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The Hunter's License is the score card for play in multiplayer mode. The License displays: the player's ranking; favorite hunter; Wi-Fi win record; wireless win record; combined play time; win ratio; longest win streak; luckiest arena; favorite weapon and battle mode; longest kill streak; and the number of bipedal, alt-form and headshot kills.

On the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection website, anyone can view a leader board of the top ten scores in many different categories. Tracked stats include: most used weapon; favorite character, mode, and arena; wins; losses; win percentage; total games played; biped, alt-form, and headshot kills; shots fired; current rank (via leaderboard on the site); and the number of times the player has prematurely disconnected from a game (as in a shut-off of the game during a match).

A player can also have special objects on the Hunter's License via completing special hidden objectives. They are as follows:


  • Bronze Metroid Emblem: 25 Multiplayer wins
  • Silver Metroid Emblem: 100 Multiplayer wins
  • Gold Metroid Emblem: 200 Multiplayer wins


  • Bounty Hunter: 0-39 Ranking Points
  • Super Hunter: 40-139 Ranking Points
  • Elite Hunter: 140-389 Ranking Points
  • Master Hunter: 390-749 Ranking Points
  • Legendary Hunter: 750+ Ranking Points


  • Regular Border: Play 500 multiplayer matches, Wi-Fi or local
  • Golden Border: Play 500 multiplayer matches, Wi-Fi or local, and have a 5-star rank


  • Alimbic Symbol: Beat Gorea 1
  • Octolith: Beat Gorea 2 with 100% complete with the game