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His affinity weapon is the Magmaul and his alt-form is the Dialanche. Spire is at home in lava arenas. He can stand in lava and not be damaged, as opposed to other Hunters who constantly take damage if they stand in lava. The Magmaul is flung like a grenade. If a charged shot hits a foe, it sets him/her on fire, draining his/her energy quickly. Shots from the Magmaul do bounce off the ground and walls, although not as much as the Judicator. The Magmaul does backfire often, especially if you are running and shooting at the same time. The Dialanche is a large alt-form, not too complex to control, that actually attacks enemies directly as opposed to using bombs. His Alt-Form can scale walls, a great thing to have in some arenas. This is useful if you and your enemy are too close for comfort. Spire is the biggest & slowest hunter in the game, although is coloring allows him to blend more easily into certain maps.


  • Spire's resistance to lava makes him the #1 choice for any arenas with excessive lava.
  • Spire's alt form, Dialanche can climb up walls, making it ideal for reaching high up places, out of reach by other hunters. Such places include high up ledges in the arena, Council Chamber. These ledges are great sniping spots and provide a great view of the arena. However when climbing be aware, you are a very easy target whilst climbing. Try to make sure you have cover when climbing, and that you checked the coast was clear before attempting to climb. Don't get reckless, the Dialanche isn't fast enough when climbing, or when rolling to take a massive amount of damage and then to attempt to get health. One of the most likely times you'll be assaulted is when you climb.
  • The Magmaul when charged sets a foe aflame. While the burn is draining their health add in a few more shots from the Magmaul for good measure. This works especially well when equipped with the Double Damage. If your opponent has 99 energy or below they will quickly be killed. The initial shot takes off most of their energy, while the burn takes care of whatever energy remains. (The Double Damaged Charged Magmaul deals just about 90 damage. The burn does 4 damage every 0.5 seconds <Give or take> so anyone with less than 120 health will almost be guaranteed to die)
  • Dialanche is one of most effective alt-forms. His swipe attack can take off chunks of energy from enemy hunters and can repel other alt-forms, so if you are at home with close-quarters combat, Dialanche is the alt-form for you. But be careful with it, for it is very slow, and alt-forms with bombs mean trouble for the Dialanche.
  • You should probably run for health if you get to about 100 or less health, with how slow Spire is. A good way to get people off your tail is to simply burn them, while running backwards.



The Dialanche has the unique ability to climb walls, giving Spire the advantage in many arenas, to reach high-up viewpoints not easily accessible by other hunters, as well as avoiding certain alt. forms (although the player will likely revert to biped). Dialanche's twin titanium blades spins around the Dialanche, hitting any Hunters to close for comfort, which makes it great against defending against alt. forms such as the Triskelion. The damage range on the Dialanche is strange though, the closer you are to it determines if you are going to get hammered by it or if you will be slightly damaged. One spin of the twin blades can do a pathetic 8 points of damage, or it can knock off a hefty 64 points of damage. The Dialanche is by far the worst alt. form to make an escape with. It is simply too slow, resulting in the fact that you may often be killed in the act of escaping. Ironically, the Dialanche is killed easily with a few lobs of Magmaul shots, being that it is so slow and big. The Dialanche's ability to climb walls can allow it to hide up on a high wall, and drop down on an unsuspecting hunter.