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There are many terms in MPH.

Alt. Spammer[edit]

An Alt. Spammer is a person who uses there Alternative form for most or all of their kills.

Bomb Glide/Flight[edit]

A move performed by Lockjaw. This move is performed by dropping off a ledge, or in low-gravity space arenas and laying down Lockjaws three bombs in rapid succession. As you drop the third, you will be propeled upward. This move is used to access certain sniping spots and higher up areas from afar, and in space, this move serves as a evasive maneuver.


d/c essentially means disconnect. Likewise, a d/cer is one who disconnects from the middle of a battle (Often afraid of losing the points, or just the humiliation of losing)

Double Bomb Jump[edit]

A move performed by the Morph Ball. Roll into Morph Ball and lay a bomb. Right before that bomb goes of, lay another one. At the peek of your jump from the first bomb, lay the third and last bomb. When you land, the second bomb will go off sending you up, and the third bomb will go off as you reach the peak of that jump, sending you up even higher.


A technique used to reach certain sniping spots and take advantage of certain glitches. To perform this technique walk against any wall that has a slant to it. You will begin to glide up the wall. You can remain gliding as long as you lean against the wall. Regardless of how steep a wall is, as long as it is not completely vertical, you can glide on/along it.


A glitcher is someone who takes advantage of an arenas glitches to get the upper hand. One example is Combat Hall, which is absolutely riddled with glitches. With a correctly placed Missile Push, they will pushed through the wall. Once inside the wall, they can pick of opponent's energy, but return fire will only harmlessly hit the wall that the glitcher is hiding behind/in.


A hacker is someone who has used a variety of cheat codes to essentially hack the game and gain an unfair advantage over other players. Outlined below are what identifies a hacker:

  1. Invincibity
  2. Levitation/Enhanced Jumping
  3. Usage of arena inappropriate weapons
  4. Double Damage/Deathalt/Invisibilty when it is not possible to use those items (Invisibility can only be achieved with Trace while standing still, hmm...)

Hackers, even though they may have immortality and the power of the OC on their side, often lack any if all skill. This can be used to opposing players' advantage.

Imperialist Terms[edit]


Simply short for imperialist.


One who uses an Imp for his/her main weapon.


The art of using the Imp.


Lag is a very annoying and unwanted process involving two or more DS's not being in perfect sync. When you play online, you can't expect it to be perfect. Sometimes when you do something, the enemy's DS won't register it until moments later. Could be anywhere between half a second or three seconds. You have to predict what the enemy would do, see sniping.

Missile Jump[edit]

A Missile Jump is when you aim your cross hair at the ground, shoot a missile (Charged or non charged) then jump off of the push the missile gave you. This can be used to reach many places faster.

Missile Push[edit]

A technique used to take advantage of most wall or Shadow World glitches. To perform this technique, aim your cannon at the ground at about 45 degrees and prepare a charge missile. While walking backwards against the wall, release the missile and you should be pushed through. (This can also be done with a Charged Magmaul or Battle Hammer shot)

Shadow Freeze[edit]

There are two kinds of Shadow Freeze, Shadow Freeze itself, and Angle Freeze.

Shadow Freeze[edit]

Shadow Freeze is a term that refers to when some one uses the invisible freeze lines that come out from the top and bottom for Noxus's gun when freezing someone. When someone shadow freezes, they aim at the ground and freeze. The lines that come out from the top and bottom of the gun shoot out and if they hit some when, they are frozen.

Angle Freeze[edit]

Angle Freeze is basically Shadow Freezing, but instead of aiming at the ground and having the lines hit some one, you slant your aim, so that the lines go up diagonally. This lets the freezer freeze people above, or below them.

Shadow Death Freeze[edit]

Shadow freezing and then Imp head shot the opponent for an easy kill.

Shadow World[edit]

Shadow World is a term that refers to an area outside or the opposite of most of the 26 arenas. When outside an arena, there is often darkness surrounding and one wrong step means death. Players take advantage of these glitches to hide in walls and stalk around the arena in the opposite world of the arena, therefore rendered invisible except for a telltale shadow on the ground.