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Being a smaller arena, they will be a lot of close contact. The list of power-ups include the Volt Driver, an Affinity weapon power-up, plenty of energy balls, a good amount of UA packs and best of all a Double Damage. The best weapon option for this arena would probably be the Missile Launcher, with the availability of a Missile Pack on the ledge above the broken pillar where the Double Damage hovers. You can grab the Double Damage and jump onto the ledge and grab the Missile Pack and stand where it will respawn. From this vantage point, you can stand above everyone else and shoot Missiles or any weapon of choice down upon any unlucky hunter below.

  • Map Size: Small
  • Condition: Play 2 multiplayer games
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Defender, Nodes


As Noxus[edit]

  • If you are Noxus in this level, it is a very smart idea to always have both the Judicator and the Volt Driver. If you do this, you can easily freeze your enemies, switch to your Volt Driver, then lay on headshots. If they have less than 170 health and you do this right, they're dead. (That is if you make all shots and if all shots are headshots.) Be sure to chase them afterwards, regardless of how much damage you did; preferably with all uncharged shots. If you decided to attack them as they were frozen with the Judicator, then remember the bouncing shots in the "Upstairs" as you chase them with single-shots.