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A maze-like arena that holds the Imperialist in the center of the broken bridge. Battle here can be quite difficult because of the many areas and rooms you can access. Main strategy here is to find a good sniping spot or get the double-damage and deliver the punch.

  • Map Size: Large
  • Condition: Available from start.
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Capture, Defender, and Nodes.
  • Weapons: Battlehammer, Imperialist, Shock Coil, Missile Launcher


  • Some good sniping spots on this map would have to be the pockets in the top area. You can get into these from the jump pad on the bottom floor. Trace's invisibility blends in well against the texture.
  • Sylux can use the Lockjaw to get to a lot of places in this arena. You can go from the jump pad near the cloak to the bridge using the Lockjaw's bomb-glide (start at highest point of the jump) or from the bridge to the snowy ledge.
  • Tunnels can make Power Beam and Battlehammer battles a common occurrence.