edit]


  • Lore: Alimbic Order 01-04
  • Lore: Final Wish

Once the Guardian is dealt with, grab the nearby Shield Key. After grabbing the Shield Key head onto the nearby floating platform, and it will take you to the Cartograph Artifact. Once you grab the Cartograph Artifact scan the lore on this platform and take the floating platform back. Once back jump to the upper level and move down the thin bridge. Scan the lore near the end of the bridge and jump onto the second floating platform from the left. The platform will take you to the fourth and final UA Expansion for this section of the game. Scan the lore on this platform and take the floating platform back to the bridge. Now jump onto the floating platform that's the second to the right. When the platform reaches it's destination, jump off and take the portal to Incubation Vault 02.

Incubation Vault 02[edit]


  • Object: Blue Force Field
  • Equipment: Shock Coil
  • Bioform: Electro Voldrum

When you exit the portal, destroy the Crash Pillar. Destroying the Crash Pillar will activate two generators on the wall that will spit out Psycho Bits. As you destroy the first generator, two generators on the floor will activate and begin to spit out new electro Voldrums. As your in the middle of dealing with this, a group of three Guardians will come and join the chaos. Once everything is dealt with, take the portal that is closest to the Blue Force Field to Incubation Vault 01.

Incubation Vault 01[edit]


  • Object: Incubation Tank A

Here you can either stay up on the safety of the catwalk and destroy the two Guardians from a distance, or drop down to deal with. Once you kill the two Guardians, a Shield Key will appear in the area to the left. Grab the Shield Key and claim the Attameter Artifact and then take the portal on the catwalk nearby to the Artifact Shield.

Incubation Vault 02[edit]

You will end up on the catwalk above the floor of Incubation Vault 02. Go forward and take a right and drop down. Grab the Shock Coil and destroy the Blue Force Field. Take the portal farthest away from where the Blue Force Field was to Incubation Vault 03.

Incubation Vault 03[edit]


  • Object: Incubation Tank B

Grab the Missile Expansion, and drop down to the floor and deal with the Guardians. Once the Guardians are out of the way, blast through the Blue Force Field and take the portal.

Tetra Vista[edit]


  • Object: Shield Generator
  • Object: Gravity Stabilizer

This can easily be one of the most treacherous areas in the game. One wrong step and you fall to your death. An easy way to get across is to walk on the ledge against walls whenever possible, but near the end of each ledge you will begin to slip. Once you make it safely to the opposite side, enter the door to New Arrival Registration.

New Arrival Registration[edit]


  • Bioform: Quadtroid
  • Lore: Gorea 06-09
  • Bioform: Greater Irthak

Scan the Quadtroid and start blasting it with everything you have (Quadtroids die within seconds from shock coil). These things can latch onto your head and drain your health so be careful. If one manages to latch onto your head, roll into Morph Ball and drop a Morph Ball Bomb to shake it off. Destroy all three in this area and go through the door at the opposite end. You come out into a tower area with elevators moving up and down. Go around the ledge and activate the portal. Take the portal to your ship to save and heal.

Back at New Arrival Registration destroy the Psycho Bits and ride the elevators to the top. Go through the short tunnel to the next tower area. Drop down onto the elevator closest to you and jump onto the stationary platform. From there, jump into the alcove that hold the artifact shield. Scan all of the Gorea lores in this room to reveal the Shield Key, grab it to unactivate the artifact shield. Grab the Binary Subscripture Artifact and make your way out.

As you attempt to leave you will be ambushed a Greater Ithrak, scan it, then obliterate by charge shots at its tail. Alternatively, just run from him, then shoot his tail while he roars. Go to the entrance and drop down onto the ledge and walk around it to the tunnel.

You will come out into the third tower. There is an Energy Tank waiting for you to the right in plain sight. You can either make your way around to the left or take a chance and jump to the small ledge from the right. After you grab the Energy Tank ride the elevators to the top of the tower. Jump over the door. Open the door and enter the Stronghold Portal.

Stronghold Void[edit]


  • Slench 3A
  • Slench 3B

Boss: Slench 3A[edit]

Pretty much the same as before, this time, the Slench is only vulnerable to your Battlehammer. Use the same strategy as before, except this time, watch out for a new attack. The Slench detaches from the wall and directly pounds you. To dodge this, roll into Morph Ball and roll out of the way as fast as you can. If you run out of ammo for the Battlehammer or lose health, go back to the door and shoot the green things with your power beam. Then charge it, which attracts the pickups.