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His affinity weapon is the imperialist and his alt-form is the triskeletion. Trace is one of the most popular hunters for experienced players. The imperialist is a sniper-type weapon that kills if you make a headshot. It has a scope and can be used when you press L button for left-handed people, and R button for right-handed people. When Trace has the imperialist, he becomes transparent if he doesn't move around. This is also true with the triskeleton. Though trace is the best in sniping, he has weak close combat skills. He could also be lost in arenas without high ledges to snipe from.


  • The main strategy with Trace is just to find a good sniping spot. One excellent spot is in the Arena, Alinos Gateway. To get to that spot, you must first get to the balcony holding the Imperialist. Once on the balcony, there is that rock jutting skyward from the lava straight in front of you. Jump onto it. This may take a few tries, but it is worth it. You will have a bird's eye view of almost the entire arena.
  • One strategy to use with Triskelion is to hide in odd places. When a hunter runs by, lunge out and give him a big surprise.
  • Against anything slower than a Lockjaw Alt, you can lunge, get out alt, turn around, zoom in, attack, and then repeat. It's very useful if you're capable of doing it.
  • Remember Trace can get the Imperialist from Affinity Spawns. In arenas like Combat Hall where 6 of the 7 hunters can't get the Imperialist, Trace can. Arenas like this are: Combat Hall, Processor Core, Sanctorus, Compression Chamber, Incubation Vault, Celestial Gateway and Arcterra Gateway. One thing you need to remember though, most of these arenas aren't suited for long-term sniping and are often small with limited sniping spots.
  • Experienced Samus players tend to charge a homing missile if you try and miss a zoomed headshot, so if you miss, retreat with Triskelion.

Defeating Trace[edit]

Trace's main weakness is his weak defense. As a result he chooses to become a sniper. So obviously the best way to defeat him would be one of two. Depending on who you are playing as and your preference.

  • Playing as Other Hunters: The best idea here is to get into a close proximity. Maybe use your Alt. Form. But in close quarters you can deal a lot of damage to Trace. Because he will most likely have the Imperialist equipped his aim will be poor.
  • Playing as Trace: Or even if you prefer sniping from long range. Now, to use the Harvester arena as an example. It is likely the other Trace player will be standing waiting on one of the platforms off the main area. The main area is the building with the green and yellow force field things which you can't see through from a distance. This, is your vantage point. By standing close to these, you can see though them but you can't be seen. Much like two way glass. Although Trace is invisible, he is not impossible to see. If you pay enough attention you can catch him. And then, taking your time, aim for his head...
  • Playing in Oubliette: Trace is a very dangerous hunter in Oubliette. His Alt-Form has a very good immunity to the Omega Cannon, although it requires the Triskelion to be still and unmoving and it's not permanent as such. The Triskelion is fast though and can get the top floor easily. And the terrain isn't much of a hindrance. The 1st thing you'll want to do is hope you are the Host. If you are you spawn to the left hand side of the super spring. Turn right, hit it and at the top of the spring jump, do your normal jump and you can land on the floor right underneath the top floor near a health orb. If you've got a fast alt, go into Alt and go for the cannon. If you aren't the host, get to that spring fast make your way to the top and if the cannon is gone be ready to run. If you know the Triskelion is in XXX area, fire Power Beam shots and Missiles until it's forced to run. If Trace has the cannon, don't be risky until after he's fired it. Your priority is to kill him with the cannon when the Triskelion is moving, DON'T let it cloak itself. Now there is a rock under the top floor that Alt forms can get into and there's a glitch, that you can stay under the rock even in biped, to you the rock doesn't exist to your foes it does. Whilst you’re in it the cannon doesn't effect you. As a Triskelion it's impossible to even see parts of you through the entry gap. If you facing a Trace who abuses this, go in after them. But if they have the cannon they can fire it straight at the roof above, anything around them will die and they will be safe. And of course you attempting to get them will die. With the coast clear they can get the freshly spawned cannon and get back under the rock. If it's a 3+ player match, focus on killing the other players faster than the Trace does. Don't linger around, remember right now Trace can fire the cannon almost anywhere without fear of self-destructs meaning he/she can just let it loose at anyone who tries to flush him out.



Triskelion lunges at enemies, swiping with sharp claws, scoring 50 points damage with a direct hit. After being still for a couple seconds, Triskelion becomes invisible, making Trace your Hunter for ambushes. While potent, this Alt Form is pretty easy to dodge and manipulate. If you are near a cliff, attempt to get an opponent to lunge at you, if they miss, they will most likely fly off the cliff. One thing to remember if in Oubliette, the Triskeleion has the "Immunity glitch". Basically a cloaked Triskeleion THAT IS 100% motionless (No turning, no touching the touch screen, 100% still) it is unaffected by the cannons splash. If you're fully invisible motionless and the Omega Cannon hits a rock only a few metres away, and you should die, you won't. This only works against the cannos' splash however. Basically a weapon's splash, is like an explosion. There's the projectile that hits something and explodes and the expanding explosion is a Splash. Missiles, Magmauls, Battle Hammers, charged Volt Drivers & of course the Omega Cannon have a splash. The cannon's splash (As explained in the Oubliette arena guide) goes out horizontally and to a certain extent vertically. A cloaked Triskleion remaining still is immune to the splash. If you are hit by the projectile (The fireball thing that's actually fired) then you'll still die. In order to abuse this, try to make your location nice and concealed so your opponent will fire the cannon in your general direction, when the splash should kill you. To counter this fire the cannon DIRECTLY at the cloaked Triskeleion (Prayer radar is on at this point). If you don't want to waste the cannon, shoots Missiles (Best as Samus) or Power Beam shots at the hiding area and flush the Triskeleion out. Then use the cannon to kill them before they can cloak again. Also the Triskeleion is one of the most easily used Alt Forms in Oubliette.