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His affinity weapon is the Shock Coil and his alt-form is the Lockjaw. Sylux is good for experts and newbies alike. The Shock Coil is a continuous beam of energy that gets stronger the longer it hits. The Shock Coil when used by Sylux, regains health equivalent to the damage dealt. The Shock Coil is easy to dodge by going into alt-form. The Lockjaw can make bombs with electric wires in between them. If you touch the wire in between two bombs (two can be down at a time the third makes them all explode) they will home in on you and the person who dropped them can rapidly lay more bombs for more damage. If you are caught in between a triangle of three bombs, they will home in and do massive damage.


  • While many new players use the Shock Coil, most experienced Sylux users choose him because of his fast and maneuverable alt-form's tribomb.
  • A great thing about Sylux is his affinity to the Shock Coil. With the Shock Coil he drains opponents' energy and replenishes his own. With this in mind, you can chase after opponent hunters and drain their energy all the while. As an added bonus, the longer you have the Shock Coil locked onto the hunter, the quicker they lose their energy. Also, the Shock Coil will kill a target who remains still in 4.5 seconds flat, even if they had 199 health. At the same time, you'll come from 1 to 199 health in around just 3.7 seconds. Moving targets should die within ten seconds if you can keep the coil locked. Also if your opponent has barely any health, and you've got maxed health, you could swap to Missiles/Magmaul and finish them off with no trouble.
  • With the Shock Coil, you can force people into their alt-forms. After that, you can use the Magmaul and they'll probably come into Biped. It will require a lot of weapon changing, but it's rather effective.



Similar to Samus' Morph Ball, Lockjaw can drop up to three bombs at once. The first two bombs have an electric trip wire between them. Dropping the third bomb make them all explode. When an opposing hunter crosses the tripwire, the bombs are set off. Dropping all three bombs in a triangle around another hunter causes all three to lock onto to that hunter and deal larger damage, enough to kill them if they are under full health, or reduce them to almost no power.

  • One Bomb: 10 damage.
  • Two Bombs: 40 damage.
  • Three Bombs: 180 damage.

Alt Strategy[edit]

  • If there is enough lag or if you have good timing, and if someone steps on one of your bombs, you can continue to add to the cumulative damage and make them take an extreme amount that will probably kill them. This is called "Chain Bombing".
  • The Lockjaw is by far the best Bomb Jumper. Many skilled Sylux users have been able to get across great distances by quickly laying bombs. This also allows you to climb areas and even glide across large amounts of space. In low gravity areas, the Lockjaw can fly due to its great boosting abilities.
  • One trick with Sylux's alt-form, Lockjaw, is that if you can surround an opponent with three bombs, they all lock onto that hunter and accomplish a one hit kill. This trick can be very hard to do if your target is aware of what you are trying to do, or if your target is jumping around and moving about in alt-form. The best thing here is to set up the first two bombs and, if your opponent is jumping around, wait for their feet to touch the ground and release the third bomb at that instant. If they are rapidly moving around in alt-form, set the first two bombs, and as before, wait for them to fall into your trap.
  • Sylux's bombs can link together. So if you drop two bombs, and someone walks into it; you can keep pressing L button or R button to add more bombs onto the enemy. This is sometimes better than the trick above. In some cases, if you're good, you can make this into a stream of infinite bombs that's almost a guaranteed kill.
  • One cool trick with the Lockjaw, is that you can literally fly around arenas set in space. To do this, set three bombs in quick succession. The explosion will send you flying. Do this again in mid air to send Lockjaw flying even farther. This trick can only work in Weapons Complex and Headshot. Even in arenas that aren't in space, the Lockjaw can "Glide" by continuously dropping bombs, but you'll get lower and lower as you go along. But by coming off a high place this can be very useful.
  • If you're playing against a Samus alt-form spammer, stay in Lockjaw form, and when they come at you, lay bombs.
  • If you Lockjaw glide against a wall, you can often climb the wall, but the wall needs to be at a slight angle. This can be used to get up to the main platform in Alinos' gateway by the sides, among other places.