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VDO Gateway[edit]

Once you exit your ship, head into the portal that leads to Weapons Complex. Take the elevator down, switch to Imperialist and deactivate the Red Force Field guarding the door. Head into the next area, Stasis Bunker.

Stasis Bunker[edit]


  • Lore: Seal Sphere 03-04
  • Lore: Oubliette 02-07

After you step out into Stasis Bunker, destroy the generators and whatever Voldrums they may have spit out. Once the generators are dealt with and out of the way, head through the broken door jammed with a guardian carcass. Take care of the Alimbic Turret and follow the ramps upward. At the intersection, turn right, then right again into the small passageway marked by two blue crystals. In the small area at the end of the passage, jump onto a side ledge and from there a small ledge holding a UA Expansion. Drop back down and head back up the series of ramps. At the top, head forward. At the end of the hallway, scan the computer across from the Stronghold Portal. You now have twenty seconds to make it down to the computer in the entrance area of Stasis Bunker. Once you've scanned the lower computer, twenty more seconds will be added to the clock, to allow you to grab the newly revealed Shield Key located where you found the UA Expansion. Once you have gotten the Shield Key, drop down and claim the Cartograph Artifact. When you grab the artifact, Guardians throughout Stasis Bunker will awaken and chase you down. Once you have cleared all Guardians from the area, head back up the way you went to activate the first computer to find the next Shield Key behind a pulsing orange column. Grab it and head back down to claim the Attameter Artifact. With both artifacts in hand, head back up to the upper levels of Stasis Bunker and head through the door near the area with the first computer.


Ride the lift up, activate the portal at thr top, save and heal and head back to Ascension. Walk through the door into the next area, Fuel Stack.

Fuel Stack[edit]


  • Object: Silo Levitator
  • Object: Cooling Vent
  • Lore: Alimbic War 08
  • Object: Door Lock Override
  • Lore: Alimbic Order 05
  • Object: Cryogenic Storage
  • Lore: Seal Sphere 02
  • Object: Methane Pipeline

The instant you step through the doors, a self-destruct sequence will initiate, leaving you only sixty seconds to make it to the top of Fuel Stack and scan the computer to shut the sequence down. Once you have successfully deactivated the self-destruct mode, head back down to find a Missile Expansion near the bottom of Fuel Stack. Scan the computer located above where you found the Missile Expansion to deactivate the door locks. Head down the spiraling path and through the lower vision barrier to find the Shield Key. Head through the upper vision barrier and grab the Binary Subscripture Artifact. Return to Ascension to save and heal, then take the lift back down to Stasis Bunker and enter the Stronghold Portal.

Stronghold Void[edit]


  • Bioform: Slench 4A
  • Bioform: Slench 4B

Boss: Slench 4A[edit]

Pretty much the same as before, this time, the Slench is only vulnerable to your Magmaul and instead of being attached to the far wall, the Slench is now attached to the ceiling. Use the same strategies as before, dodging all of the Slench's attack, and you shall be victorious in no time.